Awesome: Sonic Adventure

  • The opening alone is just awesome and really gets you excited before you start playing. Open Your Heart really adds an extra layer of epicness to it, as well.
  • Sonic's introduction in his story, wall jumping from one tall building to another until getting to the top of one with his theme playing, after which we finally get a clear look of him.
  • When Tails launches the Tornado I by making the palm trees bend over in what can only be a direct homage to Thunderbirds. Sonic's expression says it all.
    • Speaking of Tails in Sonic Adventure, who can forget him psyching himself up to fight Eggman alone... then doing it, saving Station Square all by himself? This seems to be the rare piece of Character Development in the franchise to stick, too, as he does so a couple of times in the next game as well.
      • Nah, the most awesome part is that the city's effectively wrecked in two minutes anyway.
  • There was Amy's story. After spending most of the story getting kidnapped and running away from a Killer Robot, she finally snaps into Mama Bear mode as soon as said robot hurts the bird she was trying to protect and utterly demolishes it. This is especially awesome since she started off merely fawning over Sonic being her hero, but with this moment, she finally became a hero in her own right.
    • Add to that her mere reasoning with another Killer Robot into becoming her friend. Then, in a similar fashion to her 2006 moment, defending it from Sonic. She'll value Sonic over the world, but she cares enough about others to stand up to him.
  • A mini moment of Awesome, but in E-102 Gamma's story in Sonic Adventure, the bot gets to fight and win against Sonic, a mere second from blowing his brains out point blank. Yeah, it's an Anti-Climax Boss, but it's the first and so far only time one of Eggman's badniks has managed to defeat Sonic one on one, and gives you an idea of how dangerous Gamma may have been had it not been for his heart.
  • Eggman gets a major one, when one realizes he set up a Batman Gambit for his scheme through the entire game! Every time
    • He sets up a Macguffin Delivery Service by telling Sonic his plans. This results in every single chaos emerald being handed to him, because he's anticipated Sonic would get them first to try and stop him:
    • 1 was retrieved simply by playing possum when Sonic was off guard.
    • 2 was claimed by averting a Death Trap scenario and gassing Sonic and Tails immediately when they didn't see it coming.
    • He plays off Knuckles gullibility, which in the long run nets him emeralds 3 and 4.
    • 5 and 6 come to him by not taking chances and simply sending out his own troops to get the emeralds first, so he's not putting all the cards in Sonic's hands.
    • He attempts to be Crazy-Prepared with the Egg Carriers, the secret missile to destroy Station Square, and the success of the e-series, then it shows he's stepped up his game.
  • Sonic running down a massive skyscraper in Speed Highway.
  • I made an account specifically to rectify this glaring oversight - Sonic becoming Super Sonic! The whole city cheering "SONIC! SONIC!" as Tails explains that it's not only negative forces that make the Chaos Emeralds work, and then we see Sonic going Super for the first time in true 3D. Spine-chilling.