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Fridge: Sonic 3 & Knuckles
  • If we skip to the final boss battle in Doomsday Zone, Sonic (as Super Sonic) is travelling at super speeds in raw space, against Robotnik's latest giant robotic, humanoid egg, right? Let's go back to the Hidden Palace zone, specifically the battle with Knuckles, look at the mural in the background. It's a blatant image that foreshadows the final boss battle, a rodent consumed by a golden aura, facing off against a giant mecha. Many people came to realize this more than most fridge examples on this wiki, but ask yourselves, how many of you were completely unaware of this, then later shat bricks when you realized it some time later? But that's not even the extent of it. It also potentially brings up more justification of why the Hidden Palace zone is REALLY HIDDEN inside/under a volcano, the powers within it, and what it's capable of foreseeing, perhaps it's protecting far more than just the chaos emeralds. - DC Horror
    • Connected, but for a different reason. After playing Sonic Chronicles, it occurred to me: it's not a prophecy, it's a history lesson. A ancient version of Super Sonic banished the Nocturnus Clan to the Twillight Cage.
      • Where did you get that idea? There is absolutely nothing in the games to support that.
    • Another interesting tidbit, notice the mural shows two forces fighting over the Master Emerald. Knuckles probably already knew about the mural as well. Now imagine Eggman showing up and looking like one of the two forces in the mural. Next he tells Knuckles about the other force. Knuckles was probably easier to trick because once he met Eggman, he misinterpreted the roles of the forces in the battle. In addition, the mural shows the Master Emerald in Eggman's hand. Knuckles probably interpreted this as Eggman protecting the Emerald from Sonic. —Emerald Wind
    • Also notice that the style of art and story the mural portrays is very similar to the mural in the museum in the game Megaman Legends. Both show a glowing blue hero fighting a giant robotic monster, which in both cases are foreshadowing the final boss. —Emerald Wind
    • The biggest bricks to be shat are when the player realizes that the mural is in fact a pretty neat Shout-Out to the prophecy from Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind.
  • Why does the level select music in Sonic 3 & Knuckles loop over and over to the point of annoyance? No Fair Cheating!
  • Launch Base Zone in Sonic 3 is much different from the other final levels in the series, not being a highly toxic nightmare and instead a sort of ruins/construction site thing. Why not a factory-like setting like Sonics 1 and 2? Because Robotnik's trying to prove he's a good guy to Knuckles. If he had built a huge toxic factory, Knuckles would obviously be pissed off at him.
    • Another suitable explanation would be that it's not a final level in the first place— remember, that game and Sonic and Knuckles are two halves of a whole.
  • In Sonic 2, all you had to do to become Super Sonic (after collecting all the Chaos Emeralds and 50 rings of course) was jump. Then Sonic 3 came around. In order to go super in that game you had to jump and then press the jump button while in mid-air. Why the change? Since Sonic 2 was the first time Sonic ever transformed, he probably couldn't control this new sudden burst of power so it easily overtook him. By the time Sonic 3 takes place, he's had some time to master his new form, and can now control when he becomes Super Sonic as shown in the game's intro. It makes perfect sense! - MPEFF
    • Except Sonic 3 takes place right after Sonic 2. Sonic trashes the Death Egg, it crashes into Angel Island, pushing it down into the ocean, Sonic and Tails go to check it out, you know the rest.
      • Perhaps he finally mastered it while he was falling from the atmosphere in Sonic 2's ending?
    • In addition, Knuckles never had the issue Sonic did when transforming in Sonic 2. Why? Knuckles is the guardian of the Master Emerald so he's been exposed to chaos energy for much longer than Sonic has. Of course he'd have better control over his super form than Sonic! - MPEFF
  • At the beginning of Sonic 3, Knuckles is able to hit Sonic even though he is in super mode and should therefore be invincible. This seems strange until you realise that you also start the stage with zero rings. Knuckles hit Sonic at the exact moment he ran out of rings and powered down from his super form! - Paralda
    • Nope. That would have killed him.
    • At the end of Sonic 2, Sonic stormed the Death Egg without rings and was still able to use his super form in the ending. This troper thought it was because, with all the threats gone, Sonic was only partially using the power of the emeralds and thus able to maintain the form without rings. He used his power of flight to re-enter the atmosphere and then his super-speed to reach Angel Island. The one power he wasn't using? INVINCIBLITY! Since he didn't have any rings and he wasn't invincible, he had his emeralds knocked out. This happens a second time in Sonic Adventure where Sonic or Tails gets the emeralds they were holding knocked out after another violent clash with Knuckles.-Ninetails2000
    • Don't forget that the echidna who cancelled the power of the Emeralds is the same echidna who's been around their power for his entire life.
      • Or Knuckles performed a simple, unseen Groin Attack.
      • It's very possible that he was using the Master Emerald's powers to cancel out Super Sonic. SA 2 showed that Knuckles can nullify the emeralds' energies with it, and heavily implied that he can also shrink the Master Emerald and carry it around.
  • In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, when you play as Knuckles in Carnival Night Zone act 2, did you notice how that level has no water while it does in Sonic's run through? Since Knuckles' game takes place after Sonic's, Angel Island is floating, thus the water Carnival Night Zone accumulated when the island hit the ocean has now drained away when the island moved off the ocean.
    • Likewise in Launch Base Zone act 2 - water doesn't appear unless you bust open the pipes.

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