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Awesome: Sonic Shuffle
  • The opening FMV.
  • Depending on what character you play as, they each give an awesome rebuke to Void midway through the story.
    Void: The Precioustone will shatter if I touch it. Maginaryworld... My world... The world of my dreams...
    Sonic: Hey! I'm not gonna let you do that! This world does not belong to you. It belongs to everybody. It's the world of everyone's dreams!
    Tails: Stop! This is a world... A world of everyone's dreams! I'm not going to let you have your way!
    Knuckles: Don't think you can have your way! I've got something to protect... You can't just come and take it away! Void! I'm not going to let you do this!
    Amy: Lumina! Don't give up! Void! You... You... You're not going to destroy everyone's dream... My dream!
  • The FMVs after each board is cleared show the worlds returning to normal.
  • The end-of-the-board minigames, all of them.
    • Emerald Cost has you surfing a tidal wave to wash up safely on a beach.
    • Fire Bird has you jumping from an exploding plane in freefall to land on a hot air balloon.
    • Nature Zone has you outrunning an earthquake through a dense jungle.
    • Riot Train has you stopping an out-of-control train with the power of Button Mashing.
    • Fourth Dimension Space has you defeating an Eldritch Abomination by dropping rocks on its head.
  • Fourth Dimension Space is a beautiful gravity-bending board filled with constellations.
  • One mini-game has Sonic and friends launching Eggman into space.

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