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Fridge Brilliance

  • I always wondered why, in Sonic Adventure 2, only Eggman had the Protective Armor Upgrade and Tails didn't. But then I realized that Eggman's Egg Walker is just an assault platform, while Tails' Cyclone was an alternate form for his plane, the Tornado 3. Of course Tails didn't put extra armor on the Cyclone — it would have been too heavy to fly!
  • In Sonic Adventure 2's "Dark Side" ending, it's shown that unbeknownst to Eggman, the laser has overloaded as he tried to fire it with the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds, which is what the Cannon's power was source was intended to be — whilst it's possible Gerald Robotnik underestimated the power of the Emeralds, in the "Hero Side" ending, Sonic manages to prevent the ARK's cannon from firing, potentially causing the resulting overload that occurs in the "Dark Side" ending This makes even more sense when one remembers that in the "Hero Side" ending, there is a moment when you see Eggman's hand reaching for the Chaos Emerald. When Amy and Tails look out the window, and we have a clear view of the entire room, Eggman is gone, presumably having taken the Emerald to the cannon's core. Cue "Dark Side" ending.
  • Question: What do you think would have happened if Eggman had managed to fire the Eclipse Cannon at earth? Answer: Sonic Unleashed, just without the Werehog.
  • The Last Story ending has a subtle reason for why Shadow powers down from his Super form & Sonic doesn't. You start the preceding boss battle with Sonic, and each successful hit switches the other Hedgehog in, whilst the one who is not being used collects some rings to stay powered up, and it's a six hit boss. Whilst travelling past the boss leads to the characters switching out again, Shadow is meant to be the one to get the last hit.
    • Dialogue during the fight has both Sonic and Shadow noting that Shadow is having a far harder time maintaining a super form than Sonic. The reason why he doesn't appear to do so is very simple — Special Effects Failure.
    • No wonder Shadow's having a hard time maintaining his Super form when compared to Sonic –- it's only the first time he's ever gone Super, whereas Sonic has had previous experiences of doing so, and is more experienced at it!
    • Let's also not forget that Shadow just had a one-on-one showdown with his own prototype, the Biolizard right before going Super. He may well have been exhausted compared to Sonic, who took a breather between getting to the Biolizard's chamber and going Super, and couldn't maintain his Super form as well.
  • Sonic Adventure 2 seems to have an Idiot Plot where people can't tell the difference between Sonic and Shadow, resulting in Sonic being framed when Shadow steals the Chaos Emerald. However, it becomes fridge brilliance when you consider that the organization that blamed Sonic was G.U.N., which may have been framing him in order to hide Shadow's existence.
    • There's also the fact that Shadow's first on-screen news appearance happened at night and the footage of him on the bridge was poorly lit with GUN floodlights. It must've been difficult to distinguish Shadow between the dark night and the red bridge he was standing on (assuming it's based on the SF Bay Bridge, which is over 150 meters tall, it's also valid to assume sheer distance made him hard to distinguish), so the fact that the story as presented to the player makes it obvious that it's Shadow, really, who's going to hear a story about a super-fast hedgehog with an interest in Chaos Emeralds and think "clearly NOT Sonic"?
      • Especially since no-one except possibly a few retired GUN officials from fifty years ago (and one or two survivors from the ARK massacre) even remembers that Shadow exists at that point. Everyone else probably assumed it was Sonic with spine dye and a latex mask to make his face look different.
  • Sonic Battle suggests that Shadow was based on the mural in the Master Emerald Shrine. That Gerald was basing his figure on a legend. But heckaroonies, what's to say that Gerald didn't also believe that it was a prophecy, and he was trying to make something that would fulfill a prophecy of the future? Sonic is clearly fighting what is a robot... and Gerald wants Shadow to resist GUN's efforts to make him into a weapon!
    • Considering the amount of research that Gerald had on the ancient Echidnas in Sonic Battle, Shadow may have actually been based on the artwork in the Hidden Palace that depicts Super Sonic with Dr. Eggman. While he would've noticed his semblance to the image of Eggman, the mural does not clearly show them fighting, and could even just be interpreted as the man giving the hedgehog the Master Emerald. It's an intentional reference to the picture, but an unintentional reference to Sonic, who just happens to be the picture's intentional reference. Confusing.
    • This also helps explain the strange trend, how do you go from a gigantic reptile to a small hedgehog? Simple — we know Gerald learned about Chaos, with the creation of the Artificial Chaoses roaming the ARK. He happened upon the mural depicting Perfect Chaos first and designed his first project after this ultimate being, but after the Biolizard proved untenable, Gerald strived for something better: a prophetic mural seemingly depicting a hero using the emeralds' power.
