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Fridge: South Park

Fridge Brilliance

  • "Tsst" was really very clever. Take into account that by that point the writers admitted Cartman had become a kind of sub-human monster. They couldn't top him any more, so they took him back down. The Super-Nannies treated him as a normal child, but of course Cartman has become like a hybrid of Adolf Hitler and Skeletor in the later episodes (the early ones, he was just a bratty fat kid who used whining and begging to make his mom do what he wants, not unlike how most kids are these days). Treating him as a child didn't work as he saw it as insulting to his intelligence. Cartman knows that a lot of people don't like him and he doesn't particuarly care most of the time. Being friendly is a sign of weakness, punishments are just another way of saying he's done something that bothers you. The answer? Bring in a dog trainer who gives him a taste of what it's like to be treated as less than human. If you refuse to act like a human being, you can't expect to be treated like one.
    • The Altered States part at the end jokes that for a while it's been some sort of sick demonic force controlling Cartman, rather than him. Oh, he's still spoiled and selfish and a Jerk Ass afterwards because Status Quo Is God, but most of his episodes after that have used his leadership abilities slightly more humanely - patrolling the halls like a mercenary cop, manipulating kids into giving him blood samples to test for nits, saving the World of Warcraft from a jerk, helping Mexican kids get into college by teaching them that cheating isn't so bad. Good deeds are now an option for his character, as well as selfish ones.
      • There's an episode of Angel where Angel and his crew investigate what appears to be a demon possessing a little boy, only to discover once they've exorcised the demon that the little boy was evil and sociopathic anyway. Similarly, even if Cartman was possessed by a demon, there's nothing to suggest he wasn't a complete Jerkass to begin with.
    • Watch him insulting Nanny Stella. She's not angry at him for insulting her fertility or looks. Some women love kids but don't want to have them. But those are some seriously cruel words, right when she thought she was getting somewhere. He insulted her ability to judge and rehabilitate children. Doubtless a woman that plain has had a lot of insults about her appearance, but she prides herself on her job, and Cartman just showed her that she completely misjudged him. And worst of all, she knows that was his goal.
  • Some Fridge Logic adds more Ho Yay between Stan and Kyle. During "The Jeffersons", when Stan hears a knock on his window, he says "Kyle?". Then, in "Crack Baby Athletic Association", Stan wakes up comepletely unfased by Kyle in his room. That's right. Stan's used to Kyle randomly coming to his room at night.
    • Maybe they've snuck over to each other's houses to hang out against their parents orders. They are kids and best friends, after all.
  • "Tonsil Trouble" (the AIDS episode) makes a lot more sense if you view it in the context of other South Park episodes (particularly Ginger Kids). In many of those episodes, Cartman acts insensitively and so Kyle (and sometimes Stan) try to force him to "walk a mile in someone else's shoes", and it always backfires horribly. In this episode, it's reversed: Kyle acts insensitively towards Cartman for having AIDS, so Cartman gives him AIDS to give him some perspective. Cartman not just giving Kyle perspective on AIDS, he's also giving Kyle perspective on trying to teach him lessons! - Unknown Troper
    • He acts insensitively most likely because of Cartman's OWN lack of recognition of his own lack of sensitivity. Cartman infecting Kyle isn't just his usual Pay Evil unto Evil mentality, but also another in a series of Moral Event Horizon crossing acts. - azul120
    • Also consider how many times through the seasons that Cartman wishes or threatens AIDS on Kyle... Stan even lampshades that Kyle finds it funny because of the irony.
  • Watching "Super Fun Time", I realized something. Why we still find Kenny pretty cool even though he's not dying all the time. It's because he's still getting into these situations. In "Super Fun Time" he's dragged out in front of everybody and has a gun put to his head, and his life threatened. And he's terrified. The old Kenny would have been killed for sure. It's funny because he's not shot, even though we know he's just the person to be shot. But we watch closely to see if this time it does happen. Because it does still happen.
    • Which is even more hilarious, because everyone is terrified for him, and afraid of his death, except us! We know that Kenny is immortal, and that he's the worst person to take hostage, which made the entire scene utterly hilarious for me.
    • Also he's still a little pervert so thanks to help we get episodes like "Major Boobage".
  • Cartman might've gotten his wish in Cartoon Wars. They never did find the manatee ball that he removed. So, given that possibility, Family Guy was cancelled in the South Park universe.
    • The gang did briefly watch an airing of Family Guy in "Canada on Strike", though that could have been a re-run.
  • In The Coon/Cthulhu/Mysterion Saga, Cthulhu is animated with advanced computer animation in contrast to everyone else, who look like shitty little construction paper. While at first this may appear to just be another parody of the shows animation like the way Mecha Streisand was animated in "201", it can also be interpreted as illustrating how otherworldly Cthulhu is. The original stories of H.P. Lovecraft like "Call of Cthulhu" would go into great detail about how hideous Cthulhu was in his appearance, being so alien he drives men mad when they look at him. Having three dimensions and a more detailed body may just be the way his appearance manifests in the South Park universe.
  • Kenny has, on several occasions, died due to engaging in self-destructive or self-sacrificial behavior. He electrocuted himself to restore power to a hospital. He cracked his head open to release Moses from a conch shell. He willingly contracted syphilis getting a BJ from a girl. He heard about autoerotic asphyxiation and immediately decided to try it, even knowing it would kill him. He's gotten addicted to cat pee and eaten horrific things for money. All of this behavior suddenly makes a lot more sense after the Coon trilogy, where he reveals that he knows about all his deaths and resurrections, and thus, has no reason to fear death (well, other than the pain involved).
