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Headscratchers: Sym-Bionic Titan
  • In Lance's Flash Back episode the security in the school is just shoddy. Galaluna is supposed to be technologically advanced. They don't have security cameras? Or guards posted near the armory and vehicle bays? Or, I don't know, LOCKS?
    • Galaluna may believe in the privacy of others when it comes to school. As for the locks on Lance's room, Baron, with his perfect record (and the head master of the school likely being his father), might have been granted privileges to allow inspection of students' rooms. Or the locks are just easy to break.
      • Sure, that makes sense in, say, dorm rooms. It does not make sense for weapons lockers or fully-equipped battle mecha. Frankly, it's no wonder they lost the war. They probably had half their military technology stolen before they ever actually got a chance to fight.
      • To put that in perspective, that'd be like a military school leaving loaded assault rifles and fully armed, equipped, and fueled M1 Abrams tanks in unobserved places the students can easily get to. It's just not done for anyone with half-decent gun safety, let alone an entire military training facility that's supposed to be top-notch.
      • The earlier comment about losing their technology is actually Hilarious in Hindsight. The Mutraddi somehow disabled their mecha, so they really did lose them.
      • Baron and Lance both can bypass the locks, because they are just that prodigiously awesome? As for the fact that the rooms were unobserved, perhaps all of the staff were at the ceremony, since that's where all of the students were supposed to be anyway?
      • That's misses the point. Any real life military academy worth its name always leaves guards in sensitive areas, even during ceremonies. Especially during ceremonies since any opponent with half-decent tactical sense knows that the distraction of a big event is the perfect opportunity for a sneak attack or infiltration.

  • Also, why is Lance still running around when the award ceremony had started? Since he knew he was going to be awarded that prize, he should have been in his seat long before the opening ceremonies ended.
    • The time he was attacked was might have been before the ceremony started, and lasted all the way to the point of where he was supposed to receive his award.
      • This is probably the case, otherwise Modula really, reallly, really needs to cut down on his speech times. :P
      • Alternatively, Lance was supposed to enter onto the stage. Modula's introduction makes it seem like he was meant to walk up, and they presumably would want him close to cut down on the time. That would explain why he's wandering the halls rather than already seated.

