Creator: Kenner

Kenner Products was a toy company that was formed in 1947 and absorbed by its eventual owner, Hasbro, in The Nineties. During its 50+ years of existence, Kenner became one of the leading toy manufacturers in the world.

Kenner first became famous for successful toy lines such as Easy Bake Oven, Give-a-Show Projector and Spirograph. In The Seventies, it got into licensed action figures with The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman. Both lines did well, but they were mere preludes for the franchise that really made Kenner: Star Wars, an unexpected smash hit that propelled Kenner into the front ranks of the toy industry. Star Wars' blockbuster success enabled Kenner to get more big licenses, such as DC Comics and Indiana Jones. The firm's later successes included The Real Ghostbusters, Gargoyles and Jurassic Park.

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