    • In "Going Native", well after the reason for Kenny's returns has been canonised, he's washed down a waterfall in Hawaii. But he tries not to be washed down it, just the same. Later he washes up on a riverbank, rather than out of his mom's vagina. So he knows that sometimes he does survive, and hell but it must hurt.
  • In "Kenny Dies", the Make-a-Wish foundation asks Kenny what he'd like, and he says "To not die." At first this makes little sense in hindsight since Kenny knows he'll just come back eventually after this death, but maybe what he really wants is to not die, ever again - not just this one time.

  • This one didn't occur to me until I watched the end of "The Ring". Noticing how extravagant Kenny's funeral looked reminded me of other funerals in his past ("Kenny Dies", "Spontaneous Combustion", etc.) you might think, "How could his family possibly pay for all of these services and burials when his deaths keep happening over and over again?" Well, the Mc Cormick family is broke, aren't they? Couldn't (at least one of) the reasons they remain so poor is because they have to continue to pay for all of these funeral expenses?
    • Maybe they have life-insurance on him? They get it paid up fast, he gets reborn, people forget and they take it out again. Of course, funerals are expensive, so every funeral eats it up again. That's why his parents are so miserable when he dies.

  • In the episode "Underpants gnomes" Tweak's parents give him coffee but say that isn't the cause of his hyperactivity because Tweak has ADHD then I understood what they were doing when this troper's brother was diagnosed with ADHD and the doctor said stimulants can actually relieve the effects of ADHD. Tweaks parents are medicating him without meds.
    • So why is Tweak still shaky and jittery if he's drinking coffee to cure his ADHD? Maybe he's drinking too much?
    • The game revealed that the coffee has cocaine in it.
      • The coffee was actually brewed by methheads at Kenny's garage, implying the coffee Tweek drinks has meth in it. Doubles as ultimate Fridge Horror.
    • At the same time, odds are he probably did have ADHD or ADD (he does have some symptoms that suggest that) but jitteriness, paranoia, stress, and insomnia is caused by the drugs and the addiction thereof, which would make that Fridge Horror, especially if you think that his parents knew this and did it anyway.

  • South Park in general for me. It seemed like it was just trying to be as offensive as possible for no reason at all... then I got old enough to understand and appreciate the satire and social commentary. Today it's one of my favorite shows. -Zanreo
    • It WAS trying to be like that in the first few seasons.
  • As mentioned in "T.M.I.", the smaller a person's penis is, the angrier they are. Cartman proved to have the smallest one.
    • That was the point.
    • Yeah, but even when average penis lengths were shortened, he still has a short penis.
      • Again, that's the joke.
    • Osama Bin Laden was revealed to have a microscopic penis in an earlier episode. Also take into account that the Japanese kept talking about their tiny penises in the Chinpokomon episode and their murderous vendetta that's been going on since WWII.
  • In "Cartmanland" Cartman makes an offhand mention to the fact that "[Kenny] dies all the time." thereby making it seem like Cartman is aware of Kenny's deaths. But then the Mysterion saga states that nobody remembers his deaths, going as far back as to blank their memories of him telling them that he dies all the time. Negative Continuity maybe? At the end of the saga his parents seem to have an awareness of this happening so it could be that a select few people are aware and Kenny doesn't know about this. Later, after Kenny kills himself in the alternate dimension to stop Cthulhu, none of the other heroes even wonders how Kenny got out of the universe they were all trapped in. My conclusion was that his resurrection blanked their memories all the way back to the point where he was sent there with them, but it didn't affect Cartman because he was completely aware of the fact that he had sent them there.
    • In the first Spirit of Chrismas Cartman dies too but comes back. Maybe Cartman have the same power as Kenny? That will probably explan why he is aware of Kenny coming back from the deaths.
    • Actually, they all had said that Mysterion ran away before they were sent to Cthulu's universe. Even though he killed himself when he was there, they don't remember him getting sent there with everyone else.
      • That means that everyone else thought he ran away, but Cartman says he sent Kenny to the AU when Kenny goes to confront him.
      • If we also take into consideration that Cartman is aware of Kenny's canonical deaths, that would add a whole new layer of extra depth to their rivalry as The Coon & Mysterion, which must say something about Cartman himself. If you think about it, this dynamic makes a lot of sense. Cartman and Kenny heavily reflect the basic traits of the Hero/Villain relationship, especially the concept that each of them is the exact opposite of the other but are still friends. -Rocky Samson
    • At the end of Ep03S03 "Succubus" Cartman uses Kenny's eyes for a transplant in order to fix his deteriorating eyesight. It could be that this is what later enabled Cartman to remember Kenny's deaths. Also, what's even more strange is that the surgery itself is not only possible, but also quite common as the cornea, the only transplantable part of the eyeball, is also the part responsible for most cases of bad eyesight.
      • What about the time when Cartman drank Kenny's ashes?
    • Another theory is that the boys only acknowledge Kenny's recurring deaths while he's dead.
  • Cartman wasn't around for any of Kenny's immortal angst. It is possible that Cartman is the only one of the boys that is aware of Kenny's deaths, but is just too selfish to care.
    • This is further magnified in the second season episode "Flashbacks". Cartman addresses an instance in which Kenny was previously crushed by a motorcycle, only to have the 'false' memory shot down by Stan and Kyle, who insist that Kenny was just killed by a monster earlier in the episode. "Kenny just died eight hours ago from that monster! How could he have died back then, too?" Cartman decides they must be right, and drops it.
