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  • Beating Sonic the Hedgehog 1 with all Chaos Emeralds results in an ending in which Robotnik angrily stomps on the "END" logo repeatedly. Even if you fail to collect them all, watching Eggman delightfully juggling the remaining emeralds is pretty funny, too.
  • The very manuals of the Classic Sonic games often warned of the dangers of going too fast, refering to certain bugs/quirks that result in trapping the player as "Dr Robotnik's diabolical speed traps". Yes. It's one of the most amusing ways of reinforcing the Doctor's character while handwaving some of the, ah, technical difficulties that arise from Sonic actually being fast enough to literally run headlong into minor gamebreaking bugs.
  • Shadow's LV. 2 attack in the first Sonic Riders involves him roundhouse kicking anyone he comes close to... yes, even Cream. Try it sometime.
  • The opponent related throws in Sonic the Fighters.
    • For Amy's, the character takes her hammer and smacks her over the head with it.
      • The way all the characters' heads look when flattened are hilarious.
    • The character yanks back Espio's tongue and releases it, causing it to smack him in his face like a rubber band.
      • Depicted in fanart here.
    • The character steals Fang's popgun from his holster, causing him to panic before shooting him in the face with it.
    • The character takes a bomb from Bean, shoves it in his mouth, and ducks in cover for a few seconds while Bean makes hilarious faces and the bomb explodes.
    • Several of the attacks in general are funny. The game is practically Sonic the Hedgehog meets Looney Tunes meets Virtua Fighter.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2 had a promotion where you could receive it for free with the purchase of any Sega Genesis that came with Sonic 1. The commercial, however, didn't stop there.
    • And then Sega did it again with the trailer for the Sonic Mania Collector's Edition. And they went even further.
  • Meta example: Locked-on Sonic & Knuckles cartridge x 30 = glitchy craziness.
  • In Sonic 3 and Knuckles when you enter Mushroom Hill Zone after finishing Launch Base, Sonic and Tails or just Tails fly in and land. Knuckles on the other hand falls from the sky and his expression is hilarious.
  • The official twitter account of the series was fairly standard as far as corporate accounts go. Then they got a new community manager.
  • In all of the 16-bit games, the expression on Robotnik's face whenever you hit him is priceless and makes one grateful that he shows up in every level. His Aside Glance when he enters play or hits you is also pretty funny.
  • Also in the 16-bit games, if you're playing as Sonic with the AI controlling Tails, any time Tails delivers the final blow to Robotnik's machine in a boss fight.
  • For April Fools' Day 2016, the Sonic social media guys gave the world Big's Big Fishing Adventure 3.
    • As of this writing (February 11, 2017), they're doing a full-on fandub of it. With Mike Pollock as Dr. Eggman!
  • From the Game Mod (of Sonic 1 and 2) Sonic Classic Heroes, you can switch between Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles if playing on Team Hero. In the infamous Labyrinth Zone boss, if you get the idea to swim your way to the top as Tails, leaving Sonic and Knuckles to drown, what will happen instead most of the time is one or both of them will desperately grab onto the swimming Tails hoping to escape. But Tails can't carry anyone while swimming, so instead he will tire out instantly and fall down with the other two. Possibly the funniest unintentional use of Video Game Cruelty Punishment.
  • The 25th anniversary celebration video starts off as nothing more than descriptions of various Sonic games, each with an image of Sonic from those games. However...
  • Sonic and Eggman take to Twitter to answer people's questions, with hilarious results.
    Eggman: Dear Assassin's Creed, hello! It's me, Dr. Eggman! I found something that belongs to you!
    Ezio: What is this place? Where am I? What are these odd glowing gemstones?
    Eggman: That's right, it's him! Enzio! Or Easy-O, however you say it.
    Ezio: No no, my name is Ezio Audit-
    Eggman: That's nice. Anyway, if you want to see him in your world again, send pictures of kittens our way as soon as possible, or we're keeping him! Thanks.
    Sonic: Oh, hey, it's them. The Game Grumps. I know these guys.
    Eggman: Oh yes, I particularly like that time they played your best game.
    Sonic: Uh, my best game?
    Eggman: Y'know, the one with the princess and stuff, truly heartwarming story. You almost won that Oscar.
    Eggman: Well, clearly not this.
    • Sonic and Eggman attempt to read an apparently indecipherable comment, only for it to devolve into Eggman singing the Macerana.
    • Sonic and Eggman discover SiIvaGunner.
    Eggman: SiIvaGunner asks "What's your favorite high quality rip?"
    Sonic: Well, let's take a listen...Uh, are these real?
    Eggman: Well, says here that he only uploads high quality rips, so must be.
    Sonic: Not bad, SiIvaGunner, not bad at all.