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YMMV: Sonic Adventure
  • Anti-Climax Boss: Both Amy's and Big's final boss can be beaten in under 30 seconds.
    • The bosses with playable characters, along with the first few E-Series battles have particularly slow AI and can be defeated before they even so much as make a proper attack.
  • Awesome Music: A majority of the music qualifies. Vote on your favorite here. It's a long list.
  • Best Level Ever: Consensus seems to be Speed Highway, the fastest-paced Sonic level in the game. Sega appears to be part of the consensus, as they practically brought it back in Sonic Adventure 2 (under the name "Radical Highway") and chose it as the representative stage of this game in Sonic Generations.
  • Broken Base: The alternate gameplay, which is either a superior or inferior way of handling multiple playable characters compared to the previous Sonic 3 And Knuckles. There's also a camp who believes that the alternate gameplay in this game is better handled than in the succeeding games.
  • Contested Sequel: This game started the trend of creating the series' notoriously Broken Base.
  • Deader Than Disco: While initially praised by critics, the years after have not been kind to this game — in fact, the Xbox Live and PSN port has been savaged by critics. However, fans and gamers, as well as indy reviewers like The Video Game Critic have been much kinder to the game, and the Xbox Live version is now one of the highest rated games there. A number of the professional critics also made it clear that they considered the game itself So Okay, It's Average or even decent, but took it to task for the sloppy porting job (tellingly, the subsequent Sonic Adventure 2 port, which was a full HD remaster, got much better reviews).
    • By both critics and fans, the alternate gameplay styles have suffered from this both here and in future games. When the game was released, the alternate gameplay was praised for giving the game a sense of variety and using the stages to the fullest extent. In the years following, most people decry them as being unecessary and destroying the flow of the game, especially in regards to Big the Cat's slow paced fishing gameplay.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Tikal.
    • E-102 Gamma is also among the first and few supporting playable cast since the 3D era that rarely brings up bile.
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: At the end of Super Sonic's story in SA1, Tails says "all's well that ends well," even though all of Station Square had just been demolished and flooded by Perfect Chaos's rampage, and at least half of the population had to have been killed.
    • And in some way, Eggman becomes a Karma Houdini after having done the wrong to the city and its population and getting away scot-free, although getting the Egg Carrier II destroyed by Perfect Chaos arguably counts as karma.
  • Franchise Original Sin: This game was the start of many habits of future Sonic games, including the cliche of Sonic using the Chaos Emeralds as an Eleventh Hour power-up, as well as the cliche of Eggman being upstaged by a Monster of the Week that goes out of his control, and the presence of alternate gameplay styles.
  • Good Bad Bugs: Any person who competes on these games sure know how to abuse the bugs in the games. Casinopolis in 16 seconds sure stands out.
    • Up to Eleven: How about seven seconds?
    • Not to mention some glitches in the game that allow characters to enter usually inaccessable areas or play around with unused content in the game (there is a glitch method for nearly every character to get into Emerald Coast for example). Granted a lot of them have the potential of screwing up gameplay or save data.
    • Possibly not a bug, but if you use the Light Speed Attack when fighting Chaos 6 as Sonic, it'll do double the damage and you can beat the boss in under a minute.
    • It also works if you have the Fighting Gloves and use the Maximum Heat Knuckles Attack when playing as Knuckles.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: In Super Sonic's story, Perfect Chaos floods Station Square, leaving the city a destroyed mess, and no doubt drowning many people. Fast forward to 2004, and we have the Indain Ocean tsunami. One year later, and we have Hurricane Katrina completely flooding New Orleans and killing over 1800 people. Flash further forward, and you have the tsunami and earthquakes in Sendai, Japan. Then, a year after that, Hurricane Sandy in 2012 caused another disaster.
    • The intro depicts Perfect Chaos crashing through a skyscraper, and then 9/11 happened almost exactly two years after the game's release,
    • Also the fact that after you finish E-102 Gamma's storyline, he dies shortly afterward. This becomes worse when you realize that his English voice actor died shortly after this game was finished, and Sonic Adventure 2 had just been released.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: This game has a level named Lost World. Then 15 years later, we got Sonic Lost World.
    • Not only that, but the first section of the Windy Valley level is called Windy Hill, which is the first level of Lost World.
  • Inferred Holocaust: Station Square is completly destroyed in the final battle.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks: Sonic Adventure reviewed quite positively during its initial release on the Dreamcast, as did its sequel, and the Updated Re Release of said sequel for the Gamecube. Sega went ahead and similarly re-released Sonic Adventure as Sonic Adventure DX. Despite being a faithful port that significantly touched up the graphics, fixed a lot of the glitches, and added a whole new gameplay mode and bonus character, DX received middling-to-negative reviews from most gaming publications, often times scoring several points lower than the reviews of the Dreamcast version of the game by the same publication.
  • It Was His Sled: Chaos is a Tragic Monster and the true Big Bad. Also Gamma is Killed Off for Real.