      • That episode turned out to be all of Stan's dream. This could still count but it's unclear.
    • Fridge Brilliance layered upon more Fridge Brilliance if you take into account the season 4 episode, "Best Friends Forever." After eight years, the South Park creators finally gave us a solid reason WHY Cartman was Kenny's BFF: because he remembers the most important thing about him!!! -Calchexas
      • Cartman has been possessed by a demonic spirit a la Altered States... maybe that's how he remembers...
  • On the subject of the other three boys awareness of Kenny's deaths, it may be possible that because they spend so much time with him, whatever dark magic was used to make Kenny immortal loses it's influence on them from time to time. It would explain why sometimes the boys are horrified, but other times are very nonchalant about it.
  • A meta example for Stan Marsh. Several episodes such as Chef Aid, Guitar Queer-O, and Butterballs displays Hidden Depths of him being musically talented. This makes sense because Stan is based on Trey Parker, who earned a music major in college!
  • There is an episode where Stan is worried Kyle is going to die and mentions aloud that he can't handle this. Kenny then makes angry eyes at Stan, further proving that Kenny remembers his own deaths (can't remember which episode this was but it is NOT Cartmanland). Also- the first Christmas special, Kenny knowing he's supposed to die and the celebration at the end when he doesn't. Finally it makes sense!
    • "Cherokee Hair Tampons" and "Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo" (in that order).
  • The parody of Inception was based on a College Humor parody, so that it means it's a parody of a parody, which really fits.
  • Just a bit of Hilarious in Hindsight, for those keeping track: In Christian Rock Hard, a off-hand comment Token makes about Cartman's weight, provokes Cartman to quietly whisper under his breath: "I'm going to kill you one day, Token." Ten seasons later, in World War Zimmerman, his motives are different, but Cartman finally (and nearly) makes good on just that promise.
  • When Kenny dies, Stan, Kyle and Eric replace him first with Butters, then with Tweek. But why? It's simple: hair colors. Stan is black-haired, Kyle is redhead and Cartman is brunette. Kenny, Butters and Tweek are all blondes.
    • All three are voiced by Matt Stone as well, thus making two of the kids voiced by Trey Parker and the other two Matt Stone, no matter the combination.
  • Although it showed it in the most Mind Screw-y way possible, the episode "1%" was actually a huge moment of Character Development for Cartman. After everyone spends the entire episode trying to find out who is murdering Cartman's stuffed animals one by one, it turns out to be... Polly Prissypants. But wait, it gets better. The doll isn't sentient. The true killer? Cartman. His friends had told him to grow up and stop using his dolls for emotional support, and he did just that. And, Cartman being Cartman, he ended up turning his very last play-session with his beloved dolls into an (extremely disturbing) reenactment of a murder mystery. Notice how Cartman made himself the "victim" of the story, just like he does at his tea parties. The whole thing is brilliant, really.
    • Quickly lapses into Fridge Horror when you consider that Cartman set his own house on fire. With him and his mother still inside.
  • In "Pandemic", Craig's Prophecy is Fridge Brilliance - Craig is special because he does not blindly go along with other people's stupid ideas, but decides to take control of his life, unlike everybody else allowing themselves to be a plaything of the universe. The prophecy of him defeating a giant guinea-pig is also a stupid idea, but a prophecy is something that must happen. Still, if he had actively stood there and tried to fulfil that prophecy he would have been allowing himself to be the universe's plaything - just like everybody else. But he decided to take control of his life even when faced with what should be fate, and resolved to walk away. And that was exactly what led to him accidentally shooting fucking lasers out of his eyes and destroying a giant guinea-pirate.
    • The whole two episodes was about pointing out you don't have to be pushed around by the world, and that you should think for yourself - the reason everything went wrong was because everybody just did what the head of Homeland Security told them. They didn't even question why he was in charge, or try to question all the strange orders that just seemed stupid.
    • This is a recurring theme in South Park - there are other 'Chosen Ones' and they have saved the world by taking control in some way. In South Park The Movie Cartman saves the world when he finally takes control of that bullying V-Chip. In Imaginationland Butters saves Imaginationland (and by extension the world) by understanding he can take full control of everything in Imaginationland because it's in his imagination.
      • Butters was stated to be a Chosen One by Aslan; Craig was 'just' part of an ancient Peruvian prophecy. Cartman was not said by anybody to be a Chosen One but both prophecies and Chosen Ones clearly exist in South Park, and if shooting lightning from all over your body and driving back the hordes of Hell doesn't make you a Chosen One in some way, I don't know what does.
      • Kenny wasn't the one who killed Cthulu, but if he hadn't busted his way out of another dimension, by extension Mint Berry Crunch wouldn't have been there to do it. And keep in mind that Kenny's immortality is his only power (which is part of why he feels it sucks so much). He could never have beaten Cthulu.
  • Also in the first episode of the Imaginationland trilogy, Butters asking the mayor if he was going to rape them could be an example of Fridge Brilliance, even though it's hilarious on its own. Think about it, the boys have had to deal with sexual deviants in two other episodes: one was about another grown man who rode around in a whimsical vehicle and ended up being into beastiality (Chicken Lover), and the other had a whole group of men who were into little boys (''Cartman Joins NAMBLA"). It's possible that his being wary of a strange grown man telling him to get on a hot air balloon was a result of these past experiences.
