Interrupting Meme
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Knock Knock.

Who's there?

Interrupting Article.

A particular form of Memetic Mutation, generally taking the form of an article, video or similar, in which the subject at hand gets flipped, turned upside-down, so I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you how--, sorry. The subject at hand is overtaken by the meme, to the surprise and chagrin of the viewer. Sometimes these memes go as far as interrupting other memes. (One assumes that should any of these memes face off against each other, the universe would end.)

See also Bait and Switch. The original topic may be left with No Ending. If the original topic was boring anyway, the interruption may serve as a Drop the Cow moment. A bit related to Jump Scare, except the "jump" in this case is meant for humor, not horror.


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     Anime and Manga  

  • On the TV Tropes forum, any discussion can get derailed into an Evangelion discussion at any moment because EVANGELION DERAIL: This thread is now about Evangelion.
  • People referencing the second Darker Than Black opening will often UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ
  • When discussing Puella Magi Madoka Magica, you sh-*CHOMP*
    • And don't lose your head over it either, mmm'kay? /人 ◕ ‿‿ ◕ 人\
  • Kara no Kyoukai: Touko is a dirty red bitc
  • There's also Rozen Maiden which- DESU! DESU! DESU! DESU!
  • It's become a thing for fans of Jojos Bizarre Adventure to edit clips from other media so that suspenseful moments are interrupted by "Roundabout", in homage to that song being used as the closing theme for the anime adaptation of Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency (and always including sepia tone and a "To Be Continued" message).

     Card Games  

  • Magic: The Gathering:
    • Time Stop! note 
    • The Scornful Egotist is a creature spell that, despite its flagrantly bad effect, has gathered something of a ALL HAIL THE GREAT LORD EGOTIST.
  • Yu-Gi-Oh! interrupting me—"Not so fast! You've activated my trap card!"


  • Final Crisis: Due to The Anti-Life Equation running through all of humanity, some fans have beguALL IS ONE IN DARKSEID.


  • Superman Returns: Superman will nev-''WROOOOOONNNG!!!!''
  • Sometimes, when talking about Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, people tend tWE ARE SEX BOB-OMB, ONE TWO THREE FOUR!!!
  • It's more obscure, but The Terminator seriWHERE IS SARAH CONNOR
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show:
    • "I see you shiver with antici—SAY IT!—pation!"
    • At any place in any time, if any line in the "Time Warp" is sung, then everybody has to drop everything they're doing and "Let's do the Time Warp again!"
  • The much maligned horror film The Devil Inside has its infamous lack of en- The events of this entry have never been fully explained. Visit or more information on the ongoing investigation.
  • After the scene in Wreck-It Ralph where the audience learns the origin of the Arc Words "going Turbo" Explanation , animated pictures started popping up of Turbo interrupting other video games involving vehicles, driving by with his smug grin and his catch-phrase "Turbo-tastic!"


     Live-Action TV  


  • A Rickroll can occasionally take this form. This includes a certain Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade appearance.
  • As the current page image shows, the Kanye West "Imma let you finish" meme is sometimes used in this-Yo Troper! I'm real happy for ya, and imma let you finish, but this is one of the greatest pages of all time! ONE OF THE GREATEST PAGES OF ALL TIME!!!!-fashion.
  • Was (Not Was): Sometimes, people will start to write a post, but then their parents will open the door, get on the floor, everybody walk the dinosaur.
  • The Monster Mash is occasionally used as an alternative to the Bel-Air theme song.
  • Vanilla Ice: STOP! Collaborate and listen!'


  • Skilled players can invoke this in No Good Gofers any time they hit one of the—OW!note 

