Fridge / Sonic Adventure

Fridge Brilliance
  • Here's something I realized during one of my hearings of Sonic's first Image Song, It Doesn't Matter. It is obviously a song the describes Sonic The Hedgehog the character, but if you delve into it a bit, it can also describe what's going on with Sonic The Hedgehog the franchise. Let's take into consideration the main chorus line:
    • "It doesn't matter now what happens/I will never give up the fight!" seems to mean that Sonic isn't going going to stop moving on.
    • "There is no way I will run away from all of my frights" means that, even with the downturns such as Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic the Hedgehog (2006), Sonic isn't going to look back, keeping on with the franchise.
    • "Long as the voice inside me says "Go," I will always keep on running" and "There is no way to stop me from going to the very top!" are similar to the first. Sonic isn't going to quit until he stops Eggman once and for all, and unless Sonic Team makes a game where that happens, the franchise isn't going to stop, either.
    • "It doesn't matter who is wrong or who is right!" may be a credo Sonic has, but it can also extend to everyone involved with the franchise, from the people developing the games, to the people who are (or should be) enjoying them. Sega and Sonic Team may add some strange features, but who cares? It's just a game, and games are a form of entertainment. You shouldn't let simple entertainment take over your life. This is what Sonic's song is trying to convey. Don't let the little things get the better of you and keep on moving. Hopefully people will be able to take this to heart after Generations comes out...
  • I just realized that Chaos has a blue body and green eyes— just like Sonic does. And those things on Chaos 0's head look like Sonic's quills.
  • In E-102's story in Sonic Adventure, his perspective on good and evil becomes challenged when his brother, E-103, stares at him pleadingly, an image that seems to haunt him. In short, it caused a change of heart. E-103's designation is Delta (Δ),which means "change in" when applied to mathematics.
  • In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, the Master Emerald was in the Hidden Palace zone. But in Sonic Adventure, it's in its shrine on the outside. How did this happen? Why did this happen? A theory comes to mind. After Robotnik told Knuckles that Sonic sought the Emeralds for immoral purposes, Knuckles hid the Master Emerald just as he did with the 7 Chaos. After Robotnik was beaten by Super Sonic, it's possible Knuckles just returned the Master Emerald to its original shrine; the last we saw of it in Sonic's ending was that it felt out in the open of Angel Island, and we never saw Knuckles take it back to the Hidden Palace, and perhaps he couldn't, considering we don't know how much damage Robotnik caused it when he broke in.
  • Something it took me a while to notice about The Rashomon style of the storylines: everyone's personality is subtly shaded to be more like the viewpoint character's (ie. everyone has more of an attitude in Sonic's story, Sonic is more polite in Tails' story, ect.).
    • Not to mention, the outcome of the battles between playable characters changes depending on who you're playing as, furthering this point.
    • Also, there's an interesting contrast between how Eggman acts in Sonic and Tails' stories. To Sonic, Eggman is a loud, hammy doofus and isn't afraid of him in the slightest. In Tails version however, Eggman's dialogue is a lot more subdued and sinister, giving him a very intimidating vibe. This becomes Fridge Brilliance when you take in Tails' Character Development into account.
  • When playing in Adventure Mode after beating the game, it's always daytime except as Gamma, when it is always night (at least, in the Dreamcast version). Why is it different for Gamma? Because he dies the following day.
  • In Unknown from M.E. (Knuckle's Theme) one of the lines is "Unlike Sonic I don't chuckle" but in his first game Knuckles is seen laughing every time he appears while Sonic never does.
  • In Knuckles story he sees Gamma nearby the Master Emerald alter, but Gamma doesn't visit this area until later in the game. Seems like a continuity error until you realize that as Gamma makes a beeline for Eggmans jungle base it means he's collected Froggy at this point, and is currently in a flashback. Tikal gave Gamma a vision while taking control of his body to lead Knuckles back to the Egg Carrier.
  • Add to that, Tikal giving Gamma a vision seems a random and superfluous act compared to the actual heroes, until you realize that in his own story, Gamma was Eggman's most pivotal minion in helping power Chaos and was seconds from destroying Sonic (who was destined to stop Chaos and save humanity) had he not gained a conscience. Tikal's conversation with Gamma mostly consists of subliminal claims of good will ("I see you are not one of them." "My hope is that one day we will all understand one another.") as if to try and bring empathy from the droid so he won't be able to fulfill his duties to Eggman.
  • Bar a couple of seconds, Tikal also doesn't seem the slightest bit creeped out by Gamma's appearance. According to later sources, her tribe's war was against the Nocturnus Clan, who created the Gizoids to help in their conquest. This gives her first comment towards him more meaning. Tikal's seen plenty of robots, she's just glad Gamma isn't one of those robots.
