Nightmare Fuel / Sonic Shuffle

  • One of the most frightening Mini-Events involves Medusa, who paralyzes your character for up to two turns if they don't have two Forcejewels to save them. If you only have one, it doesn't block the full effect and you're paralyzed for one turn.
  • One Mini-Event has your character coming across a strange structure in the desert... which falls on top of them, knocking them out for one turn.
  • One Mini-Event has the character encountering a hooded ferryman, who asks them if they will steer the boat themselves. Depending on how they answer (and the mercy of the RNG), it can be Illumina, who helps the player, Eggman, who just thought he'd ask (and he'll force you to pay up Rings if you see him), or Void, who sends the player back where they started.
  • Another Mini-Event has a hooded priest who asks if the time has come, and can be either Illumina, Eggman, or Void. Void in particular has a creepy response. These lead to the same results as seen above.
  • The Mini-Game "The Great Escape" involves everyone trapped in a building/maze, which Eggman is set to blow up if they don't escape. If you fail, the entire screen explodes.
  • One Accident Mini-Game in Nature Zone involves everyone having to escape from the mouth of a crocodile. If they fail to escape, they're eaten.
  • Void's monster form. Its head is its chest, and it shoots beams of darkness to capture the characters and drain their Rings.
    • Since Void is Lumina's opposite and part of Illumina, it's likely that Lumina and Illumina would have similarly scarring forms if they ever snapped.