Nightmare Fuel / Sonic Adventure 2
A public execution in a Sonic the Hedgehog game?

  • Gerald Robotnik's speech in the Last Story. With the voices set to Japanese, he talks in a Creepy Monotone. In English, he sounds like he's going even more insane.
    • This is culminated with a military official asking if he has anything else to say. He replies he has nothing more, at which point the soldier orders his men to prepare themselves. The video cuts off just prior to what is blatantly Gerald's execution.
      Gerald Robotnik: ...I plan to give you a taste of my revenge, once all the seven Chaos Emeralds are collected. Once I initiate this program, it cannot be disabled. All of you ungrateful humans who took everything away from me, will feel my loss, and despair!
      GUN Officer: Is there anything else you want to say?
      Gerald Robotnik: No...
      GUN Officer: Ready! [Tape rewinds to the beginning]
    • The image of Gerald Robotnik tied in chains, facing the camera and about to face an execution squad in the video that's sent out to the entire world creeped a lot of kids out back in the day. It was just something you never thought you would see in a Sonic game.
    • Gerald's diary isn't a basket of roses either, describing his descent into madness from his grief over losing Maria. First he seems confused and sad, then scared, a vicious, hateful growl, and finally when outlining his intentions for Shadow, he seems eerily calm, almost cheerful in his annunciations, as if giddy in his belief that his actions will lead to the end of the world-
      Prof. Gerald: Based on my original projections, I completed my project, Shadow... I designed its mind to be perfect, pure. I will leave everything to him!
  • The trailer for the Last Story.
    Rouge: The end of the world...
  • The scene with Eggman's demonstration of the Eclipse Cannon was full of this. Arguably, the scariest part wasn't watching the laser pass close by the skyscrapers and blowing a large chunk out of the moon, but the timer seen at the end as Eggman laughs.
  • The boos from the haunted stages such as Pumpkin Hill have frightened some players of the game. They have yellow eyes, creepy sharp-toothed Slasher Smiles, and they will pop up unexpectedly at you (unintentionally, it would be as if they are looking directly at the player whenever they do so.) They will pop up from the walls, on the ground, various objects, and even in their smaller forms. Players have admitted they were so scared of the ghosts that they would have one of their friends or siblings to play the haunted levels for them.
    • In the Aquatic Mine stage, there is a section called "The Ghost Room" which can be seen by looking at the "CAUTION" sign to your right at the starting point of the stage. The room is infested with boos jumpscaring you every few seconds.
    • From the Death Chamber stage (and the Hard Mode versions of other haunted levels) are The Boom Boos, the big ghosts with black eyes that blinks a few seconds and stitched-up mouths. While it only takes 3 hits to kill them in which they shorten in size, hitting them once will turn them into larger-scale versions of the yellow-eyed, sharp-teethed boos as mentioned above, making them just as creepy as the jumpscare boos.
    • There's King Boom Boo, the ghosts' leader, who even scares Knuckles. Also, when it chases you during the boss battle, it tries to eat you and it's even more unsettling when it gets closer to the screen. The battle's music is also chilling with its Psycho Strings.
  • Eggman's threats if you take too long on Crazy Gadget are surprisingly harsh, and he holds a gun to Amy's head in the cutscene following the level.
    Eggman: You're too slow! Sonic, if you don't come here, she will die!
  • Sonic comes the closest to death he's ever been when Eggman traps him in a self-destructing capsule. If you play the Dark Story first, there is no indication that he survived.
    • Eggman's recap on the following boss fight is even worse.
    Eggman: Hahahahahaha! I finally did it! I've defeated Sonic! That annoying hedgehog is now gone forever! He's nothing but floating chunks in space now!
  • Egg Quarters. Not because of the ghosts, but because of those floating Scarab Beetle robots. You never know where they are unless one of them is in the same room as you, and turning a corner to suddenly see one in your face can be quite scary- particularly since you can't destroy them, they produce a creepy beeping noise when they spot you, and if you don't get away from them ASAP, they'll summon four holograms of themselves that shoot unavoidable laser beams at you.
  • Rouge slipping on a support beam above a pit of molten metal and nearly falling to her death. Thankfully, Knuckles swoops down and saves her life in the nick of time.
    • Though there's some Nightmare Retardant in the fact that this is a gross example of Cutscene Incompetence— as Rouge is capable of flying and gliding, there's no reason why she couldn't have saved herself without Knuckles' help.
  • The Last Story's scenario where Sonic and Knuckles (and eventually Shadow) make their way over to the Eclipse Cannon's core to stop the ARK from colliding with Earth.....the core itself has some sort of multi-tiered filter above a make-shift-Master-Emerald Shrine.....and YOU SEE THE THING LITERALLY BEAT LIKE A HEART.
    • The scene where the Biolizard emerges and suddenly roars at the camera can be a Jump Scare moment too.
    • Also on that end, the Biolizard (the Ultimate Life Form Prototype) appears out of nowhere to try and stop them, and there were entries in Gerald's records hinting that it was sealed within the core for being far too difficult to handle and/or dangerous for quite a long 50 years ever since Project Shadow's doesn't help that during the fight with it vs. Shadow, one of the water streams on the arena can wash the latter away into a bottomless pit if not jumped out of quickly enough.
    • The Biolizard itself is also the Eldritch Abomination of the game. It's a gross feral lizard whose own strength forces it to be in constant pain, so much that it has to have life support fused to its body. Despite being only an animal, it still feels hate as an instinct, will kill anything that invades the ARK core and is hellbent on crashing Space Colony ARK into the Earth at the cost of its own body. Its theme music is also full of screams and eerie tones akin to a haunted house.
      • The second and true final battle with its next form, the Finalhazard (when it fuses itself with the ARK's Eclipse Cannon to literally drag it towards the earth). If you happen to delay on that battle for long enough, the timed mission nature of it will show the screen turning slowly red....meaning the ARK at that time is getting very dangerously close to Earth....
  • There's something creepy about the gigantic GUN Military Truck chasing you in City Escape. Up until then, Sonic was dealing with bog-standard combat 'bots; then out of nowhere comes this massive truck that plows through dozens upon dozens of civilian cars with ease. It makes new players wonder: if this is what they're willing to deploy to capture a single fugitive, what kind of threat are you really up against, and what else will GUN do?
  • One of the first things you see when turning on the game, on a pitch-black background with no music or stylized text, is a seizure warning, which is off-putting considering the game itself's generally lighthearted nature.