Awesome Music / South Park


  • "Push (Feelin' Good on a Wednesday)" (aka "Ya ya ya, I am Lorde"). Has a catchy beat, sounds like an authentic Lorde song, and the song actually sounds like a call for acceptance of who one is and a defiance of others' disapproval.
  • The Circle of Poo. It sounds like some joke parody of "Circle of Life", but it sounds so fucking glorious. Especially Cornwallis' singing voice near the end.
  • Wendy's naughtier version of the Miss Susie song. This marked the first time they were able to use "shit" and "cunt" uncensored.
  • "Queef Free", where all the males in South Park feel remorse for being disgusted by women queefing yet finding men farting funny, and to show the women their remorse, sing the awesome message that it's OK for women to queef.
  • "Boogers and Cum" became an instant hit overnight and gained a hashtag on Twitter in mere minutes.