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The trapdoor Skeletor made Beast Man fall through in "Prince Adam no More" was installed by Hordak
In He-Man and the Masters of the Universe episode "Prince Adam no More" featured Skeletor opening a trapdoor under Beast Man. The She-Ra series later established Hordak as someone who previously operated from Snake Mountain and has the habit of making subordinates fall through trap doors.
Eternia much later becomes Takatis from Takatis and Hurrican.
The first phase of the final boss in Hurrican is called Skeletor, that's why I'm wondering. However, he's probably not the same as Dr. Geno X, because what's presumably Dr. Geno X in the previous Takatis is a Brain in a Jar about the size of The Wall, the real final boss of Hurrican. Here's how I imagine it went:
  • In a time when He-Man was a distant legend even then fading into myth, and Skeletor was fading into obscurity and impotence on the far side of Eternia, on a distant planet, great astronomers discovered Eternia and Etheria and named the former Takatis and the latter Donais. Once more was known about Takatis, a respected scientist from the distant planet named Dr. Geno X set out for the planet. He began to set up a colony on the far side of Takatis, and the colony developed ties with Earth. But eventually, Dr. Geno X discovered what remained of Skeletor's keep and found Skeletor dying within. Dr. Geno X resuscitated Skeletor with his evil science, and Skeletor became faithful to him. However, Skeletor's evil corrupted Dr. Geno X, turning him into an evil mad scientist and the colonists into monsters.
  • About 30 years after Dr. Geno X was last heard from on Earth, a group of invaders came from Takatis to Earth. The Earth defence forces fought them off. (Space Invasion)
  • Five years later, Earth had mounted an invasion force to destroy Dr. Geno X's armies, and launched them at Takatis. They seemed to destroy Dr. Geno X. (Takatis) Then, the Earthlings found some descendants of He-Man and saw their power in fighting Dr. Geno X and titled them "Hurricans."
  • About 85 years after that, Earth was invaded out of nowhere by forces from Takatis. Dr. Geno X had been resurrected by Skeletor, whom Dr. Geno X had hidden away to avoid him taking over and who had escaped once all of Dr. Geno X's security systems went down. An expedition led by the current Hurrican destroyed Skeletor and Dr. Geno X together. (Hurrican)
The next cartoon will be CGI

With the success of the latest TMNT cartoon and Transformers Prime, it could be He-Man's time to make the leap to CGI. The series itself could, like the aforementioned TMNT show, do an Adaptation Distillation of the two previous cartoons with minor and major changes like Gender Flip, Race Lift and Cerebus Roller Coaster.
  • I would watch it.

Eternia is the homeworld of Sailor Galaxia, many centuries after she left
Would explain the Schizo Tech and use of magic: left-overs from the ancient times and the remains of what survived Galaxia getting fed over with the society before she left.

And they'll better hope Marlena's people won't find her, otherwise they're in for Exterminatus. To boot, Skeletor is a Dark Eldar Archon trying to use the world for his own sick amusement. I mean, he rides around in a Ravager, he wields an Agonizer, he sends Hellions after Man-At-Arms and He-Man... He's even got Evil-Lyn as his court Lhamean!

Ram-Man is Dumb Muscle because he used to not wear an helmet
Seriously, he fights by hitting enemies with headbutts...

Gorpo is the name of Orko's father.
When the 1983 series was being made, Orko was originally going to be called Gorpo, but because the show has Limited Animation, a backwards "G" would be immediately noticeable (unlike the letter "O", which is the same forwards and backwards). It could be said in-universe that Gorpo was his father's name, and that Orko was going to be "Gorpo Jr." at first, but decided to name him something original. In fact...
In-universe, Orko was partially named after his Uncle Montork.