  • In T.M.I. Butters has the best penis size in his age group (of the Known boys; there are lots of boys on that list we don't know in the series). That proves the formula is right, and bigger penises make a guy happier! It's a genuine Pet the Dog moment for him. Thanks for finally giving Butters a break, Matt and Trey!
  • Cartman's "killing" his dolls because he was told to grow up explains why he's becoming less of sociopathic Jerk Ass in Season 16, he's finally growing up, even if it's only a little bit.
  • One clever thing from "Lesbo's" is that it is a parody of ''300'. What is the original Lesbos? An island in Greece! What are its people called? Lesbians!
  • Butters' "creamy goo" is a hit with all of South Park's "Sarcastaball" players... until Randy samples it, and recognizes it as cum. Now, how would he know that, if not for personal experience...
    • He did watch another man masturbate before. He's also been in a pile of naked men to stop people from the future from coming back in time, so maybe he learned the taste there.
  • In "Chickenlover", one of the plot points is the titular antagonist, who has sex with chickens. Yes it might be a rather line-crossing bestiality act, but "chick", slang term for woman, is also how young chickens are called.
  • In later seasons, especially in episodes like A History Channel Thanksgiving and Jewpacabra, Kyle is extremely sceptical of anything supposedly paranormal or scientifically inexplicable. This is quite a contrast to Kyle in earlier seasons, being taken in by Blainetologists and John Edward and the like. Clearly his past experiences caused him to adopt a policy of rigorous scepticism and critical thinking. Though it does veer ever-so-slightly towards Flat Earth Atheist sometimes, given that he himself possesses concrete, first-hand knowledge of the existence of aliens, ghosts and cryptozoological animals.
  • In the episode "Goobacks", a bunch of Rednecks, tired of Future Immigrants coming to their time and taking their jobs, decide that the only way to defeat them was to "Get Gay" and have a massive Gay orgy in front of the Time machine until the entire future ceases to exist. At first, it seems like a completely stupid (and completely hilarious) idea, but then I realized; this idea could actually work... If it turned one guy gay, who ends up having the great great grand kid of the guy who made the original time machine! If the guy who will eventually have grand child who invents the time machine turns gay, then he cannot pass his genes down, and the person who invented the Time Machine wouldn't exist, thus, no one could go back in time! So it actually worked after all! - Dingo Walley
  • Remember "Smug Alert", when all Southparkian fathers drove a Hybrid car and thought this would save the earth? Two brilliancies for the price of one! The greek root has two main meanings, a) hybris, which translates as, well, hubris. b) The other being "mix", "union" (a hybrid car has both electric and gasoline motors), or the term mainly used in biology: bastard. Oh my god! They're killing the earth! (I didn't file this under Stealth Pun as Word of God lacks - Shokoshu)
  • In "A Nightmare On Face Time", the only times Randy snaps out of his Jack Torrence-style madness over his Blockbuster Video store is when he talks to Shelley, his daughter. This is an inversion of the real life behind-the-scenes issues on The Shining, where there was a great deal of tension between director Stanley Kubrick and the female lead, Shelley Duvall.
  • Jay Leno appears in a couple episodes looking like how he does in real life, but in "City on the Edge Forever" his chin is comically large to the point where it touches the floor. Since that episode was All Just a Dream, it makes more sense why it's different in that one episode.
  • Why does Elton John show during Chef's song in "A Pig Makes Love to An Elephant?" It's established in "Chef Aid" the two were friends, he stopped by to help Chef with his song.
  • The school undergoing Art Evolution and a different layout in later episodes makes more sense when you remember it was rebuilt after burning down in season 7's "Butt Out"
  • In "Butterballs" we see that Butter's grandma bullies him. A few seasons earlier in "Freak Strike" she had a stroke when she saw Butters on Maury Povich. Either the stroke changed her personality or she was bullying him as revenge.
  • In "The New Terrance and Phillip Movie Trailer", the boys end up having to make a deal with Shelly, to have the TV if they buy her tampons. Long story short, they end up forgetting and when they return to the house, they nearly drown in a wave of period blood. Considering ridiculously much Shelly apparently menstruates, it's revealed why she's always angry: She's always on her period.
    • Either that or she became cynical and saw everything as shit once she turned 10. She's only 13, a few years older than Stan and that could be why she refers to everyone as turds.
  • On the Chinpokomon episode, it's been pointed out that when the kids are speaking Japanese, they call their teacher "Garrison-San" instead of "Garrison-Sensei." This is usually considered a mistake on the creators part, but considering how little respect the kids have for Mr. Garrison, they may very well have been doing it intentionally.
  • On first glance, the entire school/town of South Park accepting that Cartman and Kyle are gay for each other in "Cartman Finds Love" seems like a bit of a stretch, considering how often they try to murder each other... until you look at our very own Ho Yay page for South Park, and how it calls season 16 "The Kyman Season". It stands to reason that the other students saw everything Tropers saw regarding their developing "feelings", and once the news of Cartman and Kyle dating spread through the grapevine, the students didn't question it because they had all the "evidence" they needed.
  • In "The Succubus" when the boys go to see Chef at his new job, they say he's the big guy with a beard and Chef's hat. The receptionist says "Oh the black guy," and the boys look stunned. It's established in "Chef Goes Nanners" they don't see a problem with the town flag due to being racially color blind, hence why they reacted that way.
  • Why does Ike sound like more like Gerald when he takes hormones as opposed to Terrence or Phillip? He's been living in America most of his life, he's lost his Canadian accent.
  • Cartman's hatred of Gingers could stem from the events of "Scott Tennorman Must Die."
