Fridge / Megas XLR

Fridge Brilliance
  • The post-series of Megas XLR reveal that Coop would accidentally bring about the creation of the Glorfft was funny in the Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! humor of the series, but holy freaking cow, it explains why the Glorfft can't beat Coop even when they had him dead for rights: the whole series is a Stable Time Loop. The Glorfft can't destroy Coop because without him they wouldn't have been created. And without the Glorfft, MEGAS would never have been built, Kiva would never have stole it and sent it back in time, Coop's not having MEGAS would mean the Glorfft would never exist and... and... I need to sit down. That's why Coop and friends always survive through luck and Contrived Coincidence, time itself will not let them lose without causing a paradox. Who knew that a Deconstructive Parody could be so effing brilliant. - koolkame
  • Kiva's strange descriptions of the future. One of the best examples is this statement:
    Coop: Apparently you never had a slushie. What do you use to cool off in the future.
    Kiva: *frowns and looks slightly confused* A ration packet of electrolytic hydrating fluid.
    Coop: *Beat* That is one bleak future you come from.
    • You understand why Kiva's future sounds so boring when you think about it. In the future, humanity has been effectively conquered. They already had a battle called, "The Last Stand". They have to be an collapsing civilization maybe with an exile government. They don't have the time or resources to get resources and most of the people are either military or already under Glorfft control. She even lampshades it in the next episode.
  • Kiva's tan getting lighter while on Earth. In space, there is more UV rays and people may have cured cancer, making blocking it a non-concern.
  • In "Breakout" we're informed that Grrkek has been imprisoned for nearly 2 trillion years. Our universe is only 14 billion years old. To put that in perspective, that means Grrkek has been imprisoned nearly 143 times the age of our universe. Meaning he may well have come from a different universe. Which is why he was so easily stopped by a large quantity of water. Different universes means the potential for entirely different laws of physics from the ones he was accustomed to.
  • Evil Coop's version of MEGAS puts up a much better fight than Coop's version did, well enough for Coop to match his counterpart's much more advanced model blow-for-blow during their rematch. Well, one of the running hiccups our heroes keep running into is most of MEGAS' tech hasn't been invented yet, so they have to scramble for parts and improvise repairs any time something breaks. When Evil Coop destroyed his universe's Glorft, he gave Kiva and himself a surplus of spare parts and technologies to repair MEGAS with.

Fridge Logic
  • In eighth episode, Jamie gets a date with a girl who is supposedly from Jersey City or recently moved there. When Jamie tells her casually that he gets into fights with aliens and death machines, she looks at him confused and slightly concerned. Jersey City is destroyed on a regular basis and episodes are any where from a few minutes to a month apart in universe. How is the Megas and the alien invaders not common knowledge by now? Yeah it's a comedy, but it's not like we never see characters who are serious or who have noticed the monsters all the time (like the kid that thinks everything is "cool").
  • In the sixth episode of season two, Coop shifts his car from park, goes through R-D-1-2 (apparently, there is no neutral until the next episode), and lands on "Space". If you were paying attention throughout the series, you should know that Coop's car normally has a manual transmission. On top of that, he can be seen using the usual stick shifter later in the episode, meaning his car has both an automatic transmission and a manual transmission installed simultaneously.
    • Clearly, the stick shifter was reconfigured to control weapons systems, while the automatic transmission controls flight operations. Duh.
    • The first episode actually has a wide shot of the car's interior (shown when Coop and Jamie first get into it), and there are at least two shift levers (one with the 8-ball Coop's always shown using, and another with a chrome-skull shift knob). Of course, MEGAS's controls constantly change as Rule of Funny demands it, so this can hardly be taken as proof of anything.
  • The New Jersey transportation authorities must have been Crazy-Prepared for some nutball with an 80-foot-tall Humongous Mecha from the future if they were able to produce the equipment to boot and tow MEGAS just months after Coop started driving it.