  • You know, while we are on this lovely little scene, I want to touch on something; either the King is seriously lacking in perceptive thought, or that is seriously bad character development for him and Lance. The boy did literally NOTHING to be in jail, he was going to be killed and defended himself accordingly. Baron went the extra step. Anyone with a political and social mind as good as the King's is supposed to be should have known that. You have far greater clout, and you throw Lance to the jackals and punishment when he simply did nothing? Nice Job Making The Lancer, Hero. Some surrogate dad you're supposed to be.
    • While the King is admittedly not punishing the parties as he should, Lance is the one who upped the ante by stealing a Manus armor. Logically, Lance should have bolted for the nearest exit to get the royal guard to deal with the problem.
      • The king wasn't around to see who stole the armor first—all he saw was both Lance and Baron going at it. The only way this theory makes sense is if he got a testimony from a student who happened to be in the crossfire when Lance first took the armor.
    • No one witnessed how the fight broke out firsthand and Lance didn't explain himself. Therefore, there was no way they could have known that it was originally brought on by Baron attacking Lance, and it could easily be deduced that it was a competitive spar.
    • So that means the king is lacking in any kind of deductive reasoning. No wonder he didn't see Modula's treachery.
    • If Lance didn't explain himself, the only one whose word they had was Baron's. If they take his word for it, Lance would seem guilty.
    • And NOW, the recent episode has proved the King's complete and utter lack of foresight. Let's break things down...First, Lance has proved, time and again, to be smarter and more tactically aware than any other soldier with a rank higher than himself or those that are pure evil. The King knows this because his grades were top-notch, and I'm damn certain he'd be paying attention to Lance's career. The Hostage Situation, he handled with tactical grace and offensive superiority-despite having been seen, and it should be noted that even if they were alive, he allowed NO HARM to come to them-he certainly didn't if they were dead or alive then; they could have been unconscious. The general had no tactical awareness, and soldiers are allowed to question orders of a contradictory nature. Under every specific circumstance, the King has not paid attention, and look at where it has gotten him. In many ways, he's carrying the Idiot Ball and the Distress Ball.
      • Lance is a military prodigy, true, but he also has a strongly implied history of repeatedly disobeying orders time and time again. And, if his behavior in the earlier episodes was any indication, it was often for worse than for better.
      • Yes, that is true...but at the same time, has this ever been shown to have been true? Or, that someone has been harmed by his disobeying orders? Generally, all that has been seen is Lance generally being shafted by those of higher rank or status when he was correct. I am just expecting more from the King, and he refuses to deliver.
  • If you can send a living bomb to Earth, why can't you send.. a bomb?
    • Because planet-busting bombs are hard to come by, and you don't know exactly where to aim.
      • Don't you? I mean, all the monsters always showed up in roughly the right place, and precision doesn't matter that much if you're willing to blow up the whole planet.
    • Also, they're probably really huge, assuming the energy field can't be replicated.
      • Size doesn't seem to be much of an issue, and besides, if the properties necessary to blow up the entire planet can be contained in a beast that small...
  • Speaking of which, the Mutradi scientist who explains the purpose of this creature implies it has a natural life span. How the hell does Mutrad even still exist? This creature or one of its kind should have vaporized the planet long ago, unless Mutrad is so improbably huge that it has the surface area of hundreds of normal planets.
    • It's possible that the creature is capable of interstellar flight. The nebula at the end might be some sort of reproductive field.
    • The nebula was made by it dying. And, while fast, that little thing can't possibly fly.
    • correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the scientist say that they hunted and found it? Maybe it's a rare creature that flies around in space, which would explain why Earths atmosphere is killing it, unlike the other Mutradi beasts.
    • The scientist says all the other creatures fear it, so it must have been on the ground for them to fear.
      • That doesn't remove the possibility that it's not originally from Mutrad. It just means that it could have arrived on-planet long enough for the local creatures to learn to fear it.
    • Based on the fact that Mutrad has a huge chunk missing from it, it's possible that there were once two of those creatures.
    • It's also possible that Earth's atmosphere is diffrent than Mutradi and effects its body in a manner making it that way. It's possible that the atompshere is toxic only to its species and that they only explode if they don't die of natural causes.
    • Alternate theory: The creature is unique (i.e., it is either the Last of His Kind or the bomb-energy thing applies only to it.)

  • If killing Ilana is such a huge priority, why doesn't Modula send like ten or more monsters to Earth at once? The Titan was hard pressed to fight a few one-on-one, and it's not like Modula only has a handful of creatures to send. Also, he has no reason to want the Earth in tact, so upping the numerical ante sounds like a perfect strategy after just sending the monsters one at a time has failed like eight plus times now.
    • Mook Chivalry. More reasonably, Modula does not know why his monsters keep dying, so wasting more when he can't even see the battles doesn't make much sense.
      • Well, he now knows that the Titan exists thanks to Xishi, but he doesn't know it's capabilities beyond "it's big, it's pretty, and it squashed Xishi like a bug."
    • Because at this point he's not actively trying to kill Ilana. He wants to know the capabilities of the Titan in case it's something he can use to his advantage. Once he has all the information available then he'll kill her. It's actually pretty sound military reasoning to figure out just what your enemy is capable of before you try to destroy them.
    • Also, for all we know, the Rift Gate may have limitations as to how much/how big of things they can send through.
    • Thing is, killing Ilana isn't Modula's priority. He's still putting down rebellions on their home world, which is a bigger deal. Sure, killing Ilana would help break their spirits, but in the long term crushing rebellions to keep himself in power is more important. There's also the fact that he doesn't really know how powerful the Titan really is, all he knows is that it can kill his monsters. On top of that, he may just be Genre Savvy enough to realize if he sends more than one, Conservation of Ninjutsu kicks in.