     Professional Wrestling  

  • Dwayne Johnson, as the The Rock, would often bait people by asking them: "What do you think of that?"
    • Well, I-
      • It doesn't MATTER what you think!!
  • After his debut in the WWE, Muhammad Hassan would often interrupt other wrestlers promos and whatnot, with his distinctive theme music. This spread to YTMND, and became what is now referred to as "Hassaning," where his music would oftAN ALIEN, ALIEN, ALIEN, ALAYLEE....
  • "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, also known as Stone WHAT Cold WHAT Steve '''WHAT''' Austin '''WHAT'''? Usually done by his fans when a rival talks trash about him. Hilariously transformed into a massive Take That by The Undertaker in this instance.
    • This eventually became a problem as audiences began interrupting any heel promo, drowning out the dialogue for home viewers. On the plus column, it started teaching wrestlers not to rely on the overdone "portentous statement followed by dramatic pause" style of promo delivery.
  • Number Four: "Chris Jericho's ARMBAR!"
  • X has just completed/defeated (insert REALLY difficult feat/opponent here) and is tired, exhausted, and badly beaten, savoring his hard-fought victory. ''You think you know me...'' * guitar riff* '''ON THIS DAY! I SEE CLEARLY! EVERYTHING HAS COME TO LIFE!'''
    Edge: [Running down the ramp with the Money In The Bank briefcase] I'M CASHING IT IN! I'M CASHING IT IN! RING THE DAMN BELL!
  • The Wyatt Family's entrance starts with a Jump Scare that blacks out the arena and bombards the TV viewer's screen with a quick jumble of disturbing images before they enter.
  • Actually, this happens fairly often. A guy's in the ring cutting a promo, only to be cut off by another wrestler's entrance music. (Especially effective if the wrestler's entrance music starts with an attention getting soundbyte, catchphrase, or Epic Riff.) The interrupted wrestler's reaction to this, depending on the context, can range from obvious annoyance to full-blown Oh Crap!. The resounding BONG and consequent darkness that preludes the entrance of The Undertaker being a prime example. This becomes hilarious in situations where a segment features multiple wrestlers (a build for a multi-man Elimination Chamber or Money In The Bank ladder match) where no one can finish a promo for all the entrance themes cutting them off mid-sentence.
  • This trope is the reason no ring announcer could ever finish introducing Bad News Br...—WHOA!! [starts the match before troper can finish]note 
  • There is one wrestler who's become famous for popping up just about anywhere... AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENA!

     Tabletop Games  

  • I was going on TV Tropes, thinking about how to add to the Warhammer 40,000 article, when suddenly I heard a rumbling sound. I looked around a bit, and concluded it must be coming from underneath the table my monitor was sitting on. I stood up and looked underneath the table, when, out of nowhere, a frakking Baneblade came out from under my computer, smashed it and the table, then shot up my modem and entire Chaos Space Marine army. How the hell did a 300 ton tank sneak underneath my computer? It would have to take some kind of tactical genius t- CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDDDDDDDDD!
    • It's also damn near impossible to discuss the Imperial Guard, and especially Commissars, witho-"HERESY!" *BLAM*
    • Squats (essentially Space Dwarves) are infamous among the fandom. It is alleged that Games Workshop employ assassins to make their removal from canon stick, and merely bringing up their name ca
    • There is an infamously terrible unit which shall not be named because otherwise you'll turn into one and being a Chaos Spawn suck-OH GOD I DIDN'T MENAW0RWHIOEFEFER9IGHERGVJKR
  • The Truly Immovable Rod from Dungeons and Dragons, which, when interpreted as a rod that stays immobile as the world rotates around it, would frequentl- *CLANG* WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?
    • Or, for the more extreme version, activating it leaves it motionless on a Universal scale. The *CLANG*, in that case, is when a space station collides with it.

     Video Games  

    Web Comics 

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

  • Futurama:
    • The series only featured THE HYPNOTOAD as a throwaway gag, but ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD
    • Those windmills will keep them coolWINDMILLS DO NOT WORK THAT WAY! GOOD NIGHT!
  • Anyone speaking of Freakazoid!'s Candle Jack is likely not to finish his sentence... Hey, whaddaya know, I'm perfectly fine.note 
  • If you've seen Up, then you probably— SQUIRREL!
  • The Simpsons: "So I says to Maybel, 'Maybel,' I says... hang on, I'll finish this later" [...] "So I says to Maybel..."
  • Family Guy:
  • Mega Man: Gutsman's Ass is everywhere! DUN-DUN!!!!
  • There was a minor Running Gag in Mission Hill about a guy who... Penis penis penis penis.
  • Thanks to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, any and all topics will be derailed when someone—and then I said, "Oatmeal, are you crazy?"
    • And then came the Sweetie Belle "Derelle", aptly nicknamed because AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA
    • Pinkie Pie often does this.
    • There's also that time New Zealand's listing for "Winter Wrap Up" was suddenly TWILIGHT SPARKLE.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender: Long ago, you could begin a long, sweeping tale of an epic legend in hushed tones and without interruption. Then one day, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked!
  • From the Bugs Bunny short "The Wild and Wooly Hare"!
    Yosemite Sam:...I'm the fastest gun north, south, east, AAAAAAAAAAND west of the Pecos! I'm the...
  • Maya & Miguel takes this to its "concluso más extrema en su" attempt to appeal to the viewers "bilingües Latinoamericanos" who often switch between "Inglés y" Spanish when they regularly "comunicar entre ellos, pero por último" just comes off as being annoying, especially since it usually plays this trope for "risas" at any "oportunidad" it gets.

