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Headscratchers: The Powerpuff Girls
  • Why the f&!$ did Utonium decide to have Dick Hardly as one of his friends?
    • The Professor never actually saw Dick's true colors until Dick visited him again and attempted to use the girls as tools for money. He considered Dick as a friend because he never saw Dick's true colors back in his college days.

  • Why don't they have any fingers/toes?
    • They were made in a freak lab accident, so they're technically mutants.
    • Actually kind of a bit of Fridge Brilliance, They're perfect little girls. Perfect little girls don't have sticky, dirty fingers. They don't have snotty, runny noses. They have great big dolls eyes to look up at you.
    • I don't think they do. In the episode where everybody switched bodies, Buttercup got stuck in the Professor's body. When the phone rang, Buttercup couldn't figure out how to pick it up; instead of curling the Professor's fingers around the handset, she kept them straight like a Barbie doll hand and just kinda waved it over the phone. She then says something along the lines of "Professor, your hands don't work!"
  • Why does everyone say the PPGs and RRBs are twins? They don't share any DNA, right? Or ingredients, or even the Chemical X if you think about it...
    • It's Hollywood shorthand for similarly created superchildren with near-identical Opposite-Sex Clone counterparts.
    • Also, Mojo Jojo is responsible for the creation of both trios. And it is implied his shit contains Chemical X
    • Because they look alike. Take the Kagamines for example. People say they're twins, lovers, friends etc, because they look alike. For this fandom, most of the fans say they're lovers. They may all have Chemical X in them, but they're not related by blood, since Mojo used Chemical X from the toilet and Professor used fresh Chemical X from a beaker. Mojo may have pushed the Professor, so people say the RRB and PPG are brothers/sisters, but technically, they didn't all come out of a woman's special part when they were born, so technically, they're not related.

  • If they were made with "sugar, spice, and everything nice" why is the green one such a bitch?
    • She's the one made from spice.
      • For the record, I think Bubbles is sugar and Blossom is everything nice.
      • You know, that kinda makes sense. Sugar is sweet and it makes things tasty, but too much of it will be bad for your health, and if you look at Blossom throughout the series...
      • Considering Bubbles' love of animals, coloring, among other things, I think she's "everything nice".
    • In the intro sequence, sugar is accompanied by a blue background, spice by a green one, and everything nice by pink. Bubbles, Buttercup, Blossom, in that order. Simple.
      • I always thought of it that way, too. Bubbles—sugar because she's sweet, Buttercup—spice because she isn't, Blossom—everything nice because she's the leader.
    • If you watch the show, especially the early episodes, they all kind of come off as bitches. Rule of Funny.
    • I always thought of Blossom's everything nice meaning she was obsessed with making sure everything was nice. You know, her internet-OCD about rules. "Sugary" and "Spicy" are also slang terms for the other two's personalities. Fridge Brilliance anyone?
    • My take is that each girl has all three ingredients in them, they just tend to lean towards a certain one. So while Bubbles is usually sweet as sugar, she does have spicier moments at times.

  • Is anyone kind of bothered by the episode 'Speed Demon', where the girls fly too fast and get catapulted into the distant future, where Him has taken over the world? I understand the gist of it. This episode posits an alternate future where the girls are no longer around to defend Townsville against evil attacks. At the end, when they finally get back to their present time, they tell the professor that they can't go on a weekend vacation to the Bahamas and leave Townsville defenseless. But wait a minute. Everything they saw in that future only happened because they flew so fast that they broke the space time continuum and disappeared, not because they left Townsville for a weekend vacation. It just seemed like the girls were being too harsh on themselves for something which happened because of a superpowered accident. Were they reckless for flying that fast in the first place? Maybe. Then again, they could hardly have known that that would happen. So what, superheroes can't go on a vacation because then they have to worry that a world ending cataclysm might happen in the TWO DAYS they're gone? Besides, in a later episode they moved to Citiesville for a few days at least, and when they returned to Townsville it was fine.
    • They're five years old and overreacted. Remember how when you were little you thought your parents would throw you out of the house if they found out you broke that vase? Immediately after seeing the horrors of a Townsville without them, they panicked and swore never to leave it.
    • Furthermore, It's freaking Townsville. It gets attacked by giant monsters/ super-villains every few days. Imagine what would happen when the girls leave.
    • What particularly bothers me about this episode was that the villain that took over was Him. Him has been stated that he only wants to screw with the girl's heads; Mojo even calls him out on it in one of the comic books. Also, in the birthday episode, Him considered his rigged birthday gift (a magical bull pinata) a success not because it destroyed the girls, but because they broke it and the candy will (as it is candy) cause tooth decay. Although there are times when he's gone the physical route (such as in "Meet the Beat Alls"), bottom line is he generally goes for a mental strike. Whatever changed in those fifty years the girls were gone to make him take over Townsville remains unknown.
      • He's Satan — he enjoys causing misery and pain. If the girls aren't around, other victims are just as satisfying.
      • He did use having taken over the world to screw with their heads, and he immediately knew exactly what had happened to them, so he might have been watching when they zipped forward into the future and took over the world just to have an epic-level Mind Screw ready when they popped back into the normal timestream.
      • And the ultimate result of said Mind Screw? Girls are now terrified of leaving the Townsville and will never experience the joys and wonders of the world! Him, you Magnificent Bastard!
      • He did Mind Screw people, just not the girls since they weren't around. He seems to have mentally broken The Professor, Ms Bellum and Ms Keene. Probably everyone else too. In fact since the professor seems to have forgotten how to create the PP Gs Him probably made the professor forget.
    • Actually, they COULD have known. Notice Ms Keane explaining Einstein's theory of special relativity? The one where, when you travel close to the speed of light, you travel forward in time?