  • Lessons in Love. Where do I begin....Well, nothing with Lance and Ilana. They were great this episode; Lance was clearly the most stoic hot-blooded robot pilot ever, and Ilana was....simply sweet and cute and great as always. But Octus...Poor Octus left with that to deal with...That is something I wish on no one, even a robot with a developing AI and human emotions. I'm not even sure if she was even sincere until he actually checked her. Point is, there was very little motivation outside of just being a social butterfly that got themselves in a spiderweb, and needed a way out. Am I supposed to believe that he actually felt something...and that she apparently has Character Development based on the motivation of wanting to remain that social? Jeez, do we really need societal commentary here, when that social understanding is entirely pointless? The only real development I could see from this is a very different view towards Ilana from her.
    • What.
    • Ok, so you don't like the idea that they actually tried to deconstruct the concept of a Libby like Kimmy? Where's the harm in that? So many of these shows (live-action or otherwise) often make them heartless, unloveable creatures with no redeemable qualities whatsoever. Yet, we saw in Showdown at Sherman High that Kimmy was capable of some good after she and the other cheer squad members helped Ilana. This episode merely showed that her reason for being so distant to other girls was because she had been poisoned by that illusory concept of a "Social standing" and was unable to broaden her horizons beyond merely being pretty and popular.
    • Which I would believe if I thought that she simply wasn't pressured into acting in [i]Showdown at Sherman High[/i]. Now we remove that pressure: Yes, I admit that it was a solid deconstruction, but the only changes to her character that I could see was a identification of a motivation as a Libby-but not a movitation to simply be against Illana in Showdown when her competency was established-and the subsequent change in reaction towards our Power Trio. She still acted very Libby-equse throughout the remainder of the scenes with Octus after she got the handle on the work-mainly in manipulating him to kiss her and rather strange battle sequence afterwards-and that I'm led to assume that she is still a Cheerleader after this leads me to believe this is only a minor shift in thinking. I'll admit that you might be seeing something that I am not, though.
    • Actually, after I read this and watched the episode again, I got hit by Fridge Brilliance. It's not that he's the first one to say it. He's the first one to mean it. All her life, she's gotten by on her looks, and that's all anyone values. "Newton," on the other hand, isn't even slightly distracted by her looks or fake sobbing...and he says that she can do it. Anyone else is just trying to make the pretty girl smile. Him? He means it. And that's why they start dating- because Kimmy needs someone to believe in her and respect her, not for her looks, but for what she does.
    • I'm more bothered by the fact that a robot got fazed by a girl's kiss. Or that she couldn't tell she was kissing a machine. In fact, for someone with such a low opinion on "dorks" why did the fact that he insisted she could beat the exam affect her? Because "no one had ever talked to her like that?" Really? He didn't say anything any typical counselor would say. I'd like to think that it was the fact she failed to get what she wanted from him with her tricks that impressed her. And even if she really liked him, would she risk her rep by going out in public with a fat nerd? Oh and her suddenly understanding everything just because he told her she could (likely she never paid attention in class)? I think we'd better file the whole episode (except the battle with the monster, that was cool) under "Rule of Funny."
      • Octus is surrounded by some form of membrane. He encased Ilana in it in the first episode. It's more than believable that it simulates the look of human skin.
      • Kimmy removed his glasses after Octus unlocked them from his main body. He can simulate something.
      • Or he generates material that feels like human skin. Octus does have matter generators since he produces all of the Titan doodads, as well as the money they used to pay for the house.
      • Maybe she's never been to a counselor, or never really listened to one. And people have done stupider things for other people they really liked. What are they gonna do, impeach her as the Alpha Bitch? There's a significant amount of time lost in those cutaways; he could simply have been explaining it to her during that time. There, problems solved.
      • As an insecure teenager who needs constant reassurance by her peers to feel like she's worth something, why wouldn't it be a big smack in the heartstrings to have someone not be persuaded by her popularity or appearance, and view her as what she probably always wanted to be seen as- a normal girl, who can do what she wants? To finally, after probably years of covering up herself in makeup and cute shoes, have someone tell you, "You're worth more then that. You are talented, and you can succeed in whatever you do- you just need to stop listening to others, because that's just stupid to care about them, when all that matters is you, and what you want to be". Although said in less words, that was the basic gist of what Octus was trying to convey. Those kind of things mean nothing from a counselor, who's job is to say anything mushy and not actually mean any of it (as far as Kimmy would be concerned, anyways). It's different when a guy who you barely know, who you've insulted and looked down upon and might as well spit on, stands up and says you can be whatever you want. And in way, telling her that's she's perfect as is. He's the first guy out of hundreds who looks past that pretty face and sees the person in her, and she's never experienced that in a person before- is it so hard to believe that Kimmy, as self conscious as she is, could fall for someone like that?
      • Octus also is not that low on the food chain. Many students interact with him rather well including the football team. He may not be one of the popular kids, but he is well liked. Enough to get a pass.
  • The only thing that bothers me about episode 10 is how Lance was able to start their car after the electricity-devouring Mutraddi Beast attacked. Shouldn't the car's battery be out of juice?