  • Memetic Mutation: The game has spawned several memes in and out of the Sonic fan base, including:
    • ↑ & ↓ & ↻, thanks to the sampling in Speed Highway.
    • "You're gonna crash, ah!" note 
    • "Oh no", delivered in monotone by Sonic or Knuckles.
    • GET A LOAD OF THIS! note 
  • Moral Event Horizon: The Echidnas trampling and killing the poor chao standing in their way just to get to the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald. They didn't have qualms about taking down Tikal either (she wasn't killed though); even her FATHER Pachacamac didn't care, just as long as they seized the emeralds. This wasn't a very good idea.
  • Most Annoying Sound: "Get a load of- Get a load of- Get a load of this!"
    • "No way, I can't believe this!"
    • The moaning in the background music of the Mystic Ruins Adventure Field. Which you'll have to hear a lot of.
  • Narm: The facial expressions and mouth movement are fairly bad, making it impossible to take some scenes seriously.
  • Nausea Fuel: Failing to exit either pinball game in Casinopolis with more than 100 rings lands you in a sewer. Eww!
  • Nightmare Fuel: Chaos, in general. Especially when Knuckles is alone on the soon-to-crash Egg Carrier with Chaos 6.
    • Will you continue?
    • If you exploit a glitch that allows Knuckles to reach Sky Deck through the Egg Carrier's swimming pool, you'll enter his flackback with Tikal as normal, but there will be no dialog whatsoever. Even when you reach the area where the emerald shrine is on fire and Tikal and the chao are laying on the ground, no cutscene plays, making it seem as though they're all dead. The kicker? You're stuck here forever. If you quit the game and return to Knuckles' adventure, he'll still be there with nothing to do but watch the shrine burn endlessly. The only way to fix it is to start a completely new file.
  • The Scrappy: Big the Cat for a great many people, and not just because of his levels.
    • Base Breaker: Of course he has garnered a plausible fanbase over the years to balance it, especially following his cameos in the latter title below.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: While all of the 3D games have bits of this, SA1 has one of the most loathed in the form of Big the Cat's fishing stages. If you jiggle the control stick even slightly the wrong way, you don't get the fish on the hook, you move the line the wrong way, and you have to reel it in exactly right or it will just magically get off the hook, at minimum stress, when it's right next to you.
    • Hunting for Emerald shards is also well-hated.
  • Seinfeld Is Unfunny: Despite being one of the flagship games of the Sega Dreamcast and a critical darling when it first came out, many note that this game does not stack up well to its much better-designed successors in hindsight, which probably contributes to its Deader Than Disco status mentioned above.
    • As noted above in Franchise Original Sin, this game also introduced a lot of things that would become cliches in the series like Robotnik getting upstaged or the Chaos Emeralds being used as an eleventh hour power-up. At the time this was all fairly revolutionary for the games (Robotnik had never been eclipsed as a threat by another villain) at the time, but they got overused so much that it seems trite.
  • Sidetracked by the Gold Saucer: The Chao Gardens.
  • Suspiciously Similar Song: Casinopolis' main theme sounds very similar to "Changing Keys", the Wheel of Fortune theme song.
  • That One Side Quest: Try the Ski Slope Snowboarding missions (53 and 54) in the DX version's mission mode and you'll find it very hard to not go crazy trying to beat them. To add insult to injury, you risk running into a bug that crashes the game if you save mission 53 as your last one.
  • That One Level: Hot Shelter as Amy. It's not especially difficult, but it's like the level equivalent of Goddamned Bats: very long and full of annoying mechanics like doors you have to open by twizzling the analogue stick (which, if you have the PC version of SADX, means mashing the arrow keys in the correct order) and key hunts. Meanwhile the robot Zero is chasing you and putting you under constant pressure the whole time. No wonder the developers gave it an A-Rank time of 6 minutes 30 seconds...
    • Most of this is because Sonic generally visits the majority of any given stage, but Sonic never goes to Hot Shelter, so Amy gets the job of showing the level off instead. Amy's playstyle deals with slower gameplay than Sonic's does.
    • Some of Sonic's A-Rank levels are horrendous, and the first level (Emerald Coast) is a prime example. It's a fairly straightforward level to run through on the C and B levels (finish the level and finish with 50 rings, respectively). For the A-Rank, though, you have only two minutes, forcing one to spindash almost nonstop through the entire level while taking all of the stage's normal shortcuts (as in the ones the developers wanted you to take, not Game Breaker shortcuts found by speedrunners). It gets worse with levels like Red Mountain and Lost World, to name a few.
    • Big's A missions. Catch a 2000g fish and then catch froggy. It doesn't sound hard, but there's pretty much only one fish in each level that has this, and the fish you catch respawn. Doesn't help that no one likes Big's levels anyways.
  • The Woobie: Tikal.
  • Win Back the Crowd: Adventure was made as this to pull the Sonic series, and by proxy Sega themselves, out of the bad rut they had fallen into during the Sega Saturn years.

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