  • What bothers me is that they flew superfast and went to the past? That doesn't actually make sense, going faster should slow time down and if you're going for the whole time travel thing, then they should go BACK in time.
    • They went so fast they flew into the time vortex. Simple.
      • In response to this and the above Magnificent Bastard Him posts, a viable explanation that makes Him even more badass: That entire episode was All Just An Illusory Psychological Torment Zone. Going that fast the second time in reality would have sent them even further into the future, but He needed a quasi-believable way to "send them back" so they wouldn't realize it wasn't real. All the awesomeness of the above Mind Rape, none of the 50-year plan hassle.

  • It bugs me that the Rowdyruff Boys didn't show up at all in "Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!". You can't tell me thy wouldn't like to rule the world, so why didn't they at least appear in the background of a fight scene or something?
    • They don't particularly care about the world. They can already take anything they want with their superpowers. Moreover, they probably don't read newspapers, so it's quite likely that they spent the day tormenting a cat somewhere or something like that.
      • I concur. They are Chaotic Evil to Chaotic Neutral juvenile delinquents. If the Powerpuff Girls were getting beaten, they'd just as likely help the girls as attack them, because anyone strong enough to beat the Powerpuff Girls would be fun to fight.
    • Aren't the Rowdyruff Boys, y'know, DEAD?
    • They got better.

  • It bugs me that the Rowdyruffs were nowhere to be seen in "See me, Feel me, Gnomey." They're all about senseless wanton destruction, so you'd think they'd be all over it.
    • Maybe they didn't want to sing... since their voices are rather raspy.

  • It bugs me that the villains only attack Townsville. I mean, if they know the Powerpuff Girls are going to stop their plans if they know about it, and most of their plans involve world domination, why not start dominating the world anywhere else, preferably in a different country or something?
    • Well, the monsters at least come there because it has superheroes-fighting the Powerpuff Girls seems to be the monster equivalent of an extreme sport. The rest of the villains either have a personal rivalry with the girls or else simply happen to be living in Townsville and don't want to move.
    • The girls are safer. As shown in "Member's Only," there are other, grown up heroes. We could probably assume that many of the other heroes are a lot less forgiving than the girls can be.
    • Let's take a look at the recurring villains.
      • As has been mentioned already, the monster attack Townsville because the girls are there.
      • Likewise, the Amoeba Boys want the girls to catch them, because it will mean they're real criminals.
      • Mojo Jojo, Princess Morbucks, and the Smiths have specific grudged against the girls.
      • In the majority of Fuzzy Lumkins's appearances, he's either reacting to something else, or isn't actually doing anything wrong. "Meet the Beat Alls" is the only episode where he's a major part of the plot and he's actively trying to destroy the girls.
      • The Rowdyruff Boys were specifically created to be the girls' evil counterparts, so seeking out the girls is part of their innate psychology.
      • Him wants to corrupt them because they're so good and pure.
      • With one exception, the Gangreen Gang never get up to anything worse than petty theft and vandalism. They'd act the same way regardless of where they happened to be.
      • That just leaves Sedusa... yeah, I've got nothing for her.
      • Similar to Mojo, Morbucks, and the Smiths, Sedusa has grudge against the Powerpuffs (and Ms. Bellum). Remember, they cut off all of Sedusa's hair. Not to mention they ruined her other nefarious schemes, so there's no way she would leave Townsville without getting revenge on them first.
    • It's implied that law enforcement is extremely incompetent, and punishments are very lenient.
    • Villains do attack other parts of the world, that's why Dick Hardley was able to make profit on the Powerpuff Girls Xtreme. They even stop a man causing havoc with a magical gem in what i suppose is India or Pakistan.

  • Are the Powerpuff Girls not able to grow older or are they just subject to normal cartoon aging?
    • Yes.
    • I think it's just cartoon aging, or even that the show takes place in a short enough period of time that they don't really age significantly. They had a birthday party once, I think (was it one of TheMovies?), but if they were still at Pokey Oaks, it's probable that they would have been moved up to Grade 1 if it was as much as one school year from when they were first enrolled. I doubt that they would be held back in kindergarten for poor attendance, it's not like missing three class periods of Adhering Glitter To Construction Paper will mean they have to catch up in the first-grade classes. But to tell if they actually are being held back because they never age physically or mature mentally (they're pretty intelligent anyway, and don't seem to have any notable learning impediment), you'd have to look closely to see if Generic Classmates 1-15 are replaced by Generic Classmates 17-32 halfway through the series.
      • What happened to Generic Classmate 16?
      • Also held back.note .
    • If "City of Clipsville" is the be believed then yes, they do age like normal humans.

