Funny / Sym-Bionic Titan

  • Lance yanking off his helmet and cramming it onto Ilana's head, whilst holding his breath.
  • A few minutes later, we have Lance, Ilana's, and Octus's first attempt at walking around in public, before they are 'educated' by The WC.
  • The whole fake commercial Octus presented to Lance and Ilana.
    "I don't know how to read!" (continues to make out)
  • Lance running and Le Parkour-ing through the city to get to Ilana's bus, then slipping in through the window, where he sits next to her in an exaggeratedly casual fashion.
    "So...The mall's over there?"
  • The soldiers riding the escalator in the same episode.
  • The names of the stores in MallOmega are understated, but side-splitting: Jerk Store, Ugly Baby, Chess Nerd, Bees, Art, Lid...
  • Octus giving advice to Lance in the kitchen how to make up with Ilana, live prompted from Animal Friends. Perfect comedic timing!
    • The way he says "Try" while moving his arm, because he saw it on TV.
    • When the advice doesn't work (because Ilana and Lance just stare at each other instead of talk), Octus looks over to the TV.
      "It didn't work, Elephanty."
  • Octus later playing the Animal Friends theme song from Titan, broadcasting it for everyone to hear. Solomon's expression is priceless. And look at the General's pouty face!
  • The conclusion of the Episode 3 climax:
    Octus: (digs himself out of the rubble) Let's not do that ever again.
  • There is also Octus' attempt to "smile" at the very end of that episode.
  • Episode 4
    • Features a genuinely happy Lance on most scenes, including getting breakfast, showering, etc.
    • Xishi complimenting Ilana's cooking in the middle of a fight.
    "Good Foo Foo."
  • Episode 5
    • "Nobody drink the milk, it expired yesterday!" Lo and behold, Ilana herself ends up drinking the milk at the end.
    • Lance's Sassy Black Woman driving instructor is a non-stop CMOF.
    • Lance's picture on his driver's license. Awkward doesn't even begin to describe it. Poor guy can't crank a smile to save his life (sans episode four, that is).
    • Octus' pure child-like joy at eating ice sticks.
      • He and Lance were making a model car out of popsicle sticks. When the rival racer destroyed it, Octus revealed he had a holographic model the whole time. When Lance asked why he didn't show it sooner, Octus' answer was priceless.
  • Episode 7
    • Octus' interaction with Meat the Jock. Those two could have a comedy routine.
    • The scene where Octus just casually holds up a jar contining the Monster of the Week to Meat's cell phone (which causes the monster pain) and the pulling it away again as an oblivious Meat continues with the conversation.
    • The conversation itself is just as brilliant.
    "Mom? Can you come and get me? It's weird in here!"
  • Episode 9
    • After the Mutraddi they sent fails to do any damage of significance to the Titan, Modula tells the henchman who recommended it that it's fine, and they made a mistake, and the minion is relieved and says it was a simple one. Modula then quickly kills him on the spot.
  • Episode 10
    • Octus' face during the dance scene where Kimmy attempts to "Booty Quake" her way into getting him to do her homework for her. And his reaction.
    Octus: No!
  • Episode 12: "What just happened?" Cue Meat looking back and forth at the real Jason and Chameleon Jason after the fight with Lance, looking very confused. "You just got your butt whooped!"
  • Episode 15
    • "Use some of that slang the young hooligans are so fond of!"
    Stevens: Heeeey, wassup!
    General Steel: Wazzaaaap!
    Group of other army men: WAZZUUUUUUUUUUP!!
    • "General, sir... they ALL look suspicious."
      • It's even funnier when the Fridge Logic sets in and you realize that Private Stevens can't be more than a few years out of high school himself.
  • Episode 19
    • "THE HAMMER!"
    • Lance's incredulity concerning military-related information being publicly available on the internet.
    • Ilana's short talking sandwich bit.
    Ilana: (in a muttered voice while moving the bread of the sandwich up and down) Oh, I'll have the chicken Ilana. (regular voice) Here. Eat.
  • Episode 20: Lance getting a pilot to eject himself by just going next to him.
    Lance: (knocks on glass and points thumb upward)
    Pilot: (gives OK and ejects)