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Fridge: Sonic the Hedgehog
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Fridge Brilliance
  • When discussing Sonic the Hedgehog characters with a piano teacher, I then discovered that Tails' real name, Miles Prower, is actually a pun on "Miles per hour," a Fridge Brilliance moment on its own, and a fitting enough name for a character in a speed-driven series. However, the name "Miles" also has roots in the Germanic word meaning "mild" (which describes his character), and the Latin world for "solider" (which he serves as one towards Sonic).
  • Why are a lot of the boss machines in Sonic 1 so mundane compared to the later ones in Sonic 2 and 3? Robotnik didn't expect any competition at first. When he realized someone was opposing him, and coming in very fast, he grabbed what he could, stuck it on the Egg-o-matic, and hoped for the best. By the time Sonic 2 comes around, he's had time to prepare for the little blue nuisance that wrecked his operation the first time, allowing his craft to plug into various other machines or accept direct attachments that pop off with ease for a quick escape.
  • This troper used to think that Rouge the Bat got her name only for wearing makeup as a Ms. Fanservice. Later he realized that the similarity to "rogue" was probably no accident. Furthermore, her full name is a partial reversal of "Baton Rouge." Triply appropriate!
  • In Sonic Rush, Sonic's bosses, which are Eggman Nega's, feel a lot harder than Blaze's bosses; the characters have the same mechs, but Eggman Nega feels harder, why? It's because Eggman Nega doesn't have the same moral restraint that Eggman does! He's actively trying to kill his enemy, while Eggman uses his nastier moves as last resorts.-Etheru
  • AOTKorby realized recently that Chaos Control is either a Shout-Out or an unintentional reference. Chaos Control, how about KAOS CONTROL. Made better by the fact that SA2 wasn't developed in Japan.
    • The same could be said about Tails's plane "Tornado", don't see it yet? Tails is a fox; in Spanish, a fox is called zorro. The name of Zorro's horse in the movies: Tornado.
    • Speaking of Chaos Control, an old meaning for 'chaos' is a space in which something exists, as in planes of existence. Somebody who is using Chaos Control is controlling the very universe they live in, in order to teleport. No wonder it can do pretty much anything. This pretty much explains the Archie story Genesis, too.
    • Chaos Control has been shown to do three distinct things (counting Sonic '06). First: freezes or slows down time in an area, excluding the user, allowing for things like Shadow to roundhouse kick Silver in the back of the head at walking speed. Second: teleporting. Third: time travel. Each time it's either a distortion of time or space. Modern science currently supports that time and space are properties of the same thing. 'Chaos' is also the Greek primordial void from which everything originated- I.E. pre-Big Bang space. It's manipulation of time space.
  • I'm not sure if this fact will continue in later games, and may not be the case in the other universes, but every character to canonically have a Super Form has gone into said Super Form for the first time alongside Sonic. It happens with Shadow in SA2, with Blaze while she used the Sol Emeralds, and most recently with Silver (and Shadow) in Sonic '06. Sonic is first shown using his Super Form, without any known help, way back in Sonic 2! I understood it as Sonic just being The Chosen One, but he could also be able to hand off the ability or show how to use Emeralds in this way, since everyone mentioned can go Super on their own from that point on. Tails and Knuckles getting their super shields in Sonic Heroes may or may not count, since it wasn't a real Super Form for either, but Sonic was still the one that gave them said shields. And their Hyper modes are an entirely different matter since they aren't known for being canon, at least in the games.
    • Super Knuckles IS canon, however, as his part of Sonic and Knuckles at the very least. He's the guardian of the emeralds, though; if anyone should be able to use them freely, he should.
    • The Hyper forms are hardly known to not be canon, considering that there's NOTHING in the games denying their existence and that they were part of S3&K's stories featuring the best ending (which is the only one that can be canon). In fact, stating that they aren't canon is far more baseless speculation than accepting their existence, considering the total lack of evidence for this claim.
      • Actually, the canon ending is the middle ending where Sonic only gets the regular Chaos Emeralds, but not the Super Emeralds, as that shows an Eggrobo reawakening, which then leads into Knuckles's story in Sonic and Knuckles. There is no reason to suggest that the "best" ending is the canon one just because it is the one where you go for 100%. You could suggest that Knuckles looking up at the Tornado is canon as it is an added scene, but the Super Emeralds are certainly not part of the ending used to continue the story.
    • If the "Classic Sonic is from between Sonic 1 and 2" theory is to be believed, Sonic himself first transformed into his Super form alongside Sonic.
  • TommyX: Sonic Generations reveals that Classic Sonic is actually younger Sonic. This means that the moves and techniques Sonic has had through the years also show his age. A few examples.
  • This is not game related per-se, but comic related. Tails is not nearly as smart or technology fancy as his game counterpart, in Sonic the Comic. This makes sense since he's from the Nameless Zone, which has none of this technology; it's stuck in the Medieval ages. So he's a Fish out of Temporal Water.