  • GUN's mistaking Shadow for Sonic makes a lot more sense when you realize that Sonic is the only super-fast Hedgehog in the world, and if you saw one, you'd be pretty safe in assuming it was Sonic, even if he was a different color. Maybe GUN thought that Sonic had turned evil and decided to commemorate it by changing his color, a la Venom.
    • That, or all hedgehogs look the same to them.
      • It's possible that since Sonic slightly changes appearance when he goes Super, they believed Sonic simply transformed into an entirely different form.
      • Or that it was just a disguise. I mean, if you were a celebrity who was robbing a bank, you would want to wear a disguise, to at least try not to be recognised.
  • The level timers on Prison Island. In the dark story, following the Eggman vs. Tails battle, we have a cutscene where Rouge is instructed to set the timers on the bombs for 15 minutes. Her level then has a time limit of 5 minutes — followed by Shadow's next level having a timer of 10 minutes. It gets better. In the Hero Story, Tails and Amy proceed to bust out Sonic, who runs around like a madman through the harbor. Neither of these levels are timed, because the heroes don't know about the bomb. After both Metal Harbor and White Jungle, there's the first Sonic vs. Shadow fight. After this, Sonic learns about the bomb. The next level for Hero Story, Green Forest, has a timer of 8 minutes. Considering that Metal Harbor can be completed in around 2 minutes (which is actually the requirement of the 4th Mission), it can be assumed that, canonically, Shadow gets through White Jungle in the same amount of time (which could be possible — its 4th Mission requirement is 3 minutes), leaving Sonic with the 8-minute timer for Green Forest. - Dan Genesis
  • Sonic nearly dying in Sonic Adventure 2 wasn't an Ass Pull. A key thing to remember about the Chaos Emeralds is their power over time. Which also leads to Destiny. In other words, it's Sonic's destiny to save the world. This literally explains why he's in the right place at the right time to save the world. Destiny finds a path for him to follow. ~Hydronix
    • The Chaos Emeralds don't just have power over time, they turn thoughts into power, as stated by Tikal in Sonic Adventure and later by Blaze in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006). So Sonic learning Chaos Control (with a fake Emerald at that) can be best summed up as him believing that he could pull it off. The same can also be said about Silver learning it. Not only that, Sonic's been consciously aware of how the Emeralds work since Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (in Sonic 1's ending, he looked surprised that they created a field of flowers, implying he didn't know of their power at that point), which explains how he was able to surmise that Shadow was using a Chaos Emerald to warp.
    Sonic: Wow... he's fast! Hey, it's not his speed. He must be using the Chaos Emerald to warp!
  • A lot of Chao resemble characters in the game. Most notable are the Shadow, Sonic, and NiGHTS Chao. However, there are three special Chao, known as the Chaos Chao. These chao are effectively immortal (no reincarnation, no death), and are quite difficult to obtain. The dark and hero Chao resemble a demon and angel, respectively, appropriately enough. However, the third bears a vivid resemblance to Chaos 0. This may seem odd, or unimportant... until you remember that Chaos is a mutated Chao. That means that the Chao doesn't resemble Chaos; Chaos resembles his previous Chao form! - Kuiper
  • In Sonic Adventure 2 and then eventually Shadow the Hedgehog, the reason why GUN does not fully trust Professor Gerald Robotnik in the past could be due to his name. Robotnik is East European in origin, suggesting that Gerald might have possibly been a Cold War defector from a Soviet state. Thus GUN might have been suspicious of him, and their fears about his loyalty might have been erroneously confirmed when the boy who would become the future leader of GUN witnessed Black Doom making use of Gerald. -Ace Of Scarabs
  • Knowing that Knuckles takes very seriously his duty as the guardian of the Master Emerald and has been accustomed to isolation, it didn't seem fitting that he also was recognized for something so mercenary-sounding as treasure hunting, let alone the lyrics in his theme song in SA2 "-Large pots of treasure make me feel much better". Then I realized that looking for treasures implies looking for ancient things, things from civilizations lost in time just like his own. When you see it as a way of bringing light to things so that they may not be forgotten and in turn gaining a bigger sense of historical identity, it definitely sounded as the opposite of, let's say, Rouge.
    • This could also be a nod to his role in Sonic The Movie, where he's shown as a treasure hunter.
