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Comic Book: Godzilla Kingdom Of Monsters

In 2010, IDW Publishing acquired the rights to make a Godzilla comic, this time featuring a good chunk of Godzilla's classic adversaries. There have been three ongoing series in this established universe:


The series trope examples include


    Kingdom of Monsters 
  • Adult Fear: Imagine you're just doing your job while your kids are supposedly safe playing on a beach when all of a sudden, the beach they're playing on seems to erupt into something. Then you spend a vast majority of time looking for them, even going so far as to go up to a news anchor and ask if they have seen your kids. Soon, you're faced with the revelation that they're dead and the very thing that killed them is tearing down Tokyo by its foundation and burning everyone in its path.
  • Bad Ass: Steve Woods, a soldier.
  • Darker and Edgier: In comparison to the films.

    Rulers of Earth 
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