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Fridge: Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)

Fridge Horror

  • The Guards and civilians don't care for their princess' well-being if they are trolling the only one who could save her instead of downright helping them.

Fridge Logic

  • Can I make sense out of Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)? Yes, I can - and very specifically, out of Elise's Distressed Damsel gig. Let's first point out that Royals Who Actually Do Something are very rare in modern-day Europe, with very little contribution to the ruling of a country or in its wars. Next, let's remember a certain son of Henry VIII who was so young when his father died and he was crowned king, that all of his power was used up by his advisors instead. Next, just like in England, all of that would be made obvious - she's just a figurehead. Also, Elise wouldn't need to learn any combat abilities because she'd actually be surrounded by guards instead. And finally, this game was meant to be 'Sonic in real life' - meaning that hypercompetence, which is not realistic, is a no. Add these together and you get this: Elise is captured so many times because 1) she's physically weak, 2) she has no power anyway, 3)she's been taken away from her guards by a single character, and 4) nobody expected her to be kidnapped anyway. In that way, it's a lot more understandable. - Umiyuri Papaeyra
    • This troper had a similar moment. At first, he was wondering why Silver trusted Mephiles. Then I realized that he spent his life in a post-apocolyptic wasteland, and as such did not have any predilections.- Derp Derp
    • Mephiles' plan is a complete mess, but here's a lot of facts, he can time travel, he is also probably Omnipotent, so, he's interested in a lot of characters, said characters are shown to be friendly or will be friendly toward Sonic, but he tries hard to scatter them all over the place, why? It's shown that he can be a bit of a coward, attacking you while you're not looking, among other things, the reason they were scattered all over the place: He wanted Sonic and Elise to be alone, to make sure he could kill Sonic without any interruptions, what was a plan riddled with problems is still riddled with problems, but this arguably was Mephiles' real plan all along.
    • Silver went back in time because Mephiles told him about the "Iblis Trigger," the one who would release Iblis and turn the world into the one that Silver and Blaze are familiar with. Mephiles even showed him who the Iblis Trigger was: Sonic. Obviously, Sonic would never release Iblis, but Silver doesn't know that. Later, you find out that Iblis was sealed in Elise, and that he'd be released if Elise ever cried. By the end of the game, Elise has fallen in love with Sonic, and when Mephiles kills him, Elise starts to cry and ends up releasing Iblis. Mephiles had been telling Silver the truth about the Trigger all along; Sonic did release Iblis... by dying.
  • Here's a hypothetical example for you all. Let's say you have a teenager who wants to write a fanfic. The obvious traits of such a work become evident: he makes himself the lead character, and includes his friends as supporting characters. They all have a grand absurd adventure, complete with some absurd exaggerated powers, fighting robots and demons, travelling through time, and little thought is left to the dialogue, which takes a pretty big hit. The story ends, as typical, with the main character being uplifted as a sort of messiah, getting raised from a glorified death, getting the girl, and all that. So you have a very strange, twisted, plothole-ridden story that appeals mostly to this particular guy, nobody else. Simple enough. Now assume further that said fanfic writer has a best friend who's good with computers. He decides to make a fangame out of the fanfic. He's pretty good, he makes something really shiny out of the story ... however, it proves to be a poorly-designed glitchfest. It's riddled with bottomless pits, very problematic controls, and falling-through-walls-and-floors glitches. Coupled with a poor excuse for a story, you have a pitiful excuse for a game, largely because it was the work of a couple of inexperienced fans of the series. You also now have a valid explanation of the phenomenon that is Sonic the Hedgehog (2006)! If you view the story as something that SONIC HIMSELF imagined (and put Tails as a programmer - the kit's a genius, but most of his stuff has glitches), then it makes far more sense than if the absurd plot ACTUALLY HAPPENED. Could it be that one of the most ridiculed games in history was deliberately a parody of fanfics and fangames, and that the world misunderstood the point? Think about that. - Lilly Jade
