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Western Animation: Back at the Barnyard

Back at the Barnyard is a show from Nickelodeon. It started on October 8, 2007, and ended in June 2010. Based off the 2006 movie Barnyard which features the same characters though the series seems to ignore the events of the movie (and replaces one of them) for its own continuity. Created and animated by the same people as Jimmy Neutron, and the 25th member of the popular Nicktoons brand.

The story centers around Otis, the cow in charge of running the barn, though something of an Ensemble Cast provides enough chaos to keep a steady stream of entertainment flowing through 2 seasons of 52 episodes. Otis regularly deals with scams gone awry originating from his friends or (more commonly) himself. Other instances have him functioning throughout the human world incognito or dealing with the supposedly psychotic lady next door to the barn who knows they can talk and wants to expose them to the outside world.

Nickelodeon apparently didn't think the show was doing good enough for their standards, so they dropped it to Nicktoons Network during its run, where the remainder of the episodes were broadcast. While the show was getting good reviews, it never really became that popular, but it's safe to say that this show gave it its best.


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