  • Tweek is shorter than the other boys. His growth could be stunted from all the coffee he drinks.
  • "The Ungroundable" is a sequel episode to "Elementary School Musical." Both involve new trends like Twilight and High School Musical. The kids simply moved from one fad to another.
  • Saddam Hussein is Back from the Dead in episodes such as "Krazy Kripples" and "It's Christmas in Canada." At the end of "Probably" Satan sends him to Heaven because he can't deal with him anymore. God and the residents of Heaven probably couldn't deal with him so they sent him back to Earth.
  • The boys meet Stevie Nicks in "Osama Bin Laden Is A Farty" pants and she's portrayed as a goat. In "Chef Aid" when he's showing the boys pictures of musicians he used to know, it shows a picture of Chef in bed with a goat. Instead of a cheap joke about bestiality, Chef had made love to Stevie Nicks.
  • Fictional characters we see coexisting with the characters such as Bart Simpson (Cartoon Wars Part II) and Mickey Mouse (The Ring and Obama Wins!) could've possibly escaped from Imagination Land.
  • At the end of "The Coon" Mysterion reveals himself and is taken to jail. In The Coon Trilogy, we learn that Kenny is Mysterion and that he is reborn (with all memories intact) anytime he dies, and he's the only one who remembers it. Considering Kenny is out of jail in the next episode, it's possible he killed himself in his cell.
  • In "The Biggest Douche in the Universe," Stan mocks John Edwards by saying that he nominates him as...well the biggest douche in the universe. And sure enough, aliens abduct Edwards and bring him to the Biggest Douche in the Universe award ceremony as a nominee. At first, this just seems like Rule of Funny is in play. That is, until you realize that, according to "Cancelled," Earth is part of an immense Reality Show that aliens all over the universe watch. So it makes sense that they would catch onto Stan's insult and roll with it for the next pageant.
  • At the end of "Cartmanland" after Cartman sells the amusement park, he loses his money to the IRS and the rest goes to Kenny's family after he's killed on a ride. Kenny's family is still shown to be poor in future episodes, and more than likely spend their money on dope and alcohol, but Kenny is seen to be able to afford things out of his spending range (Jonas Brothers Tickets, the Mysterion costume, a PSP, tickets to the amusement park, etc) Since Kenny comes back to life, he more than likely kept some of the money.
  • Mr. Garrison's first name is revealed as Herbert in "The Entity" but his name in "Cherokee Hair Tampons" is shown to be Ethan P. Garrison. This is more likely a pen name than a Retcon.
  • Butt Out appears at first to be a strange Aesop: cigarette companies aren't that bad, while the anti-smoking lobby is full of arrogant, manipulative jerks who are ready to go to any lengths to make people believe in the evils of smoking. It wasn't until recently that this Troper realized that the makers of the show were just reversing the classic cartoon cliché of "Evil Cigarette Companies trying to hide the truth about Tobacco and brainwash people into buying cigarettes". It's this kind of clever metahumor that makes Matt Stone and Trey Parker the comedic geniuses they are, in this Troper's opinion. - lonewolf23k
    • What's more, it's parodying South Park itself. Kyle constantly points out the show's format, and the Strawman Political gets taken to its logical extreme on both sides. For a show whose main message is that people should stop taking everything so darn seriously, it's utterly fitting. - Hugh Man
      • "If you ask me, your show has become so preachy and full of morals that you have forgotten how to be funny!". This and another similar quote appear in Cartoon Wars Part II, yet a lot of people still complain about how Stone and Parker can't make fun of themselves while making fun of Family Guy.
      • Everybody does "Evil Cigarette Companies". There's nowhere to really go with it. On the other hand, we all know smoking is bad for us but Matt and Trey are pointing out that despite this, people still smoke. They also point out that politicians are as usual a bunch of hypocrites; they put taxes on cigarettes under the ruse of discouraging people from smoking, when they could just flat out ban them like Marijuana or LSD.
  • The writers of the South Park "Imaginationland" trilogy weren't trying to be offensive by putting Jesus in along with the Council of Nine (nine of the world's most revered imaginary characters), they were subtly pointing religions like Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and the like don't believe in Jesus.
    • In Judaism Hinduisn, and Buddhism, Jesus is considered a respected teacher and holy man, but he is not their Messiah. As a result, many of his qualities are presumed by them to be imaginary. This means that they imagined that was the case, hence, why he was in Imaginationland.
    • For me, the fridge brilliance kicked in the moment I realized that Jesus would've fit in Imagination land one way or another, because Imaginary Jesus is based on a modern highly-fictionalised stereotype of how people think of Jesus rather than a real human being Jesus would've been...which also explains why Imaginary Jesus doesn't recognize the boys who he's met several other times through the series, if only in passing.
    • What if Imaginary Jesus isn't actually based on the Jesus who once existed, but the Jesus people believe will return? Now consider the fact that the scientists have been creating a portal that opens up a doorway into Imaginationland, a world of wonder and joy gated off from a world of intense evil. How they opened that portal and caused the nightmare world to flood into ours, and while I'm on a roll, how about the fact that Imaginationland's entrance song is ONE WORD REPEATED OVER AND OVER AGAIN WITH VARYING EMPHASIS!! Unbelievably well done! -Rocky Samson
      • And I'll do you one more, after the whole thing is over and Imaginationland is effectively gone, who recreates the entire world and everyone in it? Butters... -Rocky Samson
      • This is probably a coincidence, but in the movie that they're parodying, the name of the portal was originally mistranslated (in-universe) as a "Doorway to Heaven."