  • In Sonic X, during the episode where Cosmo and Chris are captured, Sonic transforms into a new "dark form." While this may seem like an Ass Pull at first, one must take this into account — They are surrounded by (duplicate) Chaos Emeralds. The Chaos Emeralds have two types of energy — positive and negative. Positive is activated by those pure of heart, while those who are consumed by rage will use the negative side. When thinking of Sonic's state of mind, he was quite angry, no? That wasn't some kind of hidden demon locked within his heart, or some new kind of technique he had learned — Sonic had just used the negative energy of the Chaos Emeralds! - Lord Of The Internet
  • The reason Sonic couldn't go super in the first game is because there were only 6 Chaos Emeralds instead of 7.
  • OK, so we all know that Super Sonic (or Super Knuckles, or the Hyper forms, or whatever the hell you can think of) is a Game Breaker, yes? At least, to some people? After seeing Super Sonic fight giant killer monsters every other game, his Game Breaker status in the classics (and Sonic 4) makes a whole lot more sense; Naturally, the badniks and such can't even touch him. Rings aren't much of an issue, either. Sonic Chronicles shows that he really didn't need them anyway. Even if Sonic Chronicles isn't considered canon, BioWare really had to do their homework to deal with the various informational extras. As for Big Arm from Sonic 3, Super Sonic could get hurt because the robot was powerful enough to accomplish it. Super Knuckles, on the other hand, had to have been sturdier than that, just as normal Knuckles is harder to KO than normal Sonic if they both took a strong hit (aside from gameplay, that is). It all makes sense, thinking about it. -Akamia
  • The Progressive Ad has a lot of people wondering why Sonic is looking for insurance, then I realized he owns a plane which has been shot down at least twice.
  • Everyone pay attention to this because it's confusing. Okay, in Sonic Generations, Classic Sonic sees Modern Sonic do a mid-air boost and, in the cutscene before the end credits, he attempts to perform one. So he started to learn the boost by doing it in mid-air, not running on the ground like Modern Sonic can also do. Well, the last skill Classic Sonic can learn after getting every red ring star on Planet Wisp is the homing attack. Sonic the Hedgehog 4 takes place after Sonic had grown into his modern look and he knew how to do a homing attack. Because when he picked up on doing a boost in mid-air in his Classic form, he subconsciously started to learn how to do a homing attack as well. Furthermore, in the PS3/Xbox360 version of Sonic Unleashed, once you get the Air Boost Shoes, it allows you to do a mid-air boost (like what Classic Sonic would see a few games later) by doing what is essentially a homing attack if you don't lock on to something. So the homing attack is basically the same thing as a mid-air boost, which Classic Sonic adapted to learn the homing attack by the time he grew into Modern Sonic. I think.
    • It could have stronger historical development. Sonic had developed the W Kaiten, or Insta-Shield, attack in Sonic 3, alongside which he acquired the Elemental Shield attacks. In 3D Blast the Blast Shield lays more groundwork for developing his Homing Attack by showing him that it was definitely possible.
    • Also what struck me as weird at first was how the Genesis era Robotnik in Generations said he now went by "Eggman" when Tails called him Robotnik, but in Sonic Adventure, he's angry at Sonic calling him "Eggman" as an insult and says his name is Robotnik. The reason for this was that in the last cutscene in Generations, the younger Robotnik/Eggman said he'd dedicate his whole life to forgetting what had happened; that means he actually had forgotten all about going by Eggman by the time he had grown into his older look.
      • Even better, it could explain where Sonic first picked up on the insult; he got it from what the Eggmen referred to themselves as and what his and Tails' older counterparts called him.
  • If anyone can recall the game Tails Adventure for Game Gear, Tails has a lot of items at his disposal in this game, and one of them is the Piko Piko Hammer. That being the weapon that Amy is famous for, but he chronologically had one first. Then, along came Sonic the Fighters, which is the first game where Amy uses her hammer, meanwhile Tails' up and disappears until Sonic Advance 3, where pretty much everyone suddenly has one. It's apparent that Amy is important to Tails, kind of like a big sister figure, and he's definitely aware that she's important to Sonic as well (even if he won't admit it). Considering all that, and the fact that Amy was especially prone to getting kidnapped at the time, could it be possible that Amy's iconic hammer is Tails' hammer, and he gave it to her so she could defend herself? Not that it's made much of a difference until recently, but it still seems kind of sweet.
  • It was revealed that Eggman Nega is Eggman's descendant. I couldn't understand how Eggman could get a date, much less reproduce. Then I remembered that Eggman is a self-professed feminist and romanticist — with that in mind, him having a descendant isn't that implausible.
