Trivia / Sheep in the Big City

  • Hey, It's That Voice!:
    • Private Public's dad is Floyd Pepper, though Jerry Nelson was perhaps better known to general audiences as The Count.
    • Lady Richington and Lisa Rentel are the original Kate Monster.
    • Angry Scientist, the announcer who reads chapter titles, and Harry are the creator of this show.
    • General Specific and Sheep are both played by former MTV VJ Kevin Seal.
    • Ruth Buzzi of Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In fame plays Lady Richington in the pilot, and a few characters (namely Wendy) in some episodes.
    • Muppet fans may also recognize other random characters (such as General Lee Outrageous and Count D'Ten) voiced by Joey Mazzarino.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: There are no DVDs, and the first season was taken off iTunes for reasons unknown to man. The only releases of the show was the pilot as a bonus on a The Powerpuff Girls VHS "Dream Scheme" and the The Powerpuff Girls DVD "Powerpuff Bluff". A shame, too, because it, at the time, had the highest ever rated premiere for a Cartoon Network series and, compared to Time Squad and Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?, this show was the more enjoyable of the three. The show can be torrented, however, and episodes are being circulated on lesser-known video sites such as Dailymotion.
  • Screwed by the Network: The first five episodes of season 1 were shown in the fall of 2000, while episodes 6 and 7 were broadcast in January 2001. However, episodes 8 and 9 were held back into March of 2001. However, the last four episodes of Season 1 never managed to air until the summer of 2001 on Sunday evenings, and then was initially cancelled after the first season ended on July 29, 2001. However, due to popular request, a second season was ordered, which began on December 2, 2001. The first four episodes aired over December 2001 in the same time slot as late season 1. However, the show went on yet another hiatus in January 2002, and the last nine episodes were burned out in the winter of 2002 with a time slot of Sunday night at 7 PM, when the target audience is usually not watching TV or doing homework. The show finally ended for good on April 12, 2002 after 26 episodes and 2 seasons. Reruns lasted until the mid 2000s when the show was taken off the air for good and off the Cartoon Network main sitepage.