Fridge: As Told by Ginger

Fridge Brilliance
  • In "The Right Stuff" Courtney realises that Ginger was trying to warn her about the de-bikini plot. At the end of the episode she says "I know who my real friends are". Which explains why she immediately went to help Ginger in "Wicked Game" - she was remembering Ginger's attempts to help her.
    • Also "Of Lice And Friends". Courtney saw that Ginger was willing to go against one of her own friends (Dodie) to save her from public humiliation. Again she wanted to repay Ginger's selfless actions.
  • Courtney's whole relationship with Ginger is based around her desire for true friendship. Miranda is clearly not a true friend to her so Courtney is fascinated by how close Ginger is with her own friends. Her whole taking Ginger under her wing could be out of a desire to see what real friendship is like. Having never experienced a real friendship, Courtney's reactions to Ginger helping her out tend to veer towards the extreme - driving over to her house to hug her, offering her guest house on Friday the 13th and saving her relationship.
    • For that matter, "Trouble In Gal-Pal Land". Why is Miranda so miserable without Courtney? Because she's a social climber and very ambitious. In "No Hope For Courtney" she easily abandoned Courtney for the more popular Hope. Whereas here she could only hang around with Ginger and her friends - and she viewed them as inferior.
  • In "The Right Stuff" Courtney notes about Ginger's bathing suit "it's so...vintage". Why is Ginger wearing such a modest bathing suit? Because she's hiding her hairy legs that her mother still won't let her shave.
  • The badness of the girls' school pictures takes on a new light when you realise what the "Fake-Up" was made out of. Ginger said the foundation was made of gravy. Of course you'd have a Cosmetic Catastrophe if your face was covered in gravy.
    • And considering they also slathered it on their faces rather than applying it liberally, it's no wonder they were ridiculed.
  • In "Carl and Maude", Hoodsey is initially unsettled by Carl and Maude's friendship and comments, "I don't even spend this much time with my own grandmother." Fast-forward to the next season's "Losing Nana Bishop"; Hoodsey is the only member of the family who is not sad at his grandmother's passing because he admits that they didn't spend much time together and he thought she didn't like him very much compared to Dodie. He later regrets these feelings when speaking about her at her funeral.
  • In "Far From Home" AKA "Foutley's On Ice", when Courtney asks Winston to drive her, Dodie, and Macie up to the Avalanche Arts Academy where Ginger is, he's already committed to chaperoning Blake for a weirdness competition. Courtney rants, "Why is it Blake's misadventures always come before mine?" In Season 1's "Piece of My Heart", Courtney is forced to walk to the school dance because Winston is stuck with Blake who is working with Carl to steal a pig's heart from the science teacher, Winston being their getaway driver.

Fridge Logic
  • It is explicitly stated in several Season 2 episodes that Ginger is in eighth grade and Carl in fifth. However, they both still have their same teachers from Season 1, where they were in seventh and fourth grade, respectively. This is especially unusual for Carl since he's in elementary school, which would mean Mrs. Gordon is his only teacher and she changed to teaching fifth grade instead of fourth for the new school year. One should wonder why Mrs. Gordon would want to risk having Carl and Hoodsey for students for a second year in a row considering how she resents them most of the time.
  • In Season 1, it is strongly implied that Lucky Junior High starts at seventh grade, especially in "Hello Stranger" when Ginger gets a graduation card from her father five months late. In Season 2's "Family Therapy", two LJH students are celebrating their 12th birthday in April, which would put them in sixth grade, and in Season 3, Carl and Hoodsey begin attending LJH for sixth grade while Ginger moves on to Lucky High School for ninth grade. Their actual grade numbers and ages are not mentioned in the final era, but it's highly unlikely that the show skipped a year just to show them advance to the higher schools.
  • In several episodes, Carl mentions "The Big Guy Upstairs", but in "A Lesson in Tightropes", Lois mentions he's an atheist without hesitation.
  • In many episodes after "Cry Wolf", especially in "Summer of Camp Caprice", Ginger (noted for those hairy legs she tried to cover up) was seen in a one piece swimsuit and shorts with her legs bared.
