Funny / Shaun the Sheep

  • The fox nonchalantly riding the bus with his groceries.
  • The Dalek in "Party Animals".
  • The 3DS exclusive short with Shaun playing Mario and moving about the farm like it was a level in the game.
  • Mos of Timmy In A Tizzy. It totally reaches its peak when the Farmer takes Timmy's bear away, which leads to this exchange:
    Timmy: AAAAAAAH! AAAAAH!!!(His mom gives him his Binky)
    • (Beat)
      Timmy: AAAAAAH!!!

The Movie

  • The Hannibal Lecter cat in the animal pound.
  • The staring dog at the pound. During the credits it's revealed that it was a cardboard cutout all along, hiding an escape tunnel.
  • The montage of the Farmer/Mr. X becoming famous starts with a Split Screen of people posting about him on their mobile devices, the last of which is still buffering, even as its user shakes it in frustration.
  • Bitzer, while passing himself off as a surgeon, nearly throwing up as he looks at the patient's photos.
  • The entire restaurant scene. Highlights include:
    • One of the sheep starts eating the menu before they find out they're supposed to read it. When he does, it has a huge hole where he bit it.
    • The sheep copying the celebrity in order to pass themselves as people. It goes fine until the celebrity accidentally drops his fork and the sheep drop theirs, with Shaun reacting with a Face Palm. And then the celebrity burps...
    • Timmy sneaking over to the dessert tray. Shaun beckons him to come back, and Timmy takes it as Shaun pointing at which cake to eat.
    • The lobsters fist bumping after one of them pinches a woman on the butt.