    • Well, I would argue that most of Tails's gadgets work exceedingly well — he built a working transforming mech/plane, after all, among other things. Admittedly, he may not be such a good videogame programmer, and it would be rather similar to the one programmer being commissioned to make the Atari E.T. game. Still, this Alternate Character Interpretation is among the best this troper has ever seen. Kudos.
      • Need I remind you that said plane originally had NO LANDING GEAR? I rest my case.
      • It did have landing gear. Tails just overlooked the fact that the landing gear was completely unusable in the Tornado's secondary form thanks to wings that projected well below the fuselage. He's an excellent inventor... but not so good a designer.
      • That, and Tails is sort of clumsy. SA 2? Who was it that accidentally told Eggman about the Fake Chaos Emerald? Case dismissed.
    • Except that Sonic doesn't strike me as the kind of person who would spend his time writing stories and turning them into video games.
      • Well, no, but who's Sonics biggest fan? Amy Rose. She strikes me as the kind of person who'd write terrible fanfic. Although it falls down when you wonder why she didn't write herself in as the princess. Unless Elise IS a Mary Sue for Amy and the Amy in-game is just their plausible deniability. Also, there's that bit towards the end where you choose either Amy or Elise, I'd guess "canon" has him choosing Amy in this case.
      • Also, if this is a parody of fanfics and fangames, Elise could very well be a parody of the Relationship Sue. Which still fits Amy's perspective; OF COURSE she'll write herself as Sonic's boyfriend. Still, did she have to imagine a human character for the role?
      • Here's something to make this even better: regardless of who wrote the fic, Elise could be seen as a parody of the fangirls who, well, fangirl obsessively over Sonic (and wouldn't be very "useful" in the universe proper). They have to exist in Mobius as well. note 
  • Fridge Logic -> Fridge Brilliance: A lot of the game's plot falls apart if you think about it too much. Fridge-inducing moments include: why Mephiles had to merge with the Iblis of the present, rather than the Iblis in the future despite having the power to travel through time; how Elise knew Silver when she was unconscious during the entirety of his visit to the past; the infamous blue Chaos Emerald time loop; for that matter, where any of the seven Chaos Emeralds are during the plot at large, Elise not crying for ten years of her life, including after she finds out her father is dead, and why so many levels end with nothing accomplished. All this is probably a good reason for the Reset Button Ending.
    • The blue Chaos Emerald situation is not a plot hole, but a stable-time loop. Everything else listed, however, has no excuse.
      • It actually is a plot hole. If it's in a Stable Time Loop in this game, what about its presence in the rest of the games?
      • Yes, it's STILL a plothole, as the game never bothered explaining how the time loop started.
      • Maybe there's 2 blue Chaos Emeralds due to one being in the time loop. Yes, it's a paradox, but they're Chaos Emeralds. They don't have to follow logic.
      • You can't just explain something off by saying that because they're mystical, time-warping MacGuffins, they don't have to obey the rules of logic and simple chronology.
      • those two emeralds could explain why there are eight emeralds in Sonic The Fighters.
      • That can't be possible. If there were two blue emeralds, how come that when hunting for Chaos Emeralds in previous games, the Sonic characters never found Elise's emerald (especially when they used radars to detect their energy signatures)?
      • Well where is Soleana on the map of Sonic's Earth? If it's outta the way enough, then Who says the characters went near enough to find said Chaos Emerald.
  • Why does Iblis jump towards the purple glowing orbs during the Iblis Phase 2 battle? Because they give off the same kind of energy as Mephiles (the purple mist is the same, and the orbs are found in dark areas, except the fight, where it's slightly lit in there. The purple mist resembles Mephiles' ooze form). He's drawn to anything that resembles Mephiles, and is therefore not a stupid beast distracted by something shiny.
  • Why doesn't Amy react jealously when Elise has to kiss Sonic to resurrect him? Because she realises his life is more important than her own Clingy Jealous Girl tendencies.