  • In The Movie, Mojo creates an army of monkeys and apes that are just as advanced as he is. Yet we never see any of them except Mojo again. And while we're on the subject, Antidote X shrinks Mojo back down, but shouldn't it have also turned him back into a normal chimp?
    • One of them actually does appear in an episode of the series — a stupid episode, but it does happen. I was surprised, though... I assumed the girls killed them all. As for Mojo, I'm guessing the effects of the first blast (his super brain power) happened too long ago to be affected; there's often a short window for administering a Magic Antidote before the effects become permanent, so the same could happen with the effects of Chemical X. Mojo was just altered by it; the girls were created from it, which is why Antidote X is permanently a danger to them long after the events of the movie.
    • If the girls were willing to kill all those monkeys, one wonders why they haven't killed Mojo after all their fights with him. I have a theory: they used Antidote X to strip all the other monkeys of their brain-mutatey-ness. The reason it only reduced Mojo back to his puny self, rather than take away all of Chemical X's original effects, is most likely either because it had been too long (as mentioned above), or because (my theory) when he injected himself with Chemical X that second time (and turned into that King Kong thing), he made it so his "default" form was the already brain-mutated one; therefore, Antidote X only reduces him back to that form. ...I have spent waaay too long thinking about this. Chemical X does whatever the plot demands, anyway.
      • Because the girls killed the monkies in their very first battle ever and were vastly outnumbered and the professor's life was on the line. Mojo is special to the girls, as evil as he is they've got a connection, he's like a cousin to them. Remember, in the movie the girls are running off basic knowledge that seems to have huge holes in it. They see absolutely no problem in destroying Townsville during a game of tag so actually using lethal force, which they do still use during the series for non-human enemies, isn't much of a stretch. It's extremely likely that Miss Bellum took them aside and explained what would be acceptable behavior and what their duties would be
    • The monkeys might have moved out to other cities and try and take them over instead of fighting each other.

  • Why is Princess sometimes seen in prison when she can just buy her way out?
    • As far as I can tell, that's always right after the girls have beaten her and she's been thrown in jail - i.e., just been arrested. She just hasn't paid bail yet.
    • Not always; she was shown in jail along with Mojo and the Ameoba Boys in "Birthday Bash."
      • Occasionally Daddy Morbucks does get fed up and decides to teach her a lesson.
    • For that matter, as a kindergartener, isn't Daddy Morbucks the one who's liable every time she commits criminal acts?
      • As mentioned above, Princess does occasionally manage to piss Daddy Morbucks off enough for him to punish her. It's entirely possible that he had her thrown in jail as a kind of scared straight program, and it didn't turn any heads considering that Townsville has a very strange view of morality. I mean, they chased Buttercup out of town with torches and pitchforks on one occasion because she stank and refused to bathe, and they're totally willing to put the weight of ensuring their survival solely on three five year olds (despite their powers, they still have the mentality of five year olds), instead of, you know, actually training their police force not to suck.
      • As for going to jail, have a difference in mind: Princess has all the money that her daddy gives her, but daddy has all the money, period. He will never be in prison because he can pay his way out. She can be in prison anytime his daddy does not feel like giving her money.

  • On a similar note, why don't Townsville prison officials at least try to put Him, a supernatural entity, in something a little more resilient than an average prison cell? At least a summoning circle made of salt or something!
    • They have an understanding with Him: he pretends that he's being punished, and in return, the Townsville police force are not spontaneously transformed into hot dogs and teleported to a fat camp.
    • Him has only been in Prison once, when the three Beat Alls were detained. Or, more precisely, he was unconscious from the fight and the girls left him in there with the others. Who says that he did not simply escape when he wake up?

  • How is it that three kindergarteners knew more about Napoleon than a super intelligent ape? Not to mention two of those kindergarteners are Bubbles and Buttercup!
    • It's funny.
    • Why wouldn't Buttercup know much about Napoleon (at least as compared to any other kindergartener, not necessarily compared to the super-intelligent ape)? And intelligence does not mean learnedness.
      • Plus, unlike Mojo, the girls actually go to school.
    • I always figured Mojo knew the truth about Napoleon, he just preferred his version where Napoleon won. And the girls rubbed Napoleon's loss in his face to show that they'd always beat him.
    • I think there was this Running Gag about how the girls learned advanced stuff in kindergarten. In one episode specifically, the lesson started with naming things shown in pictures - an apple, a ball, a cat, some high-technology gadget with a barely pronounceable name.
      • Four-stroke internal combustion engine.
      • Also, Miss Keane goes off on a tangent about advanced theoretical physics while discussing basic arithmetic in Speed Demon.
    • Of course that Buttercup knows everything about Napoleon. Given who she is, she must surely love everything related to military history.

  • The way that they are treated compared to other ArtificialHumans, and Mutants in general, even relatively benign ones like Stitch because they are five year old children. Makes me wonder what the government will do with a bunch of flying superhumans once they're old enough to be a "threat."
    • Other superheroes are seen in the series, they'd probably be fine in the heroic tradition.

