Fridge / Lil' Bush

Fridge Brilliance
  • You start to wonder why Condi, Rummy and Cheney follow George as blind sheep, when all three of them are exceptionally bright and level headed themselves. But thats when you realize they all have a perfectly clear reason for doing so. Condi's is obviously her crush on George. Just trying to impress him. The abuse Rummy suffers at the hands of his father already broke him and taught him the way to survive is doing what your told and submitting to any authority. You'll notice Rummy is only aggressive towards people he believes he has power over. As for Cheney, as we see his antisocial behaviour's made him pretty unpopular with everyone else, so he just wants to fit in with the people who accept him, especially George who finds this behaviour cool.

  • In "Big Pharma" Condi becomes addicted to smoking. In the library scene we can see Rummy is visibly nervous around her cigarette. Why? Because, as shown in an earlier episode, his dad burns him with cigars.
  • So the episode "The Wedding" starts off with Lil' Rummy saying "so then I said, how about I point to the places he didn't touch me?" Previously whenever Lil' Rummy's talked about something terrible happening to him, he's always been reasonably sad about it. Also he was clearly terrified of being raped at the school dance, so why so chipper here? Simple. It never actually happened. It's just a joke he made up.
  • In "Crony Breakup" in Lil' Rummy's house, there are chains hanging from the walls, referencing when Rummy said his dad chains him to the radiator every weekend.
    • Theres also a wrecked teddy bear on the ground. Children who are abused often reenact it on there toys.
  • In the Egg Sitting episode Lil' Cheney is a loving (eventually) understanding father, while Lil' Rummy is cold and emotionally abusive. Lil' Cheney's father is the best parent on the show, while Lil' Rummy's is physically abusive.
Fridge Horror
  • In the episode with Lil' Bill's rainbow party, in the end we learn Lil' Bill does in fact intend to do it with the girls at the party. He pulls Lil' Condi, who was quite clearly resisting, into a room and closes the door. So what happened behind that door?
  • In "Weekend at Saddamy's" the Lil' Dem's are tricked by Lil' Bill into getting drunk, which leads to them acting crazy on the beach and getting naked. Later they see that it was all caught on tape and is being sold on TV. This is essentially child pornography thats being sold massively!
  • In one episode Lil' George mentions that Lil' Rummy beats kids up for him, and when the students are given the watermelon parenting assignment, we clearly see Lil' Rummy acting out his own abuse on it. Perhaps when he beats up these other kids, he's doing the same thing?
    • Well the fact that he's abused can probably explain his entire sadistic streak.

Fridge Logic
  • If Lil' Cheney was so willing to have sex with Barbara, then why in 'Three Dates" was he so terrified of having sex?
    • Well thats easy when he did it with Mrs. Bush, he wanted to. Putting aside the fact that it was statutory rape, and Mrs. Bush should be in prison, he still wanted to. He didn't want to have sex with Lil' Katherine
      • Or maybe it's directly because of his experience with Mrs. Bush.
  • How the hell does Lil' Romney have a moustache? He's eight.