  • In "Funnybot", Cartman is able to speak fluent German and have a conversation with German scientists. This may seem like Hidden Depths, but when you remember a certain idol of his...
    • Ironically, his idol is Austrian but it does make sense.
  • One complaint about the later seasons (Since Bill Hader joined the writing staff) is that the boys act more like teenagers then children at times. Considering how determined kids are to grow up fast these days, this makes some sense.

Fridge Horror:

  • While Cartman almost always proves somewhat immoral and sociopathic behavior, is somewhat frightening if you think how he will be when he grows up and becomes an adult. If he has done one of the most sadistic and cruel acts in a TV series ever done (but played for laughs), as shown in "Scott Tenorman Must Die", as a child, imagine how inhumane he could be as an adult.
    • However he's shown to grow up to be more or less a stable adult, as seen on "My Future Self and Me" (at least until Cartman binges on doughnuts and turns his slim future self into a fat wreck).
      • Which gives the other question about it- where Cartman willingly made himself a wreck from that point, and went further down the rabbit hole- you get the realization: Cartman's made the conscious choice to do all of these atrocities, solely to screw over his future self.
  • The ending of Red Sleigh Down, where Santa brings Christmas to Iraq, a predominantly Muslim country. Because nothing says happiness like forcing your religious holidays on other cultures. By bombing them with it, no less.
    • Keep in mind that they shocked Santa's balls.
  • After Chef was reconstructed into Darth Chef, everyone expected his return. But he never came back. What does that mean? The rebuilt remains of Chef, our beloved Chef, is still with the Super Adventure Club raping little boys.
    • Or, if The Stick of Truth is canon, ressurected as a Nazi Zombie by Clyde.
  • Several characters on the show have had some form of sexual experience well before any of them even hit puberty. Kenny got a blowjob from his fifth grade girlfriend (which resulted in his death by Syphilis), Ike and Jimmy have both had consensual sex (Ike with his teacher and Jimmy with a prostitute), and according to Word of God, Stan and Wendy have as well.
  • In "Fat Camp", Kenny proves that he is not above prostitution for very low prices. Consider that he always seems to have enough money to keep up with toy, electronic and clothing fashions. Consider that he is immortal. Consider the existence of snuff films.
    • Debatable, as snuff films are the stuff of urban legend, often used as an example of how low entertainment can sink in terms of excessive sex and violence. And the kind of prostitution Kenny was into on "Fat Camp" (before he got busted for giving Howard Stern a hummer) is actually no different than the sick, disgusting acts that Tom Green and Johnny Knoxville were known for in the late 1990s into the early 2000s.
  • "Mysterion Rises" reveals that Kenny not only remembers having died before, he had experienced all those deaths first-hand. Now, remember the ways he dies in early seasons: decapitated, burned alive, literally torn apart, electrocuted, crushed - the 9-year old kid had felt all that and somehow manage to retain his sanity. And the worst part? His friends never remember him dying, even though they saw it or in some cases have killed him themselves. It is simply terrifying to think what the poor kid must feel.
    • How is this Fridge Horror? Kenny very clearly elaborated on everything just mentioned onscreen.
    • Think that's bad? It gets worse. Kenny is reborn through a spontaneous childbirth through his mother whenever he dies, and his parents take the soon-to-be-completely-sentient Kenny to his bed, with a new parka. Alright. That's fine. But what happens after she dies? Will Kenny still be reborn when she's buried six-feet-under? And if that happens forever-Oh god.
      • Another episode showed him just appearing out of nowhere. All Stan says about this is "Oh, hey Kenny."
      • It's a good thing that South Park's inhabitants do not age as a general rule. When they do, it takes several seasons for them to grow a year older (8 at the beginning, 9 at Season 4-5, and 10 at Season 15). Not to mention that Christmas has passed 7 times over the series, and they've only aged 2 years.
    • With the revelation that Kenny is an immortal, the subplot of "Cartman Joins NAMBLA" becomes disturbing when you realize that Kenny was trying to murder his mom's unborn son (which turns out to be him) and Kenny's parents are aware that Kenny being reborn has happened to them at least 52 times.
      • And just like that, the context of the story suddenly is no longer about Kenny not wanting any siblings, but Kenny becoming aware of his upcoming imminent death AND attempting to commit suicide. I mean, what if Kenny succeeded? Is it possible that by killing his yet-to-be born self he may have stopped the cycle? Who knows...
      • Kenny mentions that he remembers going to Heaven and Hell. But if Kenny remembers going to Heaven and Hell, then he knows that nearly everyone who dies goes to Hell. If so, by not telling anyone else this, isn't he technically guilty of treason?
      • In South Park, only Mormons go to Heaven because only Mormons like it there. Hell isn't actually bad, non-Mormons actually prefer it there. Besides, nobody would believe Kenny about that anyway.
      • Want some more Fridge Horror? We've seen a few of Kenny's funerals. If everyone's memories are erased following his rebirths, no one would remember they buried him. There are over a hundred graves in South Park that contain the same child's mutilated corpse.
  • In "The HUMANCENTiPAD", Cartman goes on Dr. Phil and accuses his mom of "fucking" him by not buying an iPad or whatever else Cartman wants. While Cartman means it figuratively, everyone else interprets it differently. Cartman's mom is then confronted about not even kissing her son before she "fucks" him by a man in the audience...who goes on to kiss his son twice.
