Fridge / Sym-Bionic Titan

Fridge Brilliance
  • Many considered the romance between Octus/Newton and Kimmy in Sym-Bionic Titan to be heartwarming. The brilliance in this is that if previous episodes are considered, Kimmy would resort to anything to retain her social status. If people discovered she is dating a nerd, her social life would be ruined. But she does it anyway. That makes the love even more heartwarming.
  • Genndy has stated the influence of John Hughes and 80's teen movies in general on this show. When the band Disenfranchised appears, their sound is a spot-on fusion of 80's alt bands like The Cure, The Smiths, and R.E.M. Music fans will agree that whoever does music on this show had definitely Shown Their Work.

Fridge Horror
  • In "I am Octus", a giant space bat has paralyzed every human on Earth, and the scene pans over crashed cars and a mangled helicopter - what about the airplanes?
    • The larger planes with autopilots should be fine. The ones that are about to take-off, about to land, don't have autopilots engaged, or don't have autopilots at all though... yeah, they're screwed. And even ones with autopilots keeping them in the air would have been in trouble depending on the amount of fuel they were carrying.
      • Since Octus mentions having over 3 months of time trying to "Wake Up" Ilana and Lance, pretty much anyone in any form of transportation above a bike is screwed.
      • On that note, if they've out for three months, human civilization should be extinct. No matter what kind of state they were in, the human body flat-out cannot live that long without sustenance.
    • For that matter, there should have been millions of accidents around the whole world, caused by people suddenly freezing (mainly car accidents.)
    • Well we are shown some accidents, just not every single one that occured. It's possible that the creators want to show more far reaching effects, but might have been shot down by the Network because it was too graphic.
    • Not only that, but tons of infrastructure has been left running on its own for over three months. Power, Water, Gas, all broken down.
    • For comparison, Generator Rex had a similar plot, and it was all but stated that people were dying, even with Rex running himself ragged. And that was over the course of one day.
    • When, exactly, did he say three months? I watched the episode again and I didn't hear Octus say three months.
  • Ilana is the last successor to the throne. Assuming their monoarchy is like most on Earth, the princess is just first in line and many other realitives are in line. Given Modula's personality, it's not hard to guess what's become of the others...
  • In Escape to Sherman High, Ilana stops Lance from killing the soldiers once she finds out that they're humanoid. Presumably she would have let him go on killing them had they landed on an equally peaceful planet populated by non-humanoid (but also non-Mutraddi) beings.
    • Not necessarily. I mean, if you had just escaped your now war torn world, only to land on another with people pointing guns at you, would you be "Hey! We're nice!".
      • That's not the point. She only made them stop when she say that they were explicitly humanoid. What if the same misunderstanding happens with a non-humanoid species that, barring a paranoid initial response to first contact by a certain military organization, is otherwise generally peaceful?
      • It's probably that they just could have noted their "mistake" later than with a humanoid race, but the main reason could be that they knew already that the earth was an humanoid planet since his father order her and the other to hide in another planet and Octus even knew that the planet's name was earth which means the planet was already studied...a little.
      • How would they have known it beforehand when the revelation that they were humanoid comes as a shock to them? And you're still missing the point, and you said it yourself. They might just discover that the people their killing are not Mutraddi "later." Which sounds nice except that later = more dead bodies. Congratulations.
      • Her first reaction might've just been 'oh,they've sent their defenses'. She could have thought those were robots or drones. Those soldiers looked pretty robotic enough for a person who just escaped from her own war-torn planet.
      • And, again, so? That's still besides the point. The core point is still that they only stopped because they're humanoid. It doesn't matter what they thought they were at first.
      • She probably said "they are humanoid" without thinking it a lot. she probably wanted to say "they aren't Mutraddi"
      • Though Ilana's father did seem to plan it somewhat. Not sure how he knew they'd be humanoid, but the later episodes at least implied that.
      • It is reasonable to assume that they knew that the people of Earth were humanoid before departing, hence why they chose to hide there. Ilana pointing out that the soldiers are humanoid means that these are the natives, not a team of mutraddi sent after them(and not mechanical drones).
  • In "Scary Mary," there's a legend concerning a girl who disappeared into the woods, never to be seen again. It's said that her ghost still haunts the woods, but in the end of the episode we flash back and see that she actually got a ride with a Danny Zuko lookalike shortly after getting lost. But that doesn't change the fact that she was never heard from again!
    • After being humiliated like that, its reasonable that she switched schools.
  • Again in "Scary Mary", the boy who was supposed to play Scary Mary, "Toad", is knocked out and replaced by the assassin. Later, the assassin crashes into the farmhouse where Toad was lying. The lot is evacuated, but did anyone remember to get Toad?
  • In "Steel Foe", Kimmy depressingly notes that Newton has been "absent" from school for several weeks after "A Family Crisis". Just before the episode in question, Kimmy had dumped Newton (who obviously loved her). If you dumped somebody who obviously loved you, only for the person to suddenly go missing for several weeks, what would you think happened to him/her? And wouldn't you blame yourself for it?
  • In episode "I Am Octus", when everyone in the entire world becomes paralyzed by the Monster of the Week. Yes, everyone. Which would therefore include every person in any flying anything (a crashed helicopter is even shown), doctors in the middle of surgery, and buses full of people careening off the road or off bridges. Quite possibly the most horrific day in human history.