  • So I'm supposed to believe that normal humans are gonna be able to get the drop on Lance-who is actually pretty tactically smart, and Octus-who keeps sensors around the entire house and is better in terms of overall capability to Lance and Ilyana on this latest episode? Yeah, they may be elite, but we're still talking humans in our level of modern technology with only, what, a month tops to look over alien technology? Not enough time for me to buy that they could subdue them all without a real fight. Mainly from Octus at this point, Lance makes sense, and this new guy...I have my suspicions about him....but Octus' sensors are the kinds you don't screw with as we've seen.
    • As Ilana and Lance themselves note, the G3 have technology that is suspiciously similar to Galalunan tech. Similar enough to decieve and hack, evidently.
    • Plus, whatever technology they have was clearly mentioned to be capable of jamming at least some of Octus' sensors in the beginning of the episode ("Sir, we've neutralized the monitoring source from Bedroom B.")
  • Why not just TELL Solomon what they're doing? They're war refugees, best case scenario, they help cover their tracks, worst case scenario, they try to murder them and Titan kills em all.
    • If a bunch of assholes broke into your home, kidnapped you, beat the piss out of you and tried to kill you, would you be exactly pleased to give them your life story?
      • True, but it's not as if G3 has any way to use that information against them. Looking at the sheer volume of property damage their battles cause, it makes perfect sense for the local authorities to approach them as hostile while trying to understand what they're doing here. Knowing what planet they were from and that they were trying to hide doesn't give them any ammo to use against them, and it answers their questions.
    • Basically, the G3 was holding too tightly to the Villain Ball, and the Gallalunan refugees were holding tightly to the Idiot Ball. We could have avoided all of this if the G3 had asked politely OR if the Gallalunan refugees answered honestly, but both sides were being obstinate.
      • Which does happen in Real Life more than you'd think.
      • Ilana, at least, seems to understand that, while their methods were crap, the G3 might have a legitimate point and legitimate concerns.

  • First episode:
    Ilana: "Stop! They're humanoid!"
    • Ilana, explain how you even knew the word humanoid, seeing as it comes from a word ("human") that I am sure you didn't know at the time.
    • I'd call Translation Convention- Gallalunanoid wouldn't have the same ring to it as far as the audience is concerned.
      • May not even need translation convention; like that of Kang and Kodos, the Gallalunian languange seems to be coincidentally exactly the same as American English, considering the first people they talk to don't have even the slightest problem understanding them.
      • We don't say "Earthoid" so "Gallalunanoid" wouldn't even make sense. Gallalunian just refers to the fact that they are from the planet Gallaluna, it's not the name of their species.

  • Episode 12:
    • The story of Scary Mary has a bit of Fridge Logic to it, or maybe even Fridge Horror. If they literally never saw her again, then that would mean a high school girl just left for who knows where else with some stranger she knows nothing about without telling anyone, not even her parents. Something which usually does not end that well a lot of the time. Of course, it could just be people not looking beyond the part of the story where she ran away. The episode doesn't really make it clear.
    • That's why it's a scary story.
    • The fake "Scary Mary" fainted in the barn, Did she die?
    • You mean he, and who knows, unless the kid woke up just as the monster revealed itself to everyone, then it's likely he might have been crushed under the debris or stepped on.

  • So, nearly every single person in school laughs at, makes fun of, pranks on, and ignore Ilana, just because she speaks, thinks, and acts different? (And she's the only one whose clothes change each day!) Same thing with Lance in his childhood past: Some kid just started taunting him, up to destroying his room and getting into a big robotic fight for no explainable reason!
    • Different AND needy.
    • Ilana gets teased because she's a weirdo, which happens. Baron seems like the kind of guy who picks on everyone, but Lance's family reputation probably made him an especially Acceptable Target.
    • Truth in Television, a lot of people are assholes and will lash out at others for being even slightly strange to them. Besides, if you're in a miserable mood, would you really be all moved by someone you barely know shouting about the "time for change" while you're trying to eat?