  • Why did Mojo Jojo strip the Mayor of his clothes?
    • It was the simple set-up for the "girls tell the story" episode. That's all the reason you need.
    • I recall that he was giving the mayor an extremely dubious explanation when the girls burst in. Something along the lines of, "If I want to rule Townsville, I have to dress like the leader!"

  • When does the series take place in? In one episode the kids went back to the 50s when Ms.Keen and the Professor were kids. So is it set in the 70s? But the technology..So I'm guessing they're just really hot 50 - 60 year olds.
    • Generally, creators of shows try to avoid putting anything into the show that would tie it to a certain time period, unless they're going for a specific time period. Random references to the time period could make the show seem dated after a while.
      • So it's similar to Ed, Edd n Eddy? But at least that show has a date of around 2001 - 2010.
    • Writers Cannot Do Math, so if the only thing contradicting the obvious time period is dates, especially when Time Travel is involved, adjust said dates in your mind accordingly.
    • The internet is mentioned once or twice so it's current time, late 90s at earliest.
    • It's more like a stylistic universe with alternative art design and technology, similar to the Venture Brothers.
    • In one episode they're playing what appears to be an N64 and watched CGI anime in another.

  • What became of the Powerpuff Girls Extreme after the episode "Knock It Off"? I know they were mostly destroyed in the explosion. But it would be a bit of a stretch to say every PPG Extreme in the world was in the factory when it blew. So what happened to the ones that weren't? Were they unstable and fell apart after a time, like Bunny? Could some of them still be out there, keeping a low profile and just trying to stay out of the way? For that matter, how would Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup react if they ever met any of the surviving PPG Extreme at some point?
    • "The new model's guaranteed to last up to five full hours!" Yes, sadly, any survivors around the world had a very short window to live before they eventually died. Ya know, for kids!

  • I vaguely remember an episode in which the Powerpuff Girls attempted to gain membership into the Justice Friends, guest-starring the three main members as well as several others. The only part of the episode I actually remember is Bubbles racing Internet, who could run around the world in exactly seven seconds. That episode did actually happen, right? I didn't imagine it?
    • No that was real. It was the episode "Members Only," where the Super Friends refused the PPG membership because they were girls. Cue the girls not only out powering the Super Friends at every turn, but then saving their butts and deciding they don't need to join the Super Friends.
    • What bugs me is the seven seconds part? Is that in there for no reason at all, or is it a case of Writers Cannot Do Math, where Internet is supposed to be running at the speed of light, which should be circling the Earth in one seventh of a second?
      • Also: You cannot beat the speed of light to the *corner store*, let alone around the earth. The speed of light in a vacuum is the fastest possible speed anything capable of carrying information (Yes, that includes Bubbles) can travel.
      • It was Buttercup who raced him, and his name is E-Male, not Internet. The team wasn't called the Justice Friends, it was called the Association of World Super Men (A.W.S.M.). It had Val Hallen, Tiki Torch, and Major Glory on the team, and presumably the rest of the Justice Friends, but it was never called the Justice Friends. Some of the members to talk were Big Ben from England, Ya-Man from Jamaica, Down Under Mate from Australia, and E-Male from Japan. Some in the background were Mucho Muchacho, Mushu Gai-Man, Mandingo, Space Ghost, and Birdman. I can't exactly recall, but I might have seen Capital G and White Tiger from Justice Friends in the back as well.
      • Um, no, it was definitely Bubbles who raced against E-Male.
    Bubbles: Um, am I supposed to catch up with you or is one of us supposed to win?
    E-Male: Oh, one of us is definitely supposed to win.
    Bubbles: Oh. Okay. (Turns on afterburners and streaks ahead)

  • What was Mojo Jojo's motivation for teaching people to speak the same way he does?
    • He's full of himself, that is to say that he thinks quite highly of himself, as in superfluous and way too much, and he thinks that's a correct way of speaking, and the others ways that are not his ways are incorrect, wrong, and not right.
    • A judge ordered him to do it.
    • Mojo reasoned that if he must teach English to others, they might as well learn to understand his... distinctive use of English. That way, someday, when all the Earth cowers before Mojo Jojo, he won't have to waste time repeating himself. (He will, of course, but that's just his way.)
    • What are you all talking about? The greeeat Mojo Jojo speaks plain and normal and non-unusual English. This is not the first time the greeeat Mojo Jojo finds himself wondering why persons accuse him of speaking in unusual and abnormal and unusual ways; when that annoying Powerpuff girl Bubbles hit her freakishly large head and thought she was him, that is to say Mojo Jojo, she not only stole his clothes, but she also affected a ridiculous manner of speaking that sounds nothing like him, because she was repeating herself over and over, which Mojo Jojo does not do, because he does not repeat himself over and over like that. Clearly!

