Funny / The Master of Disguise

Let's face it: for such a terrible film, it has moments that at the very least made you chuckle. Just a bit.

  • Unfortunately spoiled in the trailer, this exchange:
    [Pistachio is bald and wearing a huge, padded, rotund green suit]
    Maitre'D: Are you members?
    Pistachio: Not exactly, but... am I not turtley enough for the Turtle Club? Turtle! Turtle!
    Maitre'D:...Is he okay?
  • The scene in the movie when the villain laughs and then farts just out of no-where. Admit it, you smirked. This becomes a Running Gag. At one point, the villain gets through a laughing fit but doesn't fart. He's perplexed, then relieved at the lack of it, and begins to talk again, only to fart as soon as he opens his mouth.
    • Also, music is playing during the scene—it stops just as he farts.
  • Pistachio's training against the robotic slapping dummy carries at least one funny moment, when his family's usual threat of "Who's your daddy?" backfires on him and the dummy malfunctions to the tune of "I'm your daddy! I'm your daddy!" as it fights back and wins easily...
    • ...but the real payoff comes after the credits, when after spending so much of the movie at the dummy's mercy, Pistachio somehow discovers the real "Slapping-Dummy Man" controlling the robot from the inside. Hilarity Ensues.
    • Another funny scene involving the dummy has it continuously pulling down his pants as he tries to hit on Jennifer, even making laughing noises at him ("HA HA! HO HO! HEE HEE!")
  • During the end credits, in one outtake, Brent Spiner looks at the camera with the expression of "Why, why, why did I agree to be in this shit?!" It's not ironic, but genuine.
  • Here's one very hilarious gem for such a flop of a film. When Pistachio (disguised as Britishman Terry Suave) first confront Bowman.
    Devlin Bowman: I think it's time for you to go.
    Pistachio Disguisey: I think it's time for you to put a squeeze on your chat box.
    Devlin Bowman: What?
    Pistachio Disguisey: [making talking gesture with hand] This is what you're doing. [closes hand] This is what I want you to do. Any questions?
    Devlin Bowman: Did you just tell me to shut up?!
    Pistachio Disguisey: Yes. You catch on straight away!
  • Pistachio discovering that his home has been ransacked and his parents kidnapped, prompting him to call the cops:
    Pistachio: Hello? Police? My home! It is full of ransackery! And my name is Pistachio! And Mama's cannoli is here! (Holds phone up to cannoli)
    Dispatcher: Don't call again. (Hangs up)