  • In "Of Lice and Friends", Dodie manages to time most of her announcements so that her classmates can react and make comments without talking over her. When she reports that a drop of pudding barely missed Courtney, Courtney, sitting in the classroom, adds, "And my all-cream ensemble", and Dodie repeats the exact same thing immediately afterwards. When Dodie announces that the school nurse is sick and won't be able to check the students for lice, the class breathes a collective sigh of relief right before Dodie continues the announcement. Ginger and Macie even manage to have an entire exchange during one of her announcements without talking over her, which would be quite a long pause for Dodie. When Dodie begins to read the list of students found with lice, she takes dramatic pauses between each name, which gives Ginger just enough time to stop her before reading the entire list. These two-to-three-second pauses gave the students enough time to react if the student was in their class without drowning out the next name.
    • Interestingly, seven of the ten names on the list fall between A and G in terms of alphabetical order by last name, only the first seven letters of the alphabet. Courtney (seventh on the list) should consider herself lucky since a more practical list would probably put her within the first five names or so. No doubt she was placed low on the list to make the reading more dramatic and to give Ginger just enough time to cut off Dodie before reading Courtney's name, although this is very unfortunate for those near the top of the list...
  • Also in "Of Lice and Friends", no faculty makes an attempt to stop Dodie from reading what is supposed to be confidential information, nor does Dodie appear to get in trouble for managing to get out six of the ten names on the "lice list". However, when Ginger makes a bee line for the office to stop her, both Ms. Zorski and a hall monitor try to stop her from stopping Dodie, although neither of them seemed to know her true motive for running.
  • In "Deja Who?", Courtney asks Ginger to take her place at school while she's home sick by dressing as her, hanging out with her clique, and even going by her name. During her second day as Courtney, Ginger even goes by Courtney as Ms. Zorski takes attendance. She then comments that "Ginger's been out so much". The next day, Lois gets a call saying that Ginger has been absent for three days in a row, which flabbergasts her. There are three major problems with this...
    • 1. It was unprofessional of Ms. Zorski to intentionally mark Ginger absent and presumably give Courtney credit for attendance when it's obvious that she and the rest of the class were in on the charade. There's no way she would actually mistake the two, because Ginger did not dye her hair blonde.
    • 2. Ginger is in middle school, which means she has multiple teachers (although she is rarely seen in classrooms other than Zorski's). This would likely mean that all of her teachers played along and marked her absent from their classes as well. True, it's possible that with Zorski likely being her homeroom teacher, attendance is only taken then and the students are accounted for for the whole day, but assuming this class is early in the day (it's in the morning in "Of Lice and Friends"), this would mean that students can skip any and every class after homeroom and get away with it if no other teachers take attendance.
    • 3. Principal Milty knew it was Ginger the first time he saw her as Courtney and seemed confused about the charade on the first day, but he seemed more up to speed by the third and final day. Since Lois was notified about Ginger's "absence", he should have known about it, too, but did nothing to clear up the confusion even when Lois confronted him in person at the school in front of Ginger, who was no longer dressed as Courtney.
  • In "Far From Home", Carl, Hoodsey, and Noelle hop a train back home after they were briefly stranded at a highway rest stop. They likely didn't have tickets since they ran on the train in a hurry, and since they didn't plan on taking a train home, they likely didn't bring any money with them. Although they were with Darren, they could've been in serious trouble for riding without a ticket, or they could've had to pay some hefty on-board fees since they were implied to be several hours from home. It is not even known if Darren had a ticket, since he wasn't sure about making the trip to confess his love for Ginger until a conductor convinced him and pulled him on as the train began driving off.
  • In "Fair to Cloudy", Ginger says that they plan on staying at the county fair until night, then tells Carl, "Meet back here at 8:00", which implies that they will leave at that time. Dodie also comments that they normally don't go on rides until dark. This episode is implied to take place in August or early September according to Courtney's comment "Summer's almost over". At this time of year in the Northeastern United States, it doesn't get dark until around 9:00 PM. At the end of the episode, everyone rides the ferris wheel and it is now dark, which could only mean that they stayed well past 8:00, otherwise it would still be light out.
    • Concerning the same episode, Dodie is upset that Ginger chose to invite Darren along at the last minute and feels that their traditional trip is ruined. Assuming that the fair is close by (it is a county fair, after all), Ginger never considered the fact that she could have made two trips to the fair on two separate days: one with just Darren, the other with just Dodie and Macie, provided the fair was on for multiple days, which most county fairs are.