  • We were supposed to feel sorry for poor Jojo being forgotten, then reverse that sympathy when he turned out to be "a terrible lab assistant"... but he was a chimpanzee! Who uses a non-sentient (and apparently juvenile) chimpanzee as a lab assistant?
    • We're not necessarily supposed to feel sorry for a villain once we know their Backstory. Some of them (Mojo included) have really stupid excuses, which justifies the hero stopping them.
    • Also, I think part of the sympathy is supposed to be reversed due to the fact that anything bad that happens to him on account of the girls is his own fault since he sort of had a hand in creating them in the first place.
    • It was less that he was a simple chimp and more that when he was normal chimp he clearly enjoyed causing chaos and a mess instead of being well behaved.
      • That doesnt really adrss the OP's point, in that Mojo is a CHIMP, a species of monkey not only destructive, but extremely agressive and territorial. They can be trained, but they're hardly ideal assistants. Of course, this show functions on cartoon logic where monkeys are usually just goofballs about two steps below humans, so maybe thats why.

  • It's legal and ethical for five year olds to go to prison in this world?
    • When three people who shoot laser beams out of their eyes and can casually fly straight through buildings tells you to take someone away, are you gonna argue?
      • They are underaged though. Send them to a rehabilitation center or wherever they usually send underaged criminals.
      • Perhaps because they were artificial?
    • What about Princess?
    • Blossom had to do community service after stealing golf clubs (A Very Special Blossom).
    • This is a town that depends on three five year oldsnote  to not get destroyed on a regular basis, which is an incredibly adult responsibility. It's not too much of a stretch to believe that they'd put five year olds in adult prison too.
    • When Blosson confessed a crime, the Major tried to convince the police officer not to jail her. He said that it was very sad... "BUT THE LAW IS THE LAW!". So there it is.

  • During the Imaginary Enemy episode, one has to wonder why a kid imagined up an evil jester to keep him company? Maybe it's meant to be sorta like how Ralph Wiggum has a pyromaniacal leprechaun in his head (only not Played for Laughs). Sorta gives the episode some disturbing implications of how the kid is a potential Creepy Child.
    • Kids tend to have over-active imaginations. It's not unusual for a child to imagine a giant fire-breathing gecko rather than a cute little bunny rabbit.
    • The jester was initially merely mischievous. The kid just lost control among the way, probably because he isn't old enough to properly understand when pranks go too far.

  • Who protected the Townsville before the girls were created? I know, the monsters are in there for the challenge so they probably didn't attack the city back then (wait...), but what about the likes of Mojo? Come to think, it must be a common theme for super-hero stories, so maybe there's a trope for that?
    • No one did. In The Movie, it's shown that Townsville was a hellhole before the girls were created.
    • Weren't Mojo and the girls created simultaneously?
      • Nope. He was simply Jojo, the prof's lab monkey who had his brain exposed after the explosion that created the girls. When he saw he was one too many, Jojo left and only became Mojo Jojo after the plan to create a race of super monkeys was affected.
    • Ok
Mojo Jojo-Grudge against the girls and the professor and was created in the same accident Princess-Only became a villain after meeting the girls Rowdy Ruff Boys-created specifically to fight the girls Fuzzy Lumpkin-only really comes out for specific reasons otherwise he just remains in his house Him-probably only became interested in Townsville when the girls appeared and decided it was fun to mess with them Sedusa-probably was already there Gangreen Gang-Was specifically shown in the film to be there already and causing trouble.

  • You know that episode called "Collect Her" where that Comic Book Guy Expy kidnaps the girls and puts them in cardboard boxes and the citizens of Townsville have to save 'em? How come they didn't just try using their laser vision to destroy them?
    • Or for that matter, can't their super strength break through plastic?
    • And I quote: "Looks like your power-packed punches can't punch their way out of my power-packages!" I don't know where he got "Power Packages" from, but that's what was stopping them.
    • The REAL question here is how he captured them in the first place.
      • He put them inside as they were laughing their asses off when they saw he was planning to capture them.

  • Why did the Mayor flip out when the girls asked him for 2000 dollars? In an earlier episode, criminals badly disguised as the girls managed to rob the whole freaking bank.
    • Because the 2000 would come from his pocket.

  • In one episode (can't remember the name, sorry), after the girls fall asleep in class, Ms. Keane calls Professor Utonium in to talk about it. During the conference, the Professor points out that the girls are superheroes and saving the world is a big job, to which Ms. Keane replies that education is an even bigger job and the Professor agrees. How on Earth is teaching children a bigger job than saving the world, especially when the heroes are five years old?! Yes, the girls do need an education, but you must be kidding me! These girls put themselves at risk battling villains everyday for the lives of the citizens. They could easily just live normal lives and give up their superhero lifestyle. How can you compare teaching a class of 15 or so kids to saving the whole town?
    • I think she meant education is a bigger job for the girls than saving the world.
      • That makes some sense. Do you think she may have meant juggling education and saving the world is too big a job?
    • You can't. That's the joke.

  • Why do 12-inch-high girls need a queen-sized bed?
    • Apparently, so they can all fit. The girls may only be a foot tall, but they might not be able to all fit into a normal-sized bed meant for one person.

  • What grade were the girls put into when they went to Citiesville? One day they're kindergarten students and they go to a new town and all of a sudden are lumped in with middle school kids.