     Real Life  

  • We'd talk about the vuvuzelas at World Cup 2010, but BZZZZBZZZZBZZZZBZZZZBZZZZBZZZBZZZZ
  • The ZX Spectrum USENET newsgroup often has particularly embarrassing statem3w587fuN^NO&*IULYBvilu£%b6viaby5i+++NO CARRIER+++
    • This is most certainly a remnant of the era of FidoNet and similar messaging networks, connected via BBSes before the advent of the Internet. Users usually connected to a BBS via a phone line (one phone line, one user) and they could usually write messages on forums directly on their terminal emulation software instead of using an off-line, separate program. When they were typing the message and the line got suddenly noisy, the software interpreted the line noise as random characters. The "NO CARRIER" was the standard modem response after an interrupted connection; whether the text ended being part of the message or not depended on the software, but it always appeared in the console of the interrupted user; hence the meme.
    • This was later picked up by Slashdot.
  • Attention Deficit Disorder, and the jokes about it like for example "They say I have ADD, but they don't understa—SQUIRREL!" and its varia—Ooh Shiny!.
  • This probably has happened to most people when they were kids.
    Kid 1: Knock Knock
    Kid 2: Who's There?
    Kid 1: Interrupting Cow.
    Kid 2: Interrupting Cow w—
    Kid 1: MOO!
  • Windows is known by many users for periodically having programs ha..........................tvtropes.exe has stopped working...
    • Android has similar issues with its soft—Unfortunately, TV Tropes has stopped.
  • Any and all TV broadcasts have been subject to this whenever a major or otherwise serious news event—"We interrupt our regularly scheduled trope entry to bring you this special report"..."This concludes our special report. We now resume our regularly scheduled trope entry."—occurs.
  • CONNELRAD and its successors, the Emergency Broadcast System, and the Emergency Alert System whenever they are tested. Originally occurring (usually) during commercial breaks, these days, the tests can happen at any...........*BZZZZZZZZZZ!* *BZZZZZZZZZZ!* *BZZZZZZZZZZ!*note  *A required weekly / monthly test of the Emergency Alert System has been issued for the following areas / counties [list of areas / counties is shown] until [cutoff time].*note  *BZZZ!" *BZZZ!* *BZZZ!*
  • Telemarketers may as well be...
    [phone rings]
    "Uh, hello?"
    "Hello! Is this the troper editing this entry?"
    "Uh, yes..."
    [hangs up phone]
    • ...examples.
    • Their spiritual predecessors...
    [doorbell rings]
    "Oh, I'll get it!"
    • ...door-to-door salespeoplenote .
  • George W. Bush is well-known for, among other things, one of the presidential debates he had with JohWell actually, he forgot Poland.
  • Many movie theaters will have a pre-screening short that looks like a dramatic, serene, or romantic scene out of some movie, only for the scene to be rui—(beepbeepbeepbeepbeep!) Please turn off your cellphones.
  • So you're just sitting on a plane flight relaxing with your seat belt unfastened and—(ding!) Ladies and gentlemen, the "fasten seat belt" sign has been switched on.
  • For a while, avast! Anti-Virus was infamous for its obnoxious update mess—(di-ding!) Virus database has been updated.
  • Anyone who breaks the law will be subject to this trope sooner or later once the police catch up to them. One of many instances is when the police spot the car they're dri—OKAY, BUDDY! PULL OVER!!note 

—ng Article who?