Webcomic: Meaty Yogurt

Not everyone is a party person.

"Because being the best at something terrible is very close to being decent at something good. Only easier."

Meaty Yogurt is a webcomic by Megan Rose Gedris, who is also the author of YU+ME: dream and I Was Kidnapped by Lesbian Pirates from Outer Space. The Pun-Based Title is a play on the word "mediocre." The story centers around Jackie Monroe, who lives in the painfully dull town of Middleville and suffers from a serious case of Small Town Boredom.

To make things worse, Middleville is under a curse as a result of being built on land stolen from an Indian tribe — anyone born there is destined to die there. Jackie hates the thought of being stuck in an ambition-less life and dying in her hometown, so she constantly attempts to make her life interesting, or as she puts it, "live a life someone would want to read a book about."

She's pretty lacking on follow-through, however. She is continually switching her college major, starting to write novels and screenplays, and creating bands and art projects that never go anywhere. Her idol is Moira, an out-of-town musician and girlfriend of Saffron, Jackie's best friend. Moira has been homeless, gotten stabbed in the face, traveled the country, and is a brilliant guitar player, plus she doesn't have to deal with the Middleville curse. Jackie swings between idolizing her and hating being near her because it makes her feel awkward and useless. Overall, the story focuses on Jackie's attempts to accomplish her wacky and frequently shifting life goals.

This webcomic provides examples of: