Fridge: As Told by Ginger

Fridge Brilliance
  • In "The Right Stuff" Courtney realises that Ginger was trying to warn her about the de-bikini plot. At the end of the episode she says "I know who my real friends are". Which explains why she immediately went to help Ginger in "Wicked Game" - she was remembering Ginger's attempts to help her.
    • Also "Of Lice And Friends". Courtney saw that Ginger was willing to go against one of her own friends (Dodie) to save her from public humiliation. Again she wanted to repay Ginger's selfless actions.
  • Courtney's whole relationship with Ginger is based around her desire for true friendship. Miranda is clearly not a true friend to her so Courtney is fascinated by how close Ginger is with her own friends. Her whole taking Ginger under her wing could be out of a desire to see what real friendship is like. Having never experienced a real friendship, Courtney's reactions to Ginger helping her out tend to veer towards the extreme - driving over to her house to hug her, offering her guest house on Friday the 13th and saving her relationship.
    • For that matter, "Trouble In Gal-Pal Land". Why is Miranda so miserable without Courtney? Because she's a social climber and very ambitious. In "No Hope For Courtney" she easily abandoned Courtney for the more popular Hope. Whereas here she could only hang around with Ginger and her friends - and she viewed them as inferior.
  • In "The Right Stuff" Courtney notes about Ginger's bathing suit "it's so...vintage". Why is Ginger wearing such a modest bathing suit? Because she's hiding her hairy legs that her mother still won't let her shave.
  • The badness of the girls' school pictures takes on a new light when you realise what the "Fake-Up" was made out of. Ginger said the foundation was made of gravy. Of course you'd have a Cosmetic Catastrophe if your face was covered in gravy.
    • And considering they also slathered it on their faces rather than applying it liberally, it's no wonder they were ridiculed.

Fridge Logic
  • In "Stuff'll Kill Ya'" Carl criticizes "The Big Guy Upstairs" but like 2 episodes later Lois mentions he's an atheist without hesitation.
  • Also later on, especially in the "Season of Caprice" Ginger (noted for those hairy legs she tried to cover up) was seen in a one piece swimsuit and shorts with her legs bared.