  • So apparently, in "The Demon Within" Lance can't make a jump from one log to another. However, in "Escape from Galaluna" he's jumping across basically every unbelievable gap he can find. Made worse by the fact that it's a Flash Back episode. Sure, in Demon Within he couldn't make the jump to help illustrate how Ilana was changing, but come on.
    • Back on Galaluna, Lance was running across every ledge before jumping to the next one. In the swamp, he barely had a running start. On top of that, his adrenaline would have been much higher in the swordfight as opposed to when he was just following Ilana.
      • Also wet mossy swamp logs are not the best place to gain a footing before making a leap.
    • Perhaps Galaluna has lower gravity than Earth.
    • The uniform he was wearing on Galaluna gives him +5 jumping

  • How does Barb keep getting into their house? It's already been stated that Octus has sensors around, and the first thing Lance pretty much thought about after they bought the house was locking things and basically making it secure for Ilana. But somehow, somehow, Barb always manages to get in unannounced. Either our main characters are a bit careless (which I highly doubt) or we don't know something about Barb that we ought to...
    • Octus' sensors likely aren't programmed to go off for humans, and the doors probably weren't locked at the times she came in.
      • That's what was being pointed out. In one of the instances, (Tashy 497) it would seem to be morning (Octus was shown up all night, so it's the best that can be inferred). Why would the door be unlocked? They probably haven't left the house yet, and randomly unlocking the door makes no sense. Also the door being carelessly unlocked seems out of character in it of itself.

  • Opening scene of the series premiere, Lance gets us laughing by jamming his helmet onto Ilana's head while he holds his breath. But in "Escape from Galaluna", when they're getting into the pod at the end, none of the trio is shown even owning a helmet! Where did it come from?
    • Seeing as the the pod was shooting into space, it was probably already in the pod in case something happened and they needed an oxygen helmet.
    • Also: How did he bring that portrait of him and his dad? Did someone pack the rocket with his personal effects before it launched? He didn't exactly have time to run back to his room and grab his stuff. (And if someone did pack his bags for him, was he already picked to be Ilana's bodyguard? And why did they think she'd need one? And if there was no hint of an invasion, why did they build the rocket in the first place?
      • The portrait could be explained easily enough. Maybe he just brings the picture around with him wherever he goes. He probably just decided to frame it once he got to Earth since his civilian disguise shirt wouldn't have pockets like his uniform coat.
      • That would make sense, except that there's damage to the frame that we saw happen during the military school flashback. Unless Lance decided to recreate the damage once on Earth, it's the same frame. I wouldn't care except that I'm in mourning.

  • Unlike Power Rangers and other shows relying on monster fights, not all the monsters explode in this show when they're killed. What happens to the bodies?
    • In "Fortress Of Deception", we see that the Galactic Guardians have been collecting the remains. Though the robo-hyda's legs are still in the countryside, it seems.