    • You think that's the only Fridge Horror to be found in Human Cent-iPad? As we all know, this episode is a parody of The Human Centipede. In it, Steve Jobs believes that by creating a Human Centipede with an Asian man in front, Kyle in the middle, and a young woman in the bottom, they can power an iPad so that it has the capacity for apps that allow it to walk and read on its own. The Fridge Horror kicks in when the Human Cent-iPad is unveiled. No-one is appalled or disgusted at the fact that three people's lives are uprooted (one of which is a little boy) just to give the iPad a completely unnecessary upgrade, they all just "ooh" and "aah" at it as if it were a normal "next big thing", so to speak. Even Kyle's dad, who subscribed to Apple in hopes of freeing Kyle, believes that the Human Cent-iPad truly is the device of the future note . The only reason Kyle was saved was because Gerald delivered An Aesop about taking a break from creating the future to enjoy the present. What this means is that sometime in the future (possibly ignoring the Floating Timeline), Apple will begin tricking people with an unreadably long product agreement into legally allowing them to uproot their lives in the manufacturing of Human Cent-iPads, and no-one (except possibly Stan and Kyle) will bat an eyelash that their shiny new gadget was once THREE PEOPLE with lives of their own who now exist to convenience someone else in the most disgusting way possible.
    • What about the Human Centipede sequels where more people are added? As technology becomes more advanced, that could happen too.
  • At the end of the "Imaginationland" trilogy, Imaginationland is finally nuked and Butters, the only survivor, imagines everything back. This can only mean that the Stan, Kyle, and Cartman we know today are just products of Butters' imagination, while the originals are dead! Even though they decided that imaginary beings are real, but that was more of a unanimous opinion than proven fact.
    • Given what they did with Kenny, it's not far off to see this played out in a future episode. Something akin to a Final Fantasy X parody comes quickly to mind, since, like Tidus, they would be "made from dreams". No doubt such an episode would be terrifying and gut-wrenching, with the three on the constant verge of fading out of existence and Butters having to spend the rest of his life straining his brain just to keep his friends alive on top of everything else he has to deal with.
    • Technically, the entire South Park universe is imaginary (since it's, you know, a fictional cartoon show), thus adding an extra dose of irony to the situation.
    • There's no rule that says once the creator dies, then everything he/she imagined dies. At least one of those Imaginationland creatures had to have been created by someone who's dead now.
      • Like Gandalf.
    • Speaking of Imaginationland, they planned to send a nuke into our imagination, and was only repaired because Butters had become The Chosen One. If Butters wasn't there, best case scenario is that we'd forget every fictional character, story and setting ever thought up. Worst case scenario is that the entire human race would be stripped of the ability to imagine.
  • In the end of "Ass Burgers", it appears that everything is back to normal; Stan's parents are back together, Kyle and Cartman aren't friends, and Stan has gotten over being a cynical ass-hole... by becoming an alcoholic. This has not been mentioned since, but given the show's nature, it is fair to say that Stan is probably still an alcoholic, still unable to deal with his cynicism. Think about it, every episode we've seen since "Ass Burger", Stan has been drunk. A little boy, to deal with the pressures of adulthood, is drunk almost every day of the week.
    • Also, take these things into account: Alchoholism is Genetic, and it is something that affects a childs genes... Randy likes beer... Stan has been doing things you could see his dad do (A film/book to make him famous, or some kind of statement to make him a big deal)... Could it Be?
  • In "Insecurity," when all the husbands in South Park are concerned because they think the UPS man is sleeping with their wives, the old farmer man tells all the husbands that the milkman used to fuck all the women back then. Seeing their shocked faces made this troper realize the inner meaning behind this: the milkman was probably still around back when they were kids, meaning the milkman must have [slept with their mothers!.
    • What's really worse is that, in "Insecurity", we all know that neither the UPS Man nor the Security Installer were having sex with anyone's wife. Who's to say the Milkman was actually having sex with anyone's wife either?
  • In "Pinewood Derby," an alien named Babyfark Mc Geezax shows up and holds the entire planet hostage, killing someone on the far side of the world with his ray gun to demonstrate that he is serious. At the end of the episode, the whole thing turns out to be a setup by the Space Police to see if the Earth is morally upright enough to join Galactic Society. So, wait. The Space Police killed an innocent person just to prove a point, and then they judge our morality? Maybe we're better off cordoned away from such a Crapsack Galaxy.
    • He didn't kill them, just sting them with a dart so they sat down. He did however blow up the Italian government building, which likely caused a lot of injuries and fatalities. Add to that complicating the matter of just telling the police by holding a terrified Stan hostage, he was definitely taking the facade to extremes.
  • Early on in the episode "Whale W..." the Japanese slaughter the Miami Dolphins along with all of the actual dolphins and whales. Later on, they start slaughtering cows and chickens instead. What would happen if they ever find out about the south park school football team, the cows?
  • "The Poor Kid" has a touching side plot with Kenny posing as Mysterion to act as his little sister, Karen's "guardian angel" whenever she's in trouble. She is relieved by this, however at the same time, since Kenny must change into Mysterion each time she realizes that Kenny is missing. In attempting to give her hope, Kenny also makes her believe her big brother is continuously abandoning her in her times of need.
  • Butters'Bottom Bitch has Butters become a pimp who sells girl's kisses to his male classmates. Then he expands and starts recruiting actual sex workers. It's mentioned that some of his clients are grown men who want a lot more than just a kiss. Now remember that he's still got 9-year-old girls working for him...

