Funny / Sheep in the Big City

  • Every and anytime Sheep bleats.
  • The narrator loudly objects to the Downer Ending of "Going Off the Sheep End" ("That was the worst, most depressing ending I've ever seen!"). So much so, that he orders the writers to do it over and give Sheep a ridiculously happy ending where he loses his "freakishly huge" muscle-man body, Swanky takes him back, Lady Richington gets over her hatred of sheep, and Sheep wins "the big race".
  • The anchorman's reaction in Mistaken Identi-Sheep when he tells his assistant to roll the tape, only for a tape to roll across the desk.
    Anchorman: Take. The tape. and PUT IT IN THE PLAYER!!
    • Early in the episode, the Anchorman brings out an "expert" to review the security footage of the Strange Sheeplike Creature that robbed the supermarket. He claims it's made of metal and might be a football.
    Anchorman: long have you been an expert?
    Expert: How long you got?
    • Greedy Mcgreedygreed shows up and beats up Sheep with a bag of money twice in this episode because he thinks Sheep is the one who robbed his bank and his supermarket.
    • The Narrator realizing that Sheep is a sheeplike creature and thus a suspect.
    Narrator: What do you have to say for yourself?!
    Sheep: Baah...
    Narrator: You always say that!!
  • The mayoral election episode, where the anchorman and his female co-host are hilariously biased in favor of General Specific.
    • Sheep's press conference, which is held in a damp, badly lit basement and is only attended by a single reporter (who only showed up because Farmer John lied about there being free cookies).
    • This exchange:
    Reporter: Sheep, a question!
    Farmer John: The candiate wont be answering any questions.
    Reporter: Is the candidate afraid of the issues?
    Farmer John: No, he's a sheep, he cant talk.
    • Sheep spends his entire press conference trying to avoid the drip from a leaky pipe, which seems to move with him.
    • General Specific asks Lady Richington to stop doing her Evil Laugh because it's creeping him out.
    • General Specifics ridiculous campaign ad portraying him as a hard-working blue collar family man, none of which are the least bit true. He even gets his wife's name wrong in the ad.
    • The winner of the election? The Ham Sandwich. Turns out the voters were swayed by his promise of free mayonnaise for everyone (including the narrator).
  • The skit where minor character Buddy is running a campaign to be re-elected as the City Dog Catcher, and points out that his opponent is a literal ham sandwich. The Ham Sandwich then claims that he is not a ham sandwich, Not That There's Anything Wrong with That. He then claims that he's actually made of bologna, but is eaten by one of Buddy's dogs before he can say anything else.
    • Buddy appears in another ridiculous skit called "Tender Moments With Buddy".
    Buddy: What is love? My dictionary defines "love" as "two components interacting in a combustion engine" *beat* I have a very bad dictionary, and I apologize for that...
  • Most of the Oxymoron skits.
    • The Oxymoron Family Fun park that claims you choose your own experience. Which actually means it's just a muddy field full of garbage, where you're supposed to imagine yourself having fun. The best part is how the family they're filming are all into it, except the son who points out how ridiculous it is.
    • Oxymoron Batteries, which are pretty powerful but have the drawback of draining the life out of you and turning you into a zombie.
      Salesman: Oxymoron Batteriers, the batteries that last as long as you do!
  • The season 1 finale, just for how utterly bizarre it is, even compared to the rest of the show. It ends up turning into a Day in the Limelight for The Narrator who's drawn into the plot when he starts complaining about the overuse of the All Just a Dream Reset Button in the episode and is capped off with The Reveal that Sheep was the Big Bad of the series all along, can actually talk, and is planning to put the Narrator into his Narrator-powered Laser. None of this insanity is touched on at all when season 2 starts.
    • Private Public's dramatic confession during the climax. He's actually... French!!
    • Sheep and Swanky elope together during Lady Richington's nightmare, much to her distress. When she tries calling General Specific for help, it turns out Sheep invited them to the wedding so they won't help either. The look on Richington's face is priceless. Not to mention her dialogue when she arrives too late to stop the wedding.
      Richington: Please, at least let that sheep be Episcopalian!
    • Not to mention the priests wedding speech.
      Priest: Dearly assembled, we're gathered here today to annoy Lady Richington...
    • The "Texan Texas Tex: The Most Texan Guy In all Of Vermont" interlude, a cowboy hero story which is interrupted by the narrator when it becomes too nonsensical.
    • "Tanya, the Super-Model", a skit about a superpowered model.