  • And I thank you, Kimmy, for confirming all your major character flaws almost immediately. What right does she have to have someone she supposedly cares about to have him conform, if we've been led to the apparently established point that she cares about Newton/Octus? You know, making your night, invoking so much Double Standard earlier (despite the Lance/Ilana stuff earlier despite Word of God denial), and then getting on his case? I don't think you're blind and you clearly know enough to realize that something is wrong. She really held that against him? Sigh.
    • Be fair. This is Homecoming, and it is not that unreasonable that she ask Octus to wear a suit, nor that Ilana or Lance do the same if they must come. Pushing for them to get dates was a bit over the edge, but she probably just wanted them busy. She also only got on his case because, as is common for superheroes, he just up and disappears for no reason on a regular basis.
      • She did a lot more than asking him to wear a suit. She essentially asked him to make her night 'perfect.' I didn't see how she was doing the same in terms of a mutual relationship, but he seemed to be committing far more than she did from where I stood, at least in action. They both felt bad emotionally, but Octus did more in terms of actions. And really, what's the point in Homecoming if you're willing to use that as a argument in her favor? I simply don't really understand the impact of such an event.
      • She never asked him to make the night perfect, as in a demand or anything. She wanted the night to be perfect. If Octus hadn't insisted on bringing the family, that would have ended at getting him suit. With them, that was just two more outfits and a couple of dates. Her behavior is entirely reasonable. Homecoming is a big deal to her. It may not be so to you or me, but it is to others and Kimmy is entirely within her rights to want it to be a special night. Octus understands this, too, since he ordered the limo unprompted.
    • I think you're forgetting that she doesn't know anything about what Octus and his "family" do when he disappears on his bathrooms breaks. She doesn't know they're secretly a bunch of aliens fighting other alien invaders on a regular basis. For all intents and purposes Octus, Ilana, and Lance stood their dates up for the entire dance after getting their hopes up. People usually don't take being stood up very well, and the only reason Lance and Ilana's dates weren't as outraged was likely because they weren't exactly popular and probably used to being rejected or stood up.
      • I never said that she was aware, I'm actually giving her credit to realize that Lance, Ilana and Octus do have a secret, and caught onto it. She hasn't followed up as I expected her to if she cared in any shown way. Add alongside the fact that she's started to invoke control over Newton to 'make this night perfect' or to be involved with something which-for teenagers-has no real impact from anything I've been able to analyze in shows or real life in the long run. Short run, its somewhat important, but only to an extent.
      • Have you ever been a teenager before? Or stood up on a date? It hurts when a date completely ditches you for reasons he or she refuses to clearly explain, and that holds true for adults and teenagers. She only really went ballistic when Newton decides to abandon the date at the very last minute and never shows up for the dance. Provided how he never gives her any real reason for doing so, how is her being pissed at that unreasonable? Would you be happy if you got ditched on a date at the last minute by someone who only says "I need to go on a bathroom break"?
        And as for the "no real impact on teenagers" thing, really? I'm a nerd, and when I was a teenager I didn't go to dances. Doesn't mean I held it against people who did like to go to it, nor was I even too caught up in my values to realize that for a lot of people other than me going to the dance means a big fucking deal—especially if they're in a relationship. And, realize, that relationships are a two-way thing. Some things you personally don't value, but the other does, you at least try to respect for the other's sake and vice versa. You're expecting her to completely disregard what means a big deal to her and only respect what Newton does? She put up with Octus ditching her before, she put up with his lack of a real reason for ditching her, and she put up with Octus being inseparable from Lance and Ilana (even if she doesn't really like the both of them). How is her expecting Newton to at least not ditch during a dance unreasonable?
        Also, what's with the whole "OMG she made Octus wear a suit, she's persecuting his values" thing? Seriously? Individuality is so tenuous that it would be threated by basic social protocol? The dance is a formal event, so of course she'd expect Newton to wear a suit. I'm a nerd — a Big Damn Nerd and proud of it —but I don't ever act like I'm being controlled or have my individuality threatened every time my girlfriend pesters me about wearing something fancy to a fancy place even though I don't like dressing fancy. Social interaction with other individuals with their own likes and dislikes means some level of pesky compromise, who knew?!
    • One, you're right; you are dealing with someone who doesn't understand the importance, not because he's a geek, but because he doesn't understand the social context. He was a little harsh, but experience dictates this situation to be similar to many he's be in before and he's aware the relationships are supposed to be mutual. Second, I feel like I'm looking at an emotional attack against Octus/Newton because conforming is hard and she's asking for a lot. Of course he compromised, but compromise is give and take. I saw a lot of giving for Octus and a lot of taking from Kimmy. Not a lot the other way around. I could very well be missing something, but I wouldn't know it. And I never did go on dates, but I was aware what was urgent and that relationships are supposed to be mutual.
      • That and this was the first time Lance and Ilana actually went on a date with someone. This is the second time, on screen anyway, that Octus ditched Kimmy in the middle of their date. Considering she previously had a Bastard Boyfriend, I believe her behavior was pretty rational throughout the episode.
      • Kimmy has been giving to the relationship. She has been trusting that Newton has had a good reason for his secret, but there is only so long a person can hold that trust without getting justification. The assumption we have to make is that there are a lot of Mutradi attacks that we don't see, and that would mean that Octus has had to break a lot of dates. When it happens in Spider-Man, we don't think Peter's dates and friends are being unreasonable because those instances are shown more frequently. As was said above, Octus understands that Homecoming is important to Kimmy; it's a big social event. You might be fine with your significant other missing dinner dates because of work, but it is more unforgivable if that dinner date is for your birthday or anniversary. It's just another day like any other, but the importance placed is purely sentimental.
  • It was canceled beyond this season because of "not selling any toys". Huh?!?!?!!
    • It's unfortunate, but it's also pretty simple business logic. If a show isn't making money, then replace it with something that is.
      • Except..."not selling any toys" implies there are toys to sell. Sym-Bionic Titan doesn't have a toyline.
      • No, it implies that the show lends itself well to a toyline. It implies that Bandai (who does the Ben 10 toys) or Mattel (who does the toys for Generator Rex and did them for The Secret Saturdays) or even McDonald's contacted Cartoon Network and wanted to make toys.
      • I'm legitimately surprised that it didn't have a toyline. It's a show with various robots of great size, monstrous alien creatures, every other character being a badass, and an action sequence Once an Episode! What part of that wouldn't make a great toy or two?
      • My guess is the same reason the Avatar toyline tanked: it has an Action Girl and nobody thinks they can sell toys of that.
      • At least Avatar had a toyline.
      • I highly doubt that there being an action girl has anything to do with the toyline. Avatar did have a toyline but it was all the guys and it tanked before they could make and release the girls. I think this toyline thing is an excuse for some other reason for canceling it. Don't know what though.
      • It seems that no manufacturer wanted to take on the toyline due to the economic recession. The only lines still going are the big-name brands by the larger companies like Hasbro, Mattel, and Ban Dai, and none of them want to take it on because they're having a hard enough time trying to sell the lines they already maintain.