Fridge Logic:

  • Speaking of imaginary characters, Freddy Krueger is an evil imaginary character in the Imaginationland trilogy, but he is shown as a real person, complete with wife and kids, in "Insheeption".
    • Well obviously the people remember the stories of Freddy's murders of the children and have imagined him as some horrible monster when he was, in reality, a kind family man who was made to do that by the government. So there's two Freddy Krueger's out there and both can murder you. Sleep tight!
  • In "Mysterion Rises", Cartman heads to California with Cthulhu to destroy San Francisco. Wasn't San Fran obliterated back in "Smug Alert"?
    • It could've been rebuilt. Considering the town of South Park has been destroyed and rebuilt many times over the course of the series, this is a possibility as well. The two episodes also aired almost five years apart from each other, thus giving them more time.
  • If the kids had all their parents arrested in "The Wacky Molestation Adventure" by the South Park police, what happens to the police when the town is overrun by the kids?
    • Remember when Cartman said the adults who weren't arrested left town to escape being arrested for molesting children? That's probably what happened to the cops (and besides, these were the early episodes where the only cop in town was Officer Barbrady).
  • The disclaimer for the "Alabama Man" ad in the Season 3 episode "Chinpokomon" has a disclaimer saying "Not all people from Alabama are wife-beaters." Notice that they said "not all people." Thus, you could say that 49% of people from Alabama are wife-beaters and still play the stereotype completely straight.note 
  • In the episode 'The Losing Edge' where the boys are trying to lose, the team they play in the final are "really good at sucking" and have gotten so good at losing they can bat themselves out and the pitcher can hit the bat. If they are that good at losing: How did they get to the final?
    • Without remembering the exact dialogue I would assume one of two things: They practiced really well, or their opponents were that much better at losing than them.
  • Humancenti Pad features a bizarre case of Fridge Logic. At the beginning of the episode, several students have their very own iPads. In real life, I haven't seen a 10 year old that has one of their own. Especially strange because South Park has a rather high population of families that need welfare (the iPads are shown in the episode to cost about $1000), and it was mentioned not too long ago that the economy is in poor condition.
  • In "The Succubus" when Stan and Kyle learn to sing "There's Going To Be A Morning After" backwards why do they rely on Cartman to play the tape?, he was blind from the laser eye surgery and had fallen asleep and Kenny was right there doing nothing and the whole idea was Kenny's in the first place, why couldn't he have done it?
  • If Canadians have flapping heads and beady eyes, why do celebrities such as Tom Green, Justin Bieber, and Alanis Morisette look like regular South Park characters? When they show Céline Dion she looks like a Canadian
    • Celine Dion was shown living in Canada while the other three were shown living in America. In the "Canada on Strike" song, you can see Canadians with dark skin and slanted eyes, implying they're of Asian, African or Middle-Eastern descent (Saddam Hussein, anyone?). So presumably there's something in the water that makes Canadians look the way they do and when one of them leaves Canada for an extended period of time they begin to look like everyone else.
      • Then why does Ike still look Canadian?
      • He would've turned normal, but when they briefly brought him back to Canada, he drank Canadian water and went back to square one.
  • All those female fans who think Mysterion is so damn hot and awesome and heroic? That's Kenny. You know, the little pervert who often does drugs, likes sluts, once died of AI Ds, and owns all those Playboys. The Logic? Kenny has a self-loathing complex. He hates who he really is, so he pretends he's a superhero as an easy way to get around it.
  • In "Butt Out" Cartman considers Rob Reiner a hero because of his tactics to manipulate people. Rob Reiner is Jewish so why didn't this bother Cartman?
  • In "Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?," Kyle asks his parents if they're going to hell because they're Jewish. Sheila responds with "Us Jews don't believe in Hell." In the movie, she herself literally unleashed the armies of hell when she shot Terrence and Phillip.
    • Atheists exist in a world where God has come down to Earth and explained to Stan that he doesn't have a period and Jesus has a talk show.
  • Okay, so apparently nobody can remember Kenny's many deaths. But if you check one of the many death montages on YouTube, you'll notice 2 or 3 lampshaded moments where they seem aware that it happens all the time. does that work?
    • The mind scrubbing isn't perfect, but the times that it doesn't work, Kenny is too busy being dead to notice?

The Movie

Fridge Brilliance
  • The movie's subtitle: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. At first, people think that Matt Stone and Trey Parker added that tagline to give the movie its uncensored/unrated status (it was originally going to be called "South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose," but either the censors didn't approve of it or the creators wanted a better title), but really it's a penis joke (the "uncut" refers to a penis being uncircumcised).
    • Is it really considered Brilliance if that's the point of the joke? Especially for regular watchers of the show...
  • In "It's Easy, M'kay?" Mr. Mackey suggests that instead of F*** they say M'Kay. Why is this important? Think about this: he considers M'Kay, his Verbal Tic, to be an equivalent of F***, so in his mind he's constantly swearing at children and his superiors!

Fridge Logic
  • If Kenny's wish caused the war to never happen, how were clips of the war shown in in "Terrence & Phillip: Behind the Blow"?
    • The war happened, it just got undone. If it never happened, the Canadians wouldn't have been in Colorado to reprise the song.
  • Also, how can Cartman still curse if the V-Chip is still in his head?
    • Maybe it got removed?
      • Or it ran out of power? Firing anime bolts can't possibly be good for the thing's battery.
    • South Park: The Stick of Truth (which the show implied to be canon) confirms that he still has it and can activate it at will.

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