Fridge / Martha Speaks

Fridge Brilliance
  • Want Martha to speak Spanish? Just feed her Mexican food! Presumably this also works for other languages, so give her Chinese food for Mandarin, Italian food for Italian, and maybe some of Gordon Ramsay's cooking if you want her to sound British.
    • That would probably result in something most unsuitable for children's television.
    • That isn't how it works. Martha can't speak American English because she eats American food. She can speak English because she eats English alphabet soup and she most likely speaks with American dialect and accent because that she eats it from American cans. If you want her to speak another language/dialect, you'd actually have to feed her... say... Spanish alphabet soup.
  • In "Virtually Martha", Martha dreams that she gets sucked into a computer. While "in the computer", she supposedly orders something online. In the end, the thing arrives, and you think it's an Or Was It a Dream? ending....until you realise that someone else could have ordered the steak and it got sent to the wrong address. After all, they didn't mention the names "Martha" or "Lorraine".
  • First you wonder how the letters could go into Martha's brain, but then maybe the physical letters themselves are not going into her brain so much as the data they carry, i.e. halfway down to Martha's stomach, her brain recognises the letters subconsciously or whatever. I dunno.
  • You wonder how exercise can decrease fitness in "Fit vs Fat", but then you realise that logic takes a break because it's All Just a Dream and the dreamer is a dog.
  • Skits left his stick at the farm and doesn't know how it could be under T.D.'s bed....but how are we to know it's that stick? It could be a whole nother stick.
  • Bob was bad but made a Heel–Face Turn when he gets called a good dog, however, he's treated as bad and acts bad later....because they went back to calling him a bad dog!

Fridge Logic