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04:00:12 PM Jun 13th 2013
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  • The episode Simpsons Did It had Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Tweek mistakenly confess to Chef that they killed their teacher, Mrs. Choksondick. Chef later shows up towards the end of the episode with suitcases packed, airplane tickets to Thailand and is ready to begin a new life with the children. ... Why would he..? Has he done this kind of thing before!? What has he done as a quasi-celebrity that he's living in South Park of all places... What's in Chef's past?

He wouldn't. The tickets were explicitly for the kids. As for how he would know about this life, as Chef Aid demonstrated, Chef is extremely well connected, capable of getting numerous celebrities to drop everything to help him out at a moment's notice. Assuming he hasn't done this before (and that's not an impossibility, the man is a gigantic and at times literal whore), he could very well know someone who has.
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