    • The key word here is self-professed. And people who are ugly and/or jerks get married and have children in the real world, too, so why is it so hard to accept that it could happen to Eggman?
    • Nega could also be the results of cloning or a test tube baby.
    • Female Chubby Chasers exist.
    • This could count as fridge horror as well, but... perhaps Eggman successfully forced Sara to marry him at some point in his life. If you consider her a canon character.
    • Eggman can be quite desirable, especially if it's one of the versions of Eggman where he's portrayed as being more smooth and/or intimidating and cultured or has a more appealingly designed body and/or fanservice.
  • At the end of Sonic Rush, Sonic explains that when Blaze learns about The Power of Friendship, she can use it to empower the Sol Emeralds. Even though it may seem preposterous that Sonic knows about artifacts that he has never seen before, it turns out that he knows how it works because of the end of Sonic Adventure, where he used The Power of Friendship to empower the Chaos Emeralds. Since he knows the Sol Emeralds are linked to the Chaos Emeralds, he knows that it works the same way.
  • I, like everyone else, got rather irritated how Sonic is always in a car in a racing game (excluding Sonic R, of course). But then, I realized something: Sonic is always in a car, same as the others, so that he can be more equal to their speed. Because, seeing as how Sonic is naturally the fastest thing alive, if he wasn't in a car, then no one else would get a chance to win.
    • It goes further. Sonic enjoys having fun with others and is willing to slow down so they can catch up, a fact that has historical precedence:
      • Sonic the Hedgehog (1994). Yuji Naka gets motion sickness from Sonic's sheer speed. He obligingly slows down.
      • In the Genesis games in general, Sonic's speed is rather limited because he doesn't want to break your console (hardware limitations) and also because people complained they couldn't keep up with him.
      • Sonic 2: Tails isn't very fast either. Sonic slows down for him obligingly.
      • This also explains Sonic not catching up to Robotnik before the giant mechs in Sonic 2 and Sonic & Knuckles: rather than preventing Robotnik from using these weapons, Sonic wants to show that he's willing and able to destroy them. By running just as fast as Robotnik, the blue blur is just toying with him!
      • Sonic Drift series, Sonic Riders series, SEGA All-stars Racing series: Yes, Sonic can run faster than the dinky go-karts, airboards, and convertible racers. He still gets a ride anyway to give the others a chance.
      • Sonic Unleashed: Sonic literally unleashes his crazy speed potentials because the game engine can finally match his speed (2049 m/s speeds during speed runs!). Many people complained their reactions weren't fast enough. Sure enough, he slows down the pace in Colours FOR THE PLAYER'S SAKE. Because of player demand for controllable trick moves and stunts, Sonic maintains the somewhat slower pace in Lost World.
  • It felt odd that in Sonic and the Black Knight, the three Knights of the Round Table were based on Shadow (Lancelot), Knuckles (Gawain) and Blaze (Percival). It felt especially odd since Blaze is a female cat. Then, it was clear: In the regular series, Shadow, Knuckles and Blaze all take their task very seriously. As a result, they're perfect for the roles, as being a knight in the Middle Ages meant taking such a role just as seriously. Tails as the blacksmith had always felt like obvious, though.
  • Rouge the Bat kicks stuff, and has since she was introduced in Sonic Adventure 2. Other than her over-sized boots (and large feet that every character has) I couldn't really figure out why she always has to kick stuff until the other day when I was looking at all of the other characters' designs. I realized that they all have these noodly legs, except for Rouge... whose legs not only show a more humanoid shape but are TWICE AS THICK as Sonic's own.
  • Sonic Heroes: The reason Team Rose has easier levels, with less enemies etc, is because they're the slowest, and the other teams have already gone through the levels before them, thus wiping out most of the enemies already.
  • In the classic games, why does touching the Chaos Emerald in a Special Stage warp them out of said Special Stage? Because they're using Chaos Control.
    • Arguable, as only few people can use it. None of the Team Rose or Chaotix members were ever shown as capable of using Chaos Control.
  • Blaze the Cat is the replacement for Big the Cat. They are both felines, have purple fur, and both have names that start with "B".
    • Likewise, Sticks in the Boom continuity is essentially that universe's native counterpart/relative of Marine's. Same boomerang motif, and similar body shape/type, but Sticks has a different striped pattern for her coat. Also, without Blaze, Sticks is a little kookier and forced to be more competent and less boastful than Marine.
  • At the risk of sounding pairing preachy, Sonic and Amy's post-1997 relationship could represent Sonic Team's struggle with giving players a palpable sense of speed, and not just making a Hedgehog Racer.
  • Eggman's affinity for making high-flying bases and space stations like the Death Egg make more sense when you remember he idolized his grandfather, who made the Space Colony ARK.
  • Why does Amy mistake Shadow and Silver for Sonic? She was dowsing for superpowered hedgehogs and had her eyes closed.

Fridge Horror

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