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Drinking Game: Family Guy
Drinking game for Family Guy:

  • Whenever a character drinks or takes drugs, drink.
    • If characters are in a bar or club (e.g. The Clam) and don't drink at all in the entire scene, down your drink at the end.
  • Whenever there's a cutaway, drink.
    • If that's too easy, do this instead: whenever the cutaway is subverted or lampshaded, drink.
    • Whenever there's a cutaway that actually involves situations related to the situation the cutaway was called up in, down your whole drink.
  • Whenever someone/something dies, drink.
  • Whenever Stewie uses highly advanced technology, drink.
  • Whenever Ernie the Giant Chicken arrives, down your drink.
    • Whenever something RESEMBLING Ernie the Giant Chicken comes in (think Peter's face at the beginning of the fight in "The Simpsons Guy"), take a shot.
  • Whenever someone is mean to Meg, drink.
    • Are you trying to kill us?!
    • If someone is actually nice to Meg, down your entire drink because you won't see that happen very often.
      • If someone other than Neil Goldman is nice to Meg, down between two and four drinks.
  • Whenever the evil monkey appears, drink.
  • Whenever someone is shown having (or just had) sex, drink.
  • Whenever a catchphrase is said (Peter's "heheheheh", "sweet", "shut up Meg", Herbert's "mmmmmmm" etc.), drink
  • Whenever Brian gets preachy, drink until he stops talking. Say goodbye to your liver.
  • Whenever there is an Overly Long Gag, keep drinking until it's done. Have an ambulance on standby.
  • Whenever Quagmire says "giggity giggity" and/or has sex, drink.
    • Bonus: The "He's Quagmire" song doesn't count.
  • Whenever someone acts like a total idiot, take an eye dropper and drip one drop of into your mouth. You'll be on the floor in no time.
  • Whenever someone pukes, drink.
  • On every Sound Effect Bleep, take a shot. If it's early in the series where bleeps were rare, chug the whole thing down.
  • When the first line spoken in the second act begins with “I can’t believe…,” drink.
  • Whenever Peter dies, drink.
  • When someone is spying on a woman using the toilet, drink.
  • Whenever someone says "What the hell?" or some variation of the term, drink.
  • Whenever Herbert tries to seduce Chris, drink.
    • Whenever Herbert tries to seduce someone other than Chris, take two drinks.
    • Whenever someone other than Herbert tries to seduce Chris, take two drinks.
  • Whenever an adult other than Brian actually understands Stewie, and it's not a cutaway gag, take 3 drinks.
  • In an episode taking place after Cleveland moved away, whenever Cleveland shows up, down your whole drink.
  • When the Kool-Aid Guy shows up, down your drink.
  • Whenever there's a gratuitous amount of violence and/or blood, take two drinks.
  • Whenever there's a parody of a show/movie/book, drink.
  • Whenever a scene mirrors some terrible tragedy that happened in real life sometime after the episode originally aired, take three drinks.
  • Whenever someone mispronounces one or more words, just to annoy someone else, take two drinks.

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