  • I realized that Sonic Adventure 2 showed that not all of Station Square was destroyed in Sonic Adventure, or at least it was rebuilt, which is a relief. Rouge has a newspaper that says Tails was given a Chaos Emerald at Station Square city hall for saving it from the missile attack. This could not have happened until after Perfect Chaos attacked it, since between the missile attack and the Perfect Chaos attack all the Chaos Emeralds were with Knuckles or by Big's house. So there had to be a city hall somewhere, and even if Station Square was rebuilt, it would be kind of weird to reward Tails for saving the city if it was destroyed anyway, so some part of Station Square must have survived.
  • Tails’ fake chaos emerald invention proves that it’s possible to copy the wavelength and properties of a Chaos Emerald. Now did any of you notice the time stopping switches in the Cannon’s Core level? Now what is one power that Chaos Control is capable of? That’s correct, stopping time. It seems that Gerald Robotnik had the same idea as Tails and made machinery capable of containing enough chaos energy inside it for localized Chaos Control, and thus freeze time for a short while.
    • In addition the chaos drives contained in the GUN robots are probably energy cells drawing from Chaos energy, or from residual energy GUN extracted from the Chaos Emeralds when Gerald was experimenting on them 50 years ago. This would explain why the GUN robots on board the ARK are still operational after 50 years of neglect. Needless to say, the invention of something like a chaos drive or a fake Chaos Emerald would bring about a revolution in the development and distribution of human energy needs.
  • In Adventure 2 Battle, many of the extra characters have special powers, and Chaos in particular is unable to drown, no matter how long you stay underwater, despite none of the others (save Knuckles in 1P) having that ability. It's because he's made of water. Of course he doesn't need air to breathe!
  • Knuckles shattering the Master Emerald may have been a little... extreme, but makes more sense when you consider the last time he tried to retrieve a recently stolen Master Emerald from Eggman, he got electrocuted for his trouble.
  • Everybody's upgrade seems to parallel with their hero or dark counterpart in terms of location and use. Sonic and Shadow get the Light Dash while on Prison Island. Tails and Eggman get their Laser Blasters in their first stages. Knuckles and Rouge get their dig abilities in a spooky stage. Capping this is the location of their respective Mystic Melodies: Sonic and Shadow get theirs in their Final stages, Tails and Eggman in a desert level with quicksand, and Rouge and Knuckles on Angel Island, both in their first stages.
  • This game and Sonic Battle show that Gerald had schizophrenia. In this case Gerald's tones in the diary switch from frightened to frightening. The same could be said for his research notes on Emerl during the final few entries: They contradict what happened in SA 2, notably with Maria's last words. It is possible that in his fright, he wasn't able to hear her last words properly. The final entry also seems to have been written between scribbling on the cell walls and the execution video.
  • The fact that Robotnik has such a resemblance to his grandfather Gerald, and has always escalated his personal plans towards airborne fleets and space stations highlights just how much Gerald meant to him. Recall that the Doctor has admitted that he highly admired his old Grandfather - His admiration is such that he wears his moustache the same way, made sure his knowledge base included most of what Gerald worked upon (aeronautics and the space program, robotics, Chaos Emerald and Chaos power theory, exotic physics related to Chaos power, some measure of cybernatics), and many of his space stations bear the Robotnik face and mustache, much as the Colony ARK did. His entire career and MO has been done in his grandfather's footsteps.
  • The notion of Knuckles being known as a treasure hunter is weird at first, seeing how he never shows interest in anything other than guarding and protecting the Master Emerald, and he never leaves his island unless the Master Emerald was stolen or shattered (at least not until later games). Then it struck me: he got that reputation in Sonic Adventure! His whole story in that game consisted in him looking for shards of the Master Emerald everywhere. For outside people who know nothing about the Emerald, he must have looked like a treasure hunter seeking treasures all over the place, earning him that reputation.
    • Another possibility is that he likes to explore the ancient ruins in his island during his free time, likely to find out more about his ancestors and the island, and possibly to kill time (he probably needs to take a short break from guarding the Master Emerald every now and then to keep himself from going insane, and it's not like there are many things to do in a deserted island). The Sonic Team-produced Sonic X seems to support this, as Knuckles calls himself a treasure hunter prior to the Sonic Adventure adaptation. He also refers to another character who is shown exploring ancient ruins as "a treasure hunter like me", hinting that this was the kind of treasure hunting he did.
  • I just realized something: Why is the "Evil Side Sonic" called Shadow? Because he's a Shadow Archetype of Sonic. Shadow is incredibly cocky, hilariously edgy (especially in later games) and the stereotypical "Cool" character. He's an overexaggeration of everything people find annoying in Sonic (as well as his hilariously immature fanbase and their OC's). This would also explain why Sonic commonly refers to him as "Fake", because he's basically fake version of Sonic.