  • Why would CN replace Johnny Test on Wednesday nights and have no repeats of this show? I mean, it may have been a saving throw but why oh why is it Johnny Test, the CN's Wesley Crusher?
    • For why it was replaced, because they saw no point in giving air time to a cancelled show

  • Shouldn't Lance and Ilana be more concerned about what happens if they sabotage the Hammer? Granted, Steel is a jerk and the Hammer will most likely blow up in his face. But as long as Titan is out of commission, the Hammer is the only thing that can defend Earth from the Mutraddi. And Lance and Ilana can't know for certain if taking the Hammer's power source will revive Octus.
    • It's not like they going to remove it. They were going to use it to jump-start Octus. Steel's robot would be fine.

  • Again, in "I Am Octus": When the birds are frozen in flight, they fall out of the air immediately, presumably because they've stopped flapping their wings and gravity still works as normal. If so, how is it, then, that two kids running can be frozen mid-stride in a way that is physically impossible to maintain without falling over? How is it that an apron is frozen mid-breeze? Is it just Rule Of Creepy?
    • Probably yes, to the cloth. For the kids, it's probably meant to be that their feet are position that they had enough balance, but it would have been too much work to animate that exact detail (bends in the shoes, etc).
    • Also, sound doesn't travel in the vacuum of space. Additionally, why did the effect start in one city then spread over the whole word?
      • It's like the sound was being picked up by technology like satelites and being gradually broadcasted all over at varying times. It would have wasted too much show time to give us detailed looked at multiple countries/cities getting affected.
    • For that matter, why aren't there catastrophic death and damage all over the Earth? Wouldn't every bird die from falling over? Anyone in a moving vehicle at the moment should be seriously injured or dead, especially rail-based, water-based, and air-based transport. All the fish should be dead because they're no longer moving their fins to stay afloat. People stuck in hostile weather phenomena (sandstorms, high-altitude air, etc.) would likely perish from the elements. And anyone in close proximity to hazardous materials would get ridiculous exposure to the stuff, if it doesn't come directly into contact with them because they stopped moving.
  • It has been established in "Tashy 497" that the Sym-Bionic Titan is able to carry a lifeform across a wide expanse of space without causing much harm to it. So why couldn't the team do the same with Solomon for a considerably shorter distance during "A Family Crisis"? Even assuming it's not possible for direct travel from the space station to Earth, the Titan could easily seek refuge on any one of Saturn's many moons (if it's indeed Saturn the space station is orbiting around) and await Solomon's rescue committee.
    • The creature in Tashy 497 may have been designed in some way or another for deep space travel. Solomon... not so much. Also, at that point, they didn't know whether or not a rescue was coming, if at all.
    • They were trying to avoid attracting the big energy-sucking monster since, at that point, they didn't know they could do anything to harm it yet. They form the Titan—a process that involves a great deal of energy—and it'll attract the creature like a great white to the smell of a bucketful of blood.

