Funny / She-Ra: Princess of Power

  • The episode where Hordak tries to scan Orko's mind is hilarious. Key word here being "tries". Words alone won't do it justice.
  • In the episode "The Eldritch Mist", Shadow Weaver and Castaspella have a brief duel of magic. Castaspella counters each of Shadow Weaver's spells and renders them colorful and harmless. The duel culminates with Shadow Weaver setting a monster on Casta, but it's transformed into a big, smiling teddy bear, which goes after Shadow Weaver and gives her a hug. Shadow Weaver is absolutely terrified.
  • In the episode "The Stone in the Sword", Adora (temporarily unable to become She-Ra) has to climb up Skydancer Mountain, while Kowl flies up beside her. After she almost loses her footing, Kowl delivers one of his best lines ever: "If you should fall, I'll keep you company all the way down." The dirty look Adora shoots him just makes it funnier.
  • In For Want of a Horse, it's Horde Prime's birthday:
    Hordak: But what do you get for someone who rules our whole galaxy? Someone who has two of everything? Two armies, two spacefleets—
    Shadow Weaver: Two heads.
    Hordak: [slouches even lower in his throne] I was trying not to think about that...
  • In "Into Etheria," after some Hordesmen arrive and hassle the locals:
    Adam: I don't like the looks of these guys.
    Cringer: Then do what I'm doing—don't look.
  • After She-Ra clobbers the Evil Warriors on her own and leaves Snake Mountain with He-Man:
    Teela: I don't believe it.
    Skeletor: Neither do I! A female He-Man? This is the worst day of my life!
  • Bow wearing a pink dress in "The Laughing Dragon." He doesn't even realize he's wearing it until the dragon compliments him on it!
    Adora: That's true, Bow, you never looked so lovely! (starts cracking up at the end)
  • In "King Miro's Journey" Miro wonders what his granddaughter looks like; cut to Adora wearing an empty Horde trooper helmet and asking, "Well, how do I look?" She's wearing it to help jog the memory of a bird.
  • In "Small Problems" Bow finds a Big Red Valve in a Horde factory that says, "Danger: Do Not Turn." If that's not an invitation...
    She-Ra: You didn't turn it, did you?
    Bow: Of course I did! (BOOM!)
  • "Loo-Kee Lends a Hand" has probably the greatest out-of-context Ho Yay moment ever:
    Skeletor: With this crystal I can create a portal right into Prince Adam's bedroom!
  • The entire episode of "Flowers for Hordak" is one hilarious moment after another. Once we see Perfuma dancing with a Hordesman it's pretty much non-stop hilarity.
  • In "Anchors Aloft, Part 2," Sea Hawk is forced to choose between going after gold thrown into the ocean or pursuing a villain to save She-Ra. He does the latter, which Adora later compliments as noble. It's at that moment that Hawk's first-mate surfaces from the water and reports that he found the gold... right where Hawk said he saw it fall.
    Hawk: Noble? Sure I'm noble, but I'm not stupid.
  • Skeletor doesn't like Spoo.