  • How old is the Professor? His childhood was in the 50s, he looks like he's in his twenties, and the show appears to be set in the early 2000s.
    • I always thought he was somewhere around a youthful looking 40/40-and-a-bit, and Ms. Keane was somewhere between her mid/late twenties and early thirties. If the show was set at the end of the 90s/turn of the century, and the 50s episode took place at the end of the decade, it would just barely work, but Ms. Keane probably isn't that old, and they were kids at the same time. Then again, I'm also terrible at estimating ages even when it's in a real or more realistic style. My guess is that the writers didn't care, or thought it was funny.

  • Did Harold Smith turn to villainy because he was always evil or was it because he was envious of the Utoniums' more active and fulfilling lives?
    • I think he was just bored, and/or having a mid-life crisis.

  • Laser Cha-Cha. Link here. Is it Unwinnable by Design or something? No walkthroughs exist for it, and there doesn't seem to be any way to win it. What gives?
    • Played it and won it. The ending is an anticlimax to say the least.
      • So is that to say the idiotic prank call about the bowling alley IS the ending?

  • In the episode "Nuthin' Special", where Buttercup tries to find her own special power, she's using all these random powers with the hope that Blossom and Bubbles won't be able to do them. But a lot of these powers, like bursting into flames, shrinking, duplicating, turning into a puddle of water, I honestly cannot recall from previous episodes. Were they all just done for the episode? Cause I bet some of those powers would've been useful in past episodes.
    • Those were more likely a parody of other super powers—the water puddle in particular reeks of the Super Friends.

  • What was with the attempted redesign a few years ago, and the attempt to age the girls up?
    • What attempted redesign? Are you referring to Demashita Power Puff Girls Z?
    • He/she might be talking about that one "what if" episode where the girls are teenagers. It wasn't an actual attempt at re-branding the series.
    • Or s/he may be talking about that redesign that came about more than a few years ago. It was never used for the show, but for a "girlier" line of PPG merchandise like makeup and makeup bags. The design used lighter colors, and the girls were taller, slimmer, and had "girlier" faces. There were commercials and plenty of merchandise, but it must not have been very popular because I can't find much proof of it's existence on the internet.

  • In "Equal Fights" Femme Fatale said Princess and Sedusa don't count just because they're in jail. How does that make sense?
    • She's a Nietzsche Wannabe. Of course she doesn't care for the losers who get themselves caught.
    • She's also an idiot.
  • In the same episode, it's really unnerving that the writers attempt to discredit feminism with such a blatant strawman in a hypothetical world without gender inequality, despite the fact that everything Femme Fatale says at the beginning of the episode is true. This is especially disturbing at the end of the episode where they basically use "My best friend is Black and she agrees with me" to prove their point.
    • They werent trying to discredit feminism, Femme Fatale's arguments may have been true, but she was using them as an excuse for why she shouldnt be punished for robbing banks. She doesnt care one iota about equality, she just wanted to use it as a shield for her behavior.
    • What exactly does she say that's true? "Your city belittles your talents"? Untrue. "Female superheroes aren't nearly as revered as male ones"? Maybe not fifty years ago. "Who besides you is a heroine in her own right" instead of just a Distaff Counterpart? I've seen plenty of lists made in response to Blossom's only answer of Wonder Woman. "Villainy is a male-dominated field"? In fiction in general, completely untrue. In Townsville, seems to be true — so would encouraging more women to become villains or not stopping what female villains there are make the world a better place? As Ms. Bellum and Ms. Keane explain to the girls in the end, "There is injustice in the world — that's why we have you to protect the rights of everyone." Claiming women deserve to be treated equally (as Susan B. Anthony fought for) is right. Claiming women deserve special treatment is wrong, and that's all the episode claims.

  • Speaking of Princess, in the first episode with her how does Blossom break through her armor?
    • Ice Breath to make the suit shatter.

  • What happened to Elmer? At the end of his episode, he's still a radioactive paste monster, which would be a little inconvenient regarding his daily life, to say in the least.
    • You can see him normal in the episode "Beat Your Greens" as an extra. It's safe to say he recovered.

  • I can't believe this never occurred to me when I watched the episode the first time, but isn't "making crime legal" technically impossible? Crime is, by definition, something that's illegal, so legalizing crime is contradictory. Once it becomes legal, it isn't "crime" anymore and therefore doesn't fall under the scope of what the law as written made legal. (Remember, the exact words of the law were "crime is now legal.")
    • I wouldn't say that crime is illegal by definition. More likely, the definition they used was "nefarious acts". Legality and morality don't always mesh, so it's maybe kind of okay and probably the reason why the PP Gs preventing crimes was illegal - it was a crime, but not a nefarious act.
      • As I recall, the "Crime is now legal" part was essentially a tl;dr tacked on the end of a longer document.
      • ^Exactly. If the new law had literally said "Crime is now legal" then the plot wouldn't have made any sense. If crime is legal, how could the Powerpuff Girls possibly be breaking the law by fighting crime? Most likely the new law just legalized all sorts of previously criminal acts.
      • The bill doesn't say "Crime is now legal". It is a long, legalese-filled document which defines illicit misconduct and declares it to be legal. "Crime is now legal" is a quick summary stuck on at the end.

