Fridge: Masters of the Universe

Fridge Brilliance
  • He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002) was a great reboot that made this old-time fan happy and I particularly liked the character of Prince Adam, who was much more developed and behaved like a spoiled teenager who had to become his world's version of Superman. He-Man, though... one could chalk up his Cape-like demeanor to a throwback to how he acted in the old series, puns and all, but it eventually hit me that it makes perfect sense for Adam to act that way since he's supposed to be a legendary hero: he's ''over-acting'' in universe! Why else would he dub the good guys "Masters of the Universe?" It sounds exactly like something a teenager would come up with for a garage band or something. One could even imagine that Adam read a lot of Eternian comics or the equivalent of them. They really did a good job on that series. - koolkame
  • One might wonder why the Sorceress never allows Teela to know her true origin, but in the 200X series after a serious injury Teela gets a transfusion from her mother and taps briefly into her latent powers. It takes Evil-Lyn less then a day to sense Teela's powers and use them against her. Letting Teela in on her secret would make her too vulnerable and if Skeletor learned of her destiny then she'd either be at the top of his kill list, since right now she's just an annoyance no more important than any other Master, or he'd find a way to control her and use her powers for himself.
  • Why was Adam allowed to become a lazy, spoiled idiot despite being the sole heir to the Eternian throne and neither of his parents approving of that attitude? Because his parents feel massively guilty over losing Adora and overcompensated pampering Adam and letting things slide when he ignored his responsabilities.
  • Ever get annoyed that no one can see through He-Man/Prince Adam's Paper-Thin Disguise? Just remember that Eternia is an alien world that wouldn't necessarily have all the same storytelling tropes that Earth does, so maybe he's the first person in their world to try Clark Kenting. The real brilliance comes in when you consider the fact that his mother, who was originally an American astronaut, recognizes him immediately: she grew up in a world where everyone knew the fictional story of Superman, so the change doesn't fool her at all; she just keeps quiet because she's proud of the good her son is doing.
  • This is probably a coincidence, but Prince Adam's name follows the classic Steven Ulysses Perhero naming scheme. In many languages, such as Hebrew and Turkish, "Adam" means "man", reflecting Adam's status as the first man in The Bible. What better name, then, for someone whose alter-ego's title affirms his masculinity?
  • The reason characters like Orko, Battle Cat and the lot weren't in the film? Listen closely near the begining, you'll hear one of the characters say that many of the Masters had been captured by Skeletor's forces, very clever writting!
    • Also before Skeletor kills Saurod, he says, "You are all aware of the penalty is for failure!" thus explaining why his usual minions such as Trap Jaw are also nowhere to be found.
    • Though the lack of usual minions can also be justified by having them stand guard over all the captured Masters.

Fridge Horror
  • Whenever Adam says By the Power of Grayskull!, his strength and fighting ability increase, and he also gains a physical resemblance to King Grayskull. This allows him to accomplish amazing feats... but then, there's Cringer. Several times, Cringer shows to be afraid of the transformation, as if he feared what comes after. But why should a sentient creature be afraid of turning into a badass version of itself? Well, what if Adam doesn't merely get the power of King Grayskull, but is actually a Willing Channeler, who allows himself to be possessed by the soul of King Grayskull, gaining Powers via Possession? This would mean that Adam, as He-Man, surrenders his free will and the control of his body to someone else. He feels his body moving by itself, and while King Grayskull fights effectively through his body, Adam has never any idea of what he is going to do next. He effectively becomes a meat puppet for the spirit of Grayskull, and since he remembers everything he does as He-Man, he is conscious and lucid through the whole ordeal. This is why Cringer is terrified of the transformation: because, whenever he turns into Battle Cat, he feels his body moving by itself too, and do things he would never even consider to do, which makes him feel pure terror the entire time he is transformed.
  • At the end of the film, the plucky teenage couple arrange to be returned to Earth a few years earlier, so the girl can save her parents from dying in a plane crash. Great! Happy ending! Except... they're trapped in their own past. They'll grow up and have to go through the whole nightmare again. In fact, worst case scenario, they've just trapped themselves in a time loop and will spend the rest of infinity constantly reliving those few years.
    • Not necessarily, Eternian magic can alter reality in which the heroes and the villains never came to Earth. And may have done the same with Detective Lubic. Plus, they didn't arrange to do it, it was Gwildor, who as inventor of the device would know how to do it correctly. Julie's very first action upon realizing what Gwildor did is to prevent her parents from getting on the plane. Their doesn't seem to be difficulty with changing the past.
    • I'm pretty sure (considering the fact that he wished to stay) Lubic was exempted from anything like that.
      • I mean that presumably with Eternian magic, no one would notice he's gone.

Fridge Logic
  • While not exactly horrible, correcting their past mistakes does toss the characters (and us) a Timey-Wimey Ball to unravel. What exactly does happen to Lubic now that the events that led up to his involvement in this whole battle have been altered and erased? Excising an entire life from the timeline without drastically altering the entire universe strikes me as extremely implausible. I figure there's a bit of reality-splitting here, and now in addition to the Lubic currently enjoying his retirement on Eternia, Earth will have an alternate Lubic who never gets to have that cushy retirement to Eternia with a lovely Eternian lady, but also never gets caught up in the battles between He-Man and Skeletor's forces which I presume he'd rather have avoided, so his life's a wash.
  • Randor, Man-At-Arms, Teela and Adam never heard about Christmas before the Christmas Special. One might wonder why Marlena never mentioned it before.