    • And, you know, all of reality was being torn apart as she knew it, at the time.
  • If both of Elise's parents are dead, and Soleanna is a monarchy, then why is Elise still a princess and not a queen? And who has been ruling Soleanna for the past several years if it hasn't been Elise?
    • She's still a princess because Princesses Rule and children associate princesses with good and queens with evil.
  • Why does Silver trust Mephiles The Dark so easily? Well, Silver and Blaze live in a post-apocalyptic world, where there is no one left but them, presumably. They wouldn't be familiar with the Obviously Evil trope, and now that they see that they have a possibility to change their world, they take it.
  • While they don't share the same VA, Mephiles and The Duke of Soleanna have similar voices. Why? Because Mephiles based his voice off of the Duke's.
  • Of all the things Mephiles is... A liar he is not. His choice of words had double meanings. Such as:
    • "Unless you complete your task, your future will remain the same." - By this, he means that should Silver do nothing, nothing changes, but what he means is that it changes for the worse if Silver does choose to kill Sonic, which is what Mephiles wants.
    • Leading Silver to believe Sonic is "The Iblis Trigger" - Sonic's death will trigger the events to release Iblis.
    • "You need to find the individual who has awakened Iblis." - He never says who it is who does so. Silver latches to the idea of "Iblis Trigger", but doesn't directly ask who is the real culprit. They found him all along and didn't ask to confrm it.
    • Telling Omega that he would turn against Shadow, and telling Shadow that the world would betray him - Mephiles can travel through time and the timelines touching them. It's a possible outcome somewhere, I'm sure, supported by the events in Shadow's game. He's merely stating a speculation that exists in a possible timeline.
    • "The answer is yes. And no." - In response to Shadow asking if he ruined the world they were currently in. Yes, he caused that. No, not him directly. Considering a future iteration of Mephiles exists in that future world, but at the time is currently in the present, while the present iteration is in the future... Present Mephiles has not caused the actions do that yet, but Future Mephiles has already indeed done so. Basically "No, not yet, anyway."
  • Why does Mephiles make a swift job of murdering Sonic in mere seconds?
    • Considering Mephiles came into existence through an explosion that murdered the majority of scientists responsible for his "birth", many of whom were visibly dying slowing from their wounds, and Mephiles was quick to flee the scene in fear while being tracked by Shadow... Perhaps Mephiles is subconciously unnerved by dragged out deaths? Sonic was dead before he hit the ground, after all.
    • Considering Sonic is the only deliberate death he caused intentionally... And that at first he seemed like he'd rather someone else (Silver) do it for him, before taking over himself and ending it in less than a minute, with no visible wounds on Sonic at all... Perhaps Mephiles prefers not to have to take that option if he can help it?
    • Additionally, Sonic is the world's fastest hedgehog. It's not as if anything less than a lightning fast insta-kill attack would actually kill him. Especially considering all the times he's broken out of or otherwise shrugs off any attempts at his life.
    • It's true, Mephiles DID slaughter Sonic with ease. But there wouldn't have been any point Silver killing him early on - Elise would have been sad, but not enough to cry. Mephiles wanted Sonic and Elise to have a fun adventure together first... for Sonic to save her life a couple of times and teach her to run and smile. Then at the end, when everything seems like it's going to be okay, and Elise absolutely adores the guy... BAM! Mephy jumps in from nowhere and spikes Sonic. That was his intent all along.
  • Why was Iblis not released when the Egg Carrier crashed, killing Dr. Eggman & Elise? Because according to how time travel works in this game, they never died in the first place. While Sonic, Silver and Blaze (who came from nowhere) were mourning the loss of the Princess, the future Sonic had already traveled back in time, beaten the Egg-Wyvern, saved Elise, and is now guaffawing out of shock with Elise on a grassy cliffside. After all, Shadow was meant to go back in time and seal up Mephiles despite him getting the motivation to do so only after these events happened in Mephiles perspective.

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