  • So Buttercup can't have a blankie, but Bubbles can have Octi? Isn't a little out of character for Bubbles to side with Blossom rather than Buttercup on this? I mean, considering she has a security item herself, you'd think she'd be sympathetic. But really, I want to know what makes it okay for Bubbles to have a security object and not Buttercup.

  • Why does one of the Powerpuffs' classmates look like a middle aged woman? It's been lampshaded when Mojo Jojo disguised himself as her, but never explained.
    • Funny Background Event?
    • Mary? Maybe she just likes to dress that way. I mean, people have different fashion senses. Including five year olds.
    • I always assumed she was the classroom assistant.
    • Mojo didnt look anything like the girl he disguised himself as, the girl who's invitation he stole looked goofy with kind of a piggy nose, but she didnt look like an old lady.

  • Something seems odd about Major Glory in this series... first off he wears "red underwear" on the outside of his costume, he never wore that in "Dexter's Laboratory", second in "Dexter's Laboratory" one of the members of the Justice Friends is a female hero named "Miss Spell" and she once made Dee-Dee his sidekick, but here she doesn't allow the Powerpuff Girls in his superhero group because they are girls... WHAT THE HECK! Unless it's another hero who just looks and sounds like Major Glory but it isn't him.
    • ...Maybe the Justice Friends and AWSM have different rules?
    • In an early episode, Dexter is shown to attend Pokey Oaks kindergarten, making him five years old. In his own series, however, he is in regular school, meaning Dexter's Laboratory takes place at least a year after Powerpuff Girls. Hence, Major Glory's appearances on Dexter's Laboratory take place chronologically after the events of "Members Only", by which time he has gotten over his sexism and changes his costume.
    • Remember that the "Justice Friends" were basically a parody of The Avengers. Miss Spell was simply an expy of the Scarlet Witch. So probably she has messes up reality and then disappeared.

  • At the end of "Twisted Sister", Bubbles laments "[Bunny] was good after all; we're the ones who were bad." Just what does that mean exactly?
    • I believe Bubbles was saying they were just impatient with Bunny and didn't understand how helpful she was trying to be.
    • To quote Mr. Miyagi: "No such thing bad student, only bad teacher." All the destructive things Bunny did were the direct result of the Girls' crummy lessons on how to be a proper crime fighter. Bunny was innocent. The Girls were the ones who were ultimately responsible.
    • Not to mention that they rejected her instead of explaning exactly what she did wrong.

  • Why does the town of Citiesville resemble a city more than the city of Townsville? You'd expect the official term to hold more weight than the given name.
    • They both resemble a city just fine. If you watch closely you'll see there are plenty of skyscrapers all over Townsville. Citiesville is just a dirtier, grittier city than Townsville.

  • Why would Princess want to be a Powerpuff Girl if it's obvious she teams up with other villains, wouldn't she realize that if she does become a Powerpuff Girl she would eventually fight the villains she once allied with?
    • I think it's pretty clear she doesn't ally with other villains because she likes them.
    • It's because Princess is an idiot. She only wants to be a Powerpuff Girl for the popularity and for acceptance, which is why she allies with the villains in the first place, so she can be accepted by a group or somebody (which explains why she tried, and failed, to ally with the Rowdy Ruff Boys).
    • Maybe because she likes the powers. When she got the Powersuit, all the powers were fake. Plus it didn't have all the Puff's powers.

  • In the episode "Collect Her," why couldn't the girls just use their super powers to escape from the boxes they were trapped in?
    • Already answered above.

  • Why is it that no one questioned the sudden appearance of three five year old girls?
    • Probably the same reason nobody notices an active volcano in the middle of a public park. Or the Super Genius monkey squatting in it most of the time. Or the fact that the devil lives in an apartment in the city somewhere. Or the fact that apparently getting an apartment in Townsville is so easy an evil cockroach in a latex suit can get one. Or that the Mayor is hopelessly under-qualified and quite possibly insane. People in Townsville are just stupid.
      • The town knows about the active volcano and made scare-em-straight videos about it for kids until such things fell out of fashion. The town is also aware of Mojo, but he's an ordinary guy most of the time, and when he isn't he's no worse than the monsters. Him also seems pretty laid back most of the time, rarely raising public havoc or doing anything to attract attention. The evil cockroach's "latex suit" was actually a flawlessly convincing robot minimech that would fool anybody (including the viewers, on an initial watch). And the mayor only keeps getting re-elected because nobody else runs; given the chance they elected Fuzzy Lumpkins over him. So yeah - while the townspeople are clearly pretty laid back about potential (and sometimes immediate) threats, they're not as stupid as you make them out to be. Oh, and as for the original question, everybody knows that Utonium made the girls in his lab. When the girls wrecked the town the first time it took the mob less than a day to track him down.