  • Everybody knows that this is where the main 5 characters of the Sonic series (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy and Dr Eggman) were radically redesigned and were even given eye colors. But those eye colors actually tell us one small thing about them. Sonic's eyes are green, the color of an emerald, because of his constant use/involvement with the Chaos Emeralds. Tails' eyes are blue, the color of the sky, because A) He can fly using his tails and B) he can flying his airplane, the Tornado, making him the most likely to be airborne. Knuckles' eyes are an uncommon eye color (purple) because he is one from an uncommon species (which could also explain why Tikal's eyes are blue; it's because echidnas were common during her time). * Amy's eyes are a brighter shade of green than Sonic's because green eyes are said to be the most attractive, and she gives a lot more of her romantic feelings to Sonic than vice versa.
  • Amy is pigeon-toed and has a short stride, so it makes sense that she moves fastest by taking giant leaps.
  • Dr Eggman still doesn't have an eye colour (just his dark blue goggles), but he has become more egg-shaped, and this was where his name was officially changed from Robotnik to Eggman in the US and Europe.
  • In Knuckles' stages, you can touch the glowing orb (Tikal) to show you where the Master Emerald shards are. The reason the orb knows their locations? Because the Master Emerald was where Tikal stayed with Chaos for the past 4,000 years, so in essence, it's her home.
  • In Tail's/Big's story when Big tries to get Froggy back from Tails, you can see (despite the bad graphics) that Big's eyes glow in the dark. This is similar to real life cats that reflect light in their eyes when it's dark.

Fridge Horror
  • Perfect Chaos' path of destruction suddenly starts to seem extremely bad if you consider how many innocent people must have died. He creates a tidal wave that completely floods the entire city, causes water to rip through and destroy buildings, and basically causes a path of havoc similar to that of a extremely disastrous tsunami. I mean, JUST LOOK at how destroyed the city is in a matter of only the very least, the people in the building would all die or be SERIOUSLY injured. Again JUST LOOK at the cut-scene where the water rips through the buildings. ...Don't forget this was a game primarily aimed at kids. Not to mention that after a certain and rather recent real life tragedy...this has become a major source of Fridge Horror.
  • Here's a bit of Fridge Horror for you... E-102 Gamma witnesses Robotnik's... alteration of his older counterpart when he enters the wrong room of the Egg Carrier. Now, from a robot's point of view, that's bad enough... but then you go on to fight other members of the E-series, some of which have been very heavily modified. The kicker, though, is this... the oldest robot we're shown is E-101 Beta. Which is the second letter in the Greek alphabet, implying that there's an older (Alpha) prototype that we haven't seen. What the heck happened to him? (...Unless it's Zero, that thing chasing Amy throughout her story, in which case it sort of overlaps with Fridge Brilliance.)
    • Hell, some of the modifications are already horrifying on their own. While Delta (E-103) and Epsilon (E-104) just have their cannon and hand combo removed and replaced with dual cannons (anti-air variants in Epsilon's case), Zeta (E-105) is converted into a massive stationary defensive core in the Egg Carrier. Not only is Zeta immobile, but it's gone from a purple bipedal mech to a massive, towering fortress-like robot with a ring of missile launchers. Not to mention that it retains its old head, and said head rotates to follow Gamma as he strafes around Zeta's missiles... Not only that, but killing Zeta entails blowing all of his cannons apart first, then watching his head EXPLODE and fly off, dropping the animal inside. By far though, Beta's gone through the most horrifying transformation; as seen in the initial segments of Gamma's story, Beta is quite literally torn apart by robotic arms and rebuilt into a hovering, plasma-shooting, missile-spewing monstrosity with a single eye, nearly unrecognizable from its initial form (which is essentially a black-painted Delta).
    • ZERO is in fact officially termed E-100 Alpha ZERO in certain bios. This also adds a bit of Fridge Brilliance to his character. ZERO continues chasing and antagonizing Amy and Birdie, even long after Eggman has stolen the latter's Chaos Emerald. ZERO lacks an animal battery, a "soul" in some sense. Capturing Birdie and consuming it would have made him akin to his younger brethren.
  • In the final story, Tikal insists that the only way to stop Chaos is to seal him into the Master Emerald again. Given the last time she did this required her to sacrifice her eternal soul into the emerald along with him, the implication is that she either intends to do this again (albeit with permanent intention) or, if her lack of physical form prevents her, sacrifice someone else.
  • Consider this lyric from Sonic's theme: "It doesn't matter who is wrong and who is right". Does he rush into battles with no consideration of ethics?