Heartwarming: Sonic Shuffle

  • Amy tells Illumina that her dream is to be like Sonic.
  • Knuckles tells Void that he has something worth protecting and won't lose it to him.
  • Tails tells Illumina that his dream is to be stronger so he can help Sonic.
  • The FMVs after each board is cleared show the worlds returning to normal.
  • Everyone's speech at the end about their dreams and how negative emotions can make them stronger.
    Sonic: Void... Anger, Sadness, Despair, and Emptiness... Aren't dreams born because everyone has these feelings? Don't these feelings make our dreams even stronger? Void... He was probably part of the Precioustone... He was part of a feeling that is necessary for dreams to come true.
    Tails: Lumina... Can't you accept Void for what he is? Dreams probably can't exist without it... It's the same with me. When I'm down and I feel I can't go on any more... that's when I know I have to try harder! because I have my own dreams!
    Amy: It's a dream because it hasn't been fulfilled yet... But one day you'll make it come true. You can live through each day because you have dreams! No matter how small they are.
    Knuckles: Dreams don't betray us. When we lose ourselves... that's when we lose our dreams. It's not that dreams don't come true. We just give up on them. We know that... and you should know it better than us...
  • In Amy's story, Void comforts Lumina after she worries no one dreams anymore.
    Lumina: I sent everybody a message. To the people who dreamed of this world. But... You were the only one who answered. My message did not reach anybody else. Nobody dreams of this world. Did everyone forget to dream? Is a dream not precious any more? Am I the only one who is all alone? I'm no different from Void...
    Void: Come on... Let's be whole. You're suffering because you're missing something... Maginaryworld... Pieces of dreams... Come on... There's nothing to be afraid of if we're together.
  • After spending the entire game alone, Void reunites with Lumina to become Illumina.
  • Illumina's speech thanking the heroes for helping her and Maginaryworld.
    We must be stronger... Emptiness does not conquer dreams... Dreams conquer the emptiness.