  • At one point during an argument with Him, Mojo Jojo mentions he has been the Butt Monkey of the show for three seasons. Since a show's season usually lasts one year, why are the girls still five years old?
    • Because it's a cartoon. Look at Pokémon. That show has been running over ten years and Ash is still ten years old! Same with The Fairly Oddparents, Rugrats, and many other shows.

  • Okay, it's definitely been a while since I watched this, but on the topic of unique abilities, I distinctly remember one that showcased one for each girl. Blossom did her ice breath, Bubbles had a sonic scream, and Buttercup did something with her hands like rub them together really fast until they got set on fire. Did this happen?
    • I cannot recall the episode name, but your memory is correct.
    • On the Girls' wikia, it should have a list of Powers they used altogether and individually.

  • Why was the gnome considered a villain? He removed all villains, including Him, and made life easier for the girls and the town. It seemed the gnome was helping everyone, and at least seemed to be a better ruler than Him.
    • In this troper's opinion, it was a half-assed message about why communism was bad. I understand what it was trying to be: a lesson about why democracy and freedom are good, but the message I got from that episode was "everyone is equal and therefor it's communism and communism is bad because 'Murica." What.
    • I got a strong mind-control vibe off the cult he put together, for what it's worth.
    • He WAS helping everyone... in return for their unquestioning obedience, reverence and loyalty. The whole point of the episode is that giving up your personal liberty and freedoms for security is wrong. The girls even has to tell the townspeople that after they free them from the Gnomes control, that they have to take responsibilities themselves and not blindly follow everyone with more power than themselves. This isnt exclusive to communism, it could easily apply to any authoritarian regimes, or even democratic ones that uses "security" as an excuse to violate civil rights.

  • In "Boogie Frights", the Girls go to destroy the Boogie Man's eclipsing disco ball to bring daylight back to Townsville. Boogie Man, understandly chases after them in his souped up limo, but in doing so, he mutters to himself, "I'll do it myself!" Do what? Was he going to destroy the disco ball himself? And if so, why? It was the biggest step of his, "Grand master plan", not to mention in doing so, he'd also be destroying all of his groupies down below by exposing them to sunlight. What would he have benefitted from all that?
    • The nding as an obvious reference to the ending of Star Wars. Boogie was doing what Vader did when he got in a TIE Fighter to stop Luke.
    • I haven't seen that one in awhile, but I wouldn't be surprised if his mooks just failed to beat the girls and that's what he was talking about.

  • Realistically, how are the PPG supposed to look? I can't imagine they seriously are bug-eyed and fingerless.
    • It's a cartoon.
    • They are consistently described in-show as having freakish proportions and no fingers or toes. (They rely on things magically sticking to their hands to pick things up. Yes, literally.) What this means about the other odd-looking residents of the town is unclear, but with the girls, what you see is what you get.

  • Blossom gets a lot of heat for not letting the girls fight the Ministry of Pain, and getting the other superheroes to do it (with them getting hospitalized in the process). Couldn't Blossom have ordered the girls to just prevent the crooks from getting them away by using another method that doesn't involve fighting and simply have them arrested, so the day would have been simply been saved?
    • The Powerpuff Girls don't really have a plan B if plan A (punching) doesn't work. Perhaps justified because they're five years old.
    • The police are terrified of the Ministry due to their reputiation from WW2, and the girls dont really have any other way to take villains down other than beating them into submission.

  • In 'Moral Decay', why was the Professor okay with Bubbles and Blossom intentionally letting Buttercup get beat up by all those villains? And why was she stealing teeth from villains a big deal?
    • It was a big deal because beating people up just to knock their teeth out is rather morally dubious, hence moral decay.
    • He probably wasnt okay with it, but he probably felt that the villains deserved a measure of payback, since they werent even doing anything wrong when Buttercup jumped them, and there's not anything they can do to REALLY hurt any of the girls.
    • Check out the DMOS page for other possible reasons.

  • In 'Dance Pants', why did the girls throw a tantrum? They would have known that throwing a tantrum to get what they want is what spoiled brats would do, especially Princess, so why didn't hey just accept that they couldn't get that game and chose another one? Has the Professor been spoiling them since the last time we've seen them, so they don't know that it's bratty?
    • Every now and then, the show does remind us that girls are still five-year-old children. Superpowered five-year-old children, but still children. Most kids know better and still act out because they' It's what they do. It's the same here with the girls throwing a tantrum.

  • How did the girls get away with destroying the store while throwing a tantrum?
    • The Major must have said "How cute! We love you, Powerpuff Girls!" and everybody smiles. As usual.

  • So, the Mayor run for re-election, lost to Fuzzy Lumpkins, Fuzzy became the new mayor... and the mayor became mayor again by wining a box fight? Uh, what? What about democracy, the will of the people and all that stuff?
    • For one thing, Fuzzy was a terrible mayor so the voters were probably already sick of his shit, and two, maybe Townsville has some sort of amendment that allows for mayoral impeachment to be settled in wrestling matches?

  • Where the hell did Mrs. Smith get all that stuff?
    • Same place Mojo gets the materials for his inventions and repairing his lair and the manpower for repairing the lair. And I'd really like to know where this place is.

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