Trivia: Masters of the Universe

The Franchise
  • Retroactive Recognition: Late into the line's lifespan, Mattel held a contest for fans to design their own character, which they would then make into an official action figure (the plan never came through). The winner was Nathan Bitner, who grew up to design characters for the Halo series.
  • Saved from Development Hell: The winning character design from the contest mentioned above was never made for unknown reasons, though Mattel came through with every other promised prize. Finally the character, Fearless Photog, was made as part of the Classics line for the 30th anniversary of the franchise.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • There were plans for a prequel to both MotU and She-Ra featuring an ancestor of the main characters, He-Ro. Yeah, those never saw the light of day, but He-Ro has recently been released as part of the MotU Classics toyline.
    • Similarly, Vikor, He-Man of the North, is a MOTU classics figure based on the earliest stage of what would become He-Man's design.
    • The Monogram figure kit line was almost cancelled in favor of another project (which didn't itself see the light of day): a 1/25 scale Dodge Diplomat police car.
      • There was to be a sequel series called He-Ro Son of He-Man, featuring He-Man's adopted son, but nothing came of it.

The film