Funny / Masters of the Universe

The shows

The franchise as a whole

  • When the Classics line released an Orko figure, he was packaged front and center despite being much smaller and less articulated than any of the other figures - with a full-sized, fully-articulated Prince Adam figure listed as an "accessory".
  • Also in the Classics line: they released a boxset of Mo-Larr, Eternian Dentist, from Robot Chicken; complete with a Skeletor figure missing one of his teeth! And the back of the box referenced other parts of the sketch, like having Grizzlor with the drill stuck in his eye on the back, with tiny text saying "!$@-ing drill not included." And, the box itself comes with the chair and magazine Skeletor used in the sketch, and their bios on the back reference the later "Origin of Mo-Larr" sketch, with his real name being "Dr. Moe Larrstein"!
  • Skeletor and He-Man singing Jingle Bros.

The film

  • After the credits, there's a random explosion used as a scene transition—as in it dissolves to another scene after said explosion.
  • Gwildor ending up face down in a river when he arrives on Earth.
  • The group encounters a cow and declares it ugly, with a hideous cry. Gwildor tries to communicate with it.
  • Near the beginning He-Man suffers from a bad case of Comically Missing the Point.
    He-Man: When we find the Key, Gwildor will set the coordinates for Grayskull. We'll use the element of surprise...
    Man-At-Arms: Oh, sure! We'll drop right into the throne room, fight off two or three thousand of Skeletor's crack troops, break into the force field and free the Sorceress.
    He-Man: Right!
  • The Eternians sneaking around Earth at the beginning. They look hilariously out of place.
  • Teela, Man-at-Arms, and Gwildor all ending up at a fast food place—and Gwildor using a grappling hook to snag a bucket of ribs.
  • When we discover Teela and Gwildor are vegetarians.
    Man-At-Arms: Mmm... good food.
    Teela: I wonder why they put it on these little white sticks?
    Man-At-Arms: Those are rib bones.
    Teela: You mean this used to be an animal...?
    Man-At-Arms: Uh huh.
    Teela: Ugh! (tosses her rib bone aside) What a barbaric world...
    Gwildor: It tasted good...
  • Kevin deciding the Cosmic Key is a Japanese synthesizer and playing it as one. He gets his friend Charlie and Detective Lubic in on it.
  • After rescuing Julie, she and He-Man meet up with the other Eternians. And Teela can't help but quip about her.
    He-Man: Did you have any luck?
  • Gwildor driving a car and calling it a primitive land boat.
  • Evil-Lyn using a scanner to replay the fight between He-Man, Julie, and the mercenaries, then smugly commenting that Julie must have tipped the scales against them.
  • At one point, the police squad Lubic brought back with him has a lot of fun at his expense when he can't seem to locate the enormous army of intergalactic invaders he'd seen blasting away at the shop just a few minutes ago, much to his irritation. This gets even funnier when you realize his astonishment is perfectly justified—the bad guys really blew out of there in a hurry once they had what they'd come to get.
  • When Gwildor puts on all the Earth clothes he'd found to try and disguise himself.
    Gwildor: If we dress like this, no one will recognize us.
    Kevin: (freaked out by Gwildor's appearance) What the hell is that?!
    Gwildor: See! (chuckles)
  • When Evil-Lyn and her mercenaries localize the Key, which is in Kevin's hands just before Lubic confiscates it, Kevin is running a microwave. The mercenary believes that their signal is being jammed and Evil-Lyn orders him to send a counter-signal to destroy the source. The oven explodes, much to Kevin and Lubic's shock and bewilderment. You kind of have to see it for yourself to appreciate the sight gag...
    Soldier: "We're getting an interference. They're jamming the signal"
    Evil-Lyn: "Locate the source and destroy it."
    Soldier: "... it's difficult. Like nothing I've seen before."
    Evil-Lyn: (Dramatic close-up) "Destroy it. Now."
    Soldier: (Hits a button and the micro explodes. Difficult.)
  • One trooper stumbles and falls while trying to apprehend He-Man during the roof-top fight. The scene cuts to Skeletor making a reaction that screams Why am I paying these morons!?