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Drinking Game: South Park
Take a drink:

  • Every time Cartman has a Jerk Ass moment or denies that he's fat.
  • Every time Kyle's Judaism is mentioned.
  • Every time Stan is the voice of reason.
  • Every time Kenny dies.
  • Every time Butters is grounded.
  • Every time Mr. Garrison is portrayed in a homo/transexual way.
  • Every time Mr. Garrison has a Boomerang Bigot / Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? moment.
  • Every time someone says : "I learned something today..."
  • Every time a Sound Effect Bleep occurs.
  • Every time when Mr. Mackey says "mkay."
  • Every time Stan stutters the word "friend" in "Kenny Dies".
  • Play the in-episode curse counter Drinking Game with "It Hits The Fan". That is, if you want to die of alcohol poisoning. Even if you had a relay race with fourteen others, you'll probably all die of alcohol poisoning.
  • In "The Poor Kid", every time Mr. Adams mentions Penn State, shows his head shot, or says "we like to have fun here" or anything along those lines.
  • In the three episodes between "Black Friday" and "Titties and Dragons", every time Cartman takes a character through the unnamed homeowner's garden devising a plan to help him and the other character get consoles, and that the rest are there to "help them get through those doors".
    • In the same episodes, take a shot for each mention of wieners.
  • Any time an adult says "My God".
  • Any time a Canadian farts.

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