  • Multiple times in "The 'A' Ticket", Courtney and Miranda talk to each other via cell phone in the middle of class and the teacher never says anything nor do the other students think anything of it. Most egregiously, near the end of the episode, they do it during an exam and the teacher walks right past the both of them without saying a word. The teacher also does not seem to pay any mind to Ginger and Ian's conversation while the rest of the class is staying quiet while taking the exam.
  • The events of "Deja Who?", "Sibling Revile-ry", "Of Lice and Friends" and the instances of Courtney being bullied in high school beg the question: how is it that the Lucky School District hasn't been sued? The whole mix-up in "Deja Who?", the fact the elementary school was kept open despite a sewage-filled playground and no running water or working toilets, the discipline problem, a lackadaisical Principal who enjoys humiliating students (his words), confidential information being read out loud to the student body with no attempt to stop the reader, and a Freshman girl being bullied at her school with even the bullies locking her in a locker and Courtney being reported missing; a conversation even reveals rumors of an anti-Freshman group that terrorizes on the regular. With the amount of students with wealthy parents (wealthy enough to afford an addition to their large McMansion the size of a small house or a Japanese National sushi chef), one would think the district would've been sued at some point.

Fridge Horror
  • In "Stealing First", Ginger and the rest of her schoolmates are Stuck on a Ski Lift thanks to Carl and Hoodsey. When the lift starts back up, the chairs rock and Ginger falls to the ground. Thankfully, she lands on her feet and skis her way down the hill. The result of this could've been much worse. In real life, falling off ski lifts has resulted in serious injuries for many and even death. The lift was Ginger was on had no safety bar, although many real-life ski lifts do not. Technically, Lois can sue the ski resort for Ginger's fall, although she already went off on the ski lift operator for intentionally stopping the lift in the first place.
    • In the same episode, Carl and Hoodsey sneak on the trip by hiding in luggage containers. All of the luggage is placed on top of the bus and then thrown carelessly on the ground after the drive. They could've easily been seriously injured from such a fall.
  • In "Blizzard Conditions", the Griplings' limo skids off the snow-covered road, down a hill, and hits a tree which sends a heap of snow falling down and covering it. Courtney's cell phone's battery had just run out and they can't tunnel out. Thankfully, two unlikely things help them get saved: Blake's walkie-talkie being in the glove compartment and being able to contact the Foutleys, and a very small open area on the rear windshield with a "Lowland Pits" sign in plain view, which Courtney uses to tell Ginger where they are. Had at least one of these things not been present, they could've been trapped for a really long time. Ginger, Dodie, and Macie couldn't even find the limo until they heard Blake screaming in the distance.
    • Earlier in the episode, Lois narrowly misses a large falling tree branch while driving.
  • In "An 'Even Steven' Holiday Special", Carl and Jonas are talking outside and notice that the living room is on fire. They rush to the house and Jonas sprays a hose all over the inside of the house and the Foutleys' holiday party guests. From an outside view, the fire nearly covered an entire window. Had Jonas not stepped in, the fire easily could've spread fast and caused serious damage to the house or even the guests had anyone not gotten out of the house fast enough.
  • In "Far From Home", Carl is chased onto a frozen lake which begins to crack all around him. Noelle uses her telekinetic powers to their full potential to literally throw Carl out of the lake. Had Noelle not been around, or if her powers weren't strong enough, Carl surely would've froze and/or drowned, assuming Hoodsey wouldn't have been able to go out and help him.
    • In the same episode, Noelle and Hoodsey are stranded at a rest stop after their bus to a winter festival drives off without them. Noelle manages to pull back only the bus' spare tire, where Carl was hiding, which leads to the aforementioned chase into the woods. After Carl is saved, Ginger, who was spending a semester at an arts school in the area, comes across the trio shortly afterwards and takes them to town. If Ginger hadn't been in the area, they would've been stranded hours away from home and presumably, none of their parents were notified of where they were going.
  • In The Easter Ham, the way Hoodsey cuts off Carl from his life (albeit temporarily) after Joann has forbidden her children around the Foutley family, it's one thing if he wants to evade punishment and his over dramatic and smothering Mother's wrath, but the way he robotically obeys her without a whimper or protest doesn't bode well for him to function as an adult and could likely land him in an abusive relationship.
  • It's a really good thing Lois came to check on Ginger when she did in "A Lesson in Tightropes". A later scene has Lois distraught at the fact that "she could've..." if she hadn't been home. It was also lucky that Dr. Dave was at the house at the time and was able to take care of everything immediately.