Funny / Sym-Bionic Titan

  • Lance yanking off his helmet and cramming it onto Ilana's head, whilst holding his breath.
  • A few minutes later, we have Lance, Ilana's, and Octus's first attempt at walking around in public, before they are 'educated' by The WC.
  • The whole fake commercial Octus presented to Lance and Ilana.
    "I don't know how to read!" (continues to make out)
  • Lance running and Le Parkour-ing through the city to get to Ilana's bus, then slipping in through the window, where he sits next to her in an exaggeratedly casual fashion.
    "So...The mall's over there?"
  • The soldiers riding the escalator in the same episode.
  • The names of the stores in MallOmega are understated, but side-splitting: Jerk Store, Ugly Baby, Chess Nerd, Bees, Art, Lid...
  • Octus giving advice to Lance in the kitchen how to make up with Ilana, live prompted from Animal Friends. Perfect comedic timing!
    • The way he says "Try" while moving his arm, because he saw it on TV.
    • When the advice doesn't work (because Ilana and Lance just stare at each other instead of talk), Octus looks over to the TV.
      "It didn't work, Elephanty."
  • Octus later playing the Animal Friends theme song from Titan, broadcasting it for everyone to hear. Solomon's expression is priceless. And look at the General's pouty face!
  • The conclusion of the Episode 3 climax:
    Octus: (digs himself out of the rubble) Let's not do that ever again.
  • There is also Octus' attempt to "smile" at the very end of that episode.
  • Episode 4
    • Features a genuinely happy Lance on most scenes, including getting breakfast, showering, etc.
    • Xishi complimenting Ilana's cooking in the middle of a fight.
    "Good Foo Foo."
  • Episode 5
    • "Nobody drink the milk, it expired yesterday!" Lo and behold, Ilana herself ends up drinking the milk at the end.
    • Lance's Sassy Black Woman driving instructor is a non-stop CMOF. She even makes Mike Chan (the episode's resident Jerk Ass who's been antagonizing Lance previously) back off, with an absolutely priceless look on his face when she chews him out!
    • Lance's picture on his driver's license. Awkward doesn't even begin to describe it. Poor guy can't crank a smile to save his life (sans episode four, that is).
    • Octus' pure child-like joy at eating ice sticks.
      • He and Lance were making a model car out of popsicle sticks. When the rival racer destroyed it, Octus revealed he had a holographic model the whole time. When Lance asked why he didn't show it sooner, Octus' answer was priceless.
  • Episode 7
    • Octus' interaction with Meat the Jock. Those two could have a comedy routine.
    • The scene where Octus just casually holds up a jar contining the Monster of the Week to Meat's cell phone (which causes the monster pain) and the pulling it away again as an oblivious Meat continues with the conversation.
    • The conversation itself is just as brilliant.
    "Mom? Can you come and get me? It's weird in here!"
  • Episode 9
    • After the Mutraddi they sent fails to do any damage of significance to the Titan, Modula tells the henchman who recommended it that it's fine, and they made a mistake, and the minion is relieved and says it was a simple one. Modula then quickly kills him on the spot.
  • Episode 10
    • Octus' face during the dance scene where Kimmy attempts to "Booty Quake" her way into getting him to do her homework for her. And his reaction.
    Octus: No!
  • Episode 12: "What just happened?" Cue Meat looking back and forth at the real Jason and Chameleon Jason after the fight with Lance, looking very confused. "You just got your butt whooped!"
  • Episode 15
    • "Use some of that slang the young hooligans are so fond of!"
    Stevens: Heeeey, wassup!
    General Steel: Wazzaaaap!
    Group of other army men: WAZZUUUUUUUUUUP!!
    • "General, sir... they ALL look suspicious."
      • It's even funnier when the Fridge Logic sets in and you realize that Private Stevens can't be more than a few years out of high school himself.
  • Episode 19
    • "THE HAMMER!"
    • Lance's incredulity concerning military-related information being publicly available on the internet.
    • Ilana's short talking sandwich bit.
    Ilana: (in a muttered voice while moving the bread of the sandwich up and down) Oh, I'll have the chicken Ilana. (regular voice) Here. Eat.
  • Episode 20: Lance getting a pilot to eject himself by just going next to him.
    Lance: (knocks on glass and points thumb upward)
    Pilot: (gives OK and ejects)