    • The whole Team Dark has a vibe of being the shadow of Team Hero/Sonic that goes beyond their similar abilities. You can only listen to each character's theme song and contrast it with their rival's. Here's a comparison:
      • Sonic and Shadow-Both are superfast, super cocky, hedgehogs. One travels (and saves) the world out of his love of adventure and drive for freedom, the other threatens the world out of a (warped) sense of obligation towards his family. One shows no worry over the past, the other lets it consume him to the point of committing atrocities. One is extremely independent and follows his own path, the other has his every action ruled by (what he thinks were) Maria's wishes.
      • Tails and Eggman-Two geniuses. One is far younger and invents to protect his friends alongside the world. One is far older and assumedly has been embittered by his life (especially when considering the speculation that Gerald and Maria's deaths might have pushed him to conquer the world), inventing to impose his will on the world whether it wants it or not.
      • Knuckles and Rouge-Knuckles is ignorant of the outside world (and so has become a might too trusting) and handles situations with a brute approach, yet is suggested to have a deeper knowledge of matters concerning the Chaos Emeralds, Master Emerald, and the spiritual background of the series. Rouge is much more worldly and conniving, treating something as powerful as the Master Emerald as just another piece of jewelry to loot. Knuckles hunts for treasure out of duty (and perhaps from a wish to learn what he can of lost civilizations like his own) while Rouge does so out of sheer greed and vanity (showing no interest in the Master Emerald's importance as both a remnant of the Echidna's civilization and to the world).
  • In the Dreamcast version, Big the Cat is a playable character in multiplayer. Sounds a bit out of left field at first, but then you remember this isn't the first time he's piloted a mechanical device.

Fridge Horror

  • Shadow was aware that Gerald's ultimate plan involved the ARK impacting the Earth, right? Did he plan on remaining on the ARK the whole time?
    • Considering his backstory, he did.
  • Speaking of SA 2, the massacre on the ARK may have had a larger reaching impact than we thought. Eggman reveals that, as a child, he idolized his grandfather for trying to make the world a better place — hinting before he became a villain, Eggman likely wanted to improve humanity (and still may want to improve us). Given the events on the ARK, the young Eggman likely saw G.U.N as corrupt. There's also the fact his parents would be incredibly paranoid of the government for killing Gerald and Maria. This would lead to a skewed upbringing for Eggman, and add his likely contempt for G.U.N, and it's pretty likely one of the major motivators for Eggman's villainy originates from the ARK massacre. If so, everything Eggman has done in the games may never had happened if the GUN soldiers decided not to shut down the ARK. This means that, if it wasn't for them, the millions who've died as a result of Eggman screwing around forces man should not know and incalculable powers would still be alive. Dammit, GUN!!!
    • Furthermore, in all the Adventure games, Shadow and 2006, Eggman is clearly attacking countries affiliated with GUN (the most logical explanation for Soleanna to have GUN tech and crates is that they're a GUN-aligned country). It looks like he really, really holds it against GUN for ruining his Grandfather.
    • Another detail of serious consideration is that Robotnik as a name is a real East European (Polish/Russian) name. Fifty Years Ago could well have been during the Cold War. This also means that the Professor Gerald was a victim of Cold War paranoia, and it is highly likely the rest of the Robotnik family suffered the repercussions of Gerald being tried and executed and having their family name stained. Suddenly Dr. Eggman's past becomes a lot more bleak, either being ostracised due to his East European "commie" heritage in the US-like GUN states, or sent back to live in disgrace in the Iron Curtain bloc.
      • This extends into Fridge Brilliance when you realize the early Eggman installations of Scrap Brain and his early traps have a cruder, lower-tech feel, suggesting that he started with leftover surplus Soviet tech before he really began fabricating his own original hardware.
      • Even without Gerald, the world of fifty years ago was still more advanced than nowadays — they still had mechs, and an active enough space program to create the Space Colony ARK. It's reasonable to assume that this happened at least 20-odd years from now. If so, the Cold War in the Sonic universe lasted over 80 years.
    • Imagine all this from Shadow's perspective — not only were your sister and father figure murdered by the government, but the prodigy that your only known living relative/Maria's own cousin became an Adult Child Mad Scientist bent on Taking Over The World, something the two would be horrified to know. GUN really screwed the pooch.
    • And despite all of this, the soldiers and personnel who caused this massacre got off scott-free!
    • Oh, c'mon, cut them some slack—it's not like they could've known that raiding the ARK would cause Eggman to become evil. (Unless they somehow had future-seeing powers, which is highly unlikely.)