  • Why did they have the H.M.E.R get curbstomped in the last episode? It completely dominated the first fight it was in, was built up to be a very strong robot...and then it gets destroyed with ease the episode after it was introduced! It seems like a complete waste of time to even introduce the thing when they could've done something else that would close up the story. Was the ending just redone when they discovered it was going to be cancled and they had to tie up the loose end? Otherwise, it seems like they shouldn't have bothered introduced it in the first place. If it was to show off how much stronger the upgraded Titan was, they didn't need to introduce a new robot just to do that. So why?!
    • Because if it wasn't the monster, it would have been Titan. Steel wouldn't have backed down as long as he had the robot.
      • It's not that it lost to the monster, it was that it lost so easily after being built up to be a huge threat. And if they did, why did they include the Mutradi in the first place? Why not have Octus revived and the Titan used to fight the H.M.E.R instead of having three Mutradi randomly show up to destroy it and show off the new improved Titan? It just doesn't make sense to have the thing get thrashed by a random monster after so much build up.
      • Titan wouldn't look like a hero if it demolished the US robot. The robot lost because it had to lose, and it lost in the way it did so Titan could make a triumphant return. It was bound to be beaten eventually, if not by those monsters than by another.
      • It's The Worf Effect; it's all there to show how powerful the new Titan is. The first Mutradi was likely no more powerful than any of the others that Titan has gone toe-to-toe with. So, they are Class 1. Steel comes in with something that curbstomps the Mutradi; H.M.E.R. is Class 2. A new monster comes that curbstomps H.M.E.R.; it becomes Class 3. The new Titan appears and obliterates all three Mutradi; they are now Class 4. Titan has moved from a Class 1 to Class 4 power level. Whether you want to view that escalation of power as arithmetic or geometric, it still means that Titan may now be capable of going New Game+ on General Modula's army.
      • Honestly, I always got the impression that Hammer was nowhere near as strong as Titan. It took out one monster, sure. But watch that fight scene. Steel's crew put a lot of effort into doing things that Titan can do easily, like avoiding damage to the city or doing a dropkick. The monster just sort of stood there and took it.
  • Why is it that Sym-Bionic Titan got canned because of a lack of merchandising while Cartoon Network has more Regular Show episodes planned? There doesn't seem to be much, if any, official merchandise for that so the decision to drop Sym-Bionic Titan due to a lack of merchandise doesn't make much sense.
    • Look at the animation style. Regular Show is much cheaper to produce. Plus, by virtue of being a comedy the merchandising expectations are much different.
    • What bugs me is why nobody merchandised it in the first place. I mean, if you can do toyline consisting mostly of Rex-with-a-sword, Rex-with-big-fists, Rex-with-motorcycle-legs, and so on, but don't think you can do toys based off a show with Giant Robots and Robeasts? Bandai, of all people, should know better.
    • Now it looks like Cartoon Network and Genndy Tartakovsky had a bit of a falling out during the show's run which may be why CN didn't even bother to try and find a maker for the toys and Genndy jumped ship for Sony Pictures.

  • In "Escape from Galaluna", when Lance is facing off against his former superior officer, he originally has both a gun and a sword. Once it's clear that the traitor isn't going to activate his armor and Curb Stomp Lance, why doesn't Lance just shoot his opponent so he can immediately go save the king?
    • I thought the same thing, really. I really just think it was an honor thing.
    • Because the bad guy agreed to not activate his armor to make the fight "fair." If Lance hadn't thrown away his gun, there's no guarantee that his superior officer wouldn't just grab his watch again and reactivate his armor.

  • How are they paying for all this stuff? I doubt Galalunan currency can be exchanged for any currency on Earth, and none of them has a job or any other clearly available means of making the kind of money they need. Lance and Ilana fled with only the clothes on their backs and their armor-watches; it's not like they brought gemstones or anything else that could be sold.
    • You must have missed the scene when they buy their house, where Octus clearly creates a huge stack of US dollars.
      • So they buy everything with counterfeit money and no one notices? I guess Octus' fakes must perfectly match the real deals.

  • Why is Lance a corporal and not a captain? He graduated from the Academy and he's the best soldier they've got. He should, by all rights, be an officer.
    • The school looked more like a military prep academy, with the possible fact that just like in Real Life, going to one of those doesn't automatically mean you're going to a service academy/officer's school. Alternately, his history of going off the leash on a regular basis may have cost him a career in the officer corps. And lastly, we're assuming that the Gallilunan military works in the same fashion as those on Earth; it might turn out to have an entirely different rank system.

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