  • Question: What do you think would have happened if Eggman had managed to fire the Eclipse cannon at earth? Answer: Sonic Unleashed, just without the Werehog.
  • The massacre on the ARK was bad enough with Gerald's colleagues and granddaughter Maria dying at the hands of GUN. But consider this — where are Maria's parents? They were likely helping out their ill daughter, so it's a good chance they were on the ARK as well. Even less wonder that Gerald snapped.
  • Imagine if the Hero story was canon. If Sonic destroyed the Eclipse Cannon after defeating Shadow, how would the Black Arms be stopped in Shadow the Hedgehog? Without the Eclipse Cannon, the only thing Shadow could do would be to warp the comet back into orbit, only for it to come back again the next 50 years.
    • Despite the dramatic explosions, it's possible he just disabled the Eclipse Cannon rather than flat out destroying it, which could be one of two reasons why the Cannon wouldn't fire when Eggman got the last Emerald (the other reason being Prof. Gerald reprogramming the ARK). The whole point of Black Doom getting the Chaos Emeralds was to Chaos Control the Black Comet onto Earth due to its velocity being too slow to land on Earth normally, but logically speaking, atmospheric reentry would be able to potentially destroy the comet or seriously damage it, so Shadow could have just as easily Chaos Controlled it into the Sun.
    • Eggman himself could probably fix the Cannon if need be, or even Tails may try.
  • The exact circumstances behind Gerald Robotnik’s capture and eventual execution are never elaborated on in the story. Who is to say that Gerald Robotnik wasn’t the Dr. Eggman of his generation, pulling off the sort of world dominating insanity that Eggman has been guilty of all this time? Except instead of being treated like a Saturday morning cartoon villain and “blasting off again” Gerald is treated as a war criminal and ceremoniously executed for violations of international law by GUN.
  • Think about the exact frame work of Gerald’s plan for a moment. He programs Shadow the Hedgehog with a subconscious desire to see the Chaos Emeralds reactivate the Eclipse Cannon; all for revenge. This was all predicated on the idea that anyone power hungry enough to seek out Shadow would listen to his advice and collect the Chaos Emeralds, and that whoever could get to Shadow in the first place would be resourceful enough to do so. The fact that his grandson happens to be this person may seem like a coincidence at first, until you realize that the only reason Dr. Robotnik broke Shadow out of his prison is because it was mentioned in his grandfather’s diary. The unsettling implication is that Gerald wanted either his son, grandson, or whatever descendant was willing, to release Shadow so he could have his revenge on humanity. The horrifying implication is that Gerald was so insane with his grief that he didn’t even care that his actions, through Shadow’s proxy, would bring about the death of his remaining family.
  • Building on top of the above: The even more horrifying implication is that Gerald Robotnik was counting on the Eclipse Cannon being dusted off and reactivated one day. He wanted GUN to be the architects of their own doom, by leaving the Eclipse Cannon up there as an irresistible weapon of mass destruction for them to wave over their enemy’s head. And in so doing Gerald’s program would activate and cause the ARK to crash onto the Earth, thus killing all of humanity. Gerald viewed it as the ultimate poetic justice, for the militaristic GUN to be destroyed by their own weapon – all on the account of not being able to let go of their warmongering ways.
  • When Dr. Eggman ponders with existential dread if his grandfather really meant to destroy them, there's actually a somewhat more horrifying answer than him straight up wanting all of humanity dead. Given how Gerald was contained in a military prison by GUN, and then executed by firing squad, the man had no hope of getting any revenge on GUN in his life time. Unleashing Shadow onto the world to hurt GUN would only inflict limited damage on them, and even if Shadow did succeed in killing senior leadership the organization would still continue to function. Dropping the ARK on the planet is the most surefire way Gerald can think of that would purge the evil of GUN off the Earth. So in a sense Gerald's hatred for GUN may have been so immense in scope that killing off all of humanity with GUN was a complete afterthought so long as he made GUN suffer for what they did to him.
  • There's a theory that GUN knew exactly what it was doing when they arrested Sonic: if they just told the public that their real target was Shadow—who appears to be a relatively normal Mobian on the surface but has powers far beyond the average hedgehog—people might get curious and do some research on the mystery hedgehog, which could potentially lead them to the ARK tragedy that GUN had previously covered up. It's unlikely that an organization that would apparently jump straight to "kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out" doesn't have other skeletons in its closet. Was Sonic the only victim of this sort of misdirection?

Fridge Logic

  • Some of the lyrics from Eggman's theme song really seem self-contradictory
    All my machines are made for destruction
    I will build my empire
Surely it would be smarter to also build machines for construction.