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Comic Book: The Crossing
The Crossing is a story arc of The Avengers which also crossed over the Iron Man, Force Works and War Machine titles.

Rita DeMara (the second Yellowjacket) is returning from the future to the present day, she finds a Bad Future where Hawkeye is killed and Black Widow is about of being executed, with the implication of both being the last Avengers left. When she arrives to the present-day Avengers Mansion, she finds one of the Avengers and tries to tell him what she saw, only to be promptly killed.

The following day, during an anniversary party of the Avengers, they face Kang's forces that were following an old man, which they then notice is an aged Gilgamesh. Later that night, the babysitter Marilla is killed, and when the Avengers find it, they must face the possibility of an Avenger being her murderer.
  • Aborted Arc: Several arcs were left incomplete or unresolved, most famously the story of two Kang henchmen, twins named Malachi and Tobias, who had been plucked from an earlier timeline by Kang. From their backstories and designs, readers figured out that they were intended to be the lost children of The Vision and The Scarlet Witch, but the story was aborted before The Reveal could take place. A later story retconned them into being Space Phantoms, and the return of the twins eventually took place in Young Avengers instead.
  • Bat Family Crossover
  • Big Damn Heroes
    • Wasp opens her cocoon and presents her new form just in time to blast Neut.
    • Captain America, absent from most of the story due to problems in his own series, suddenly appears throwing his shield to save some curious civilians from lost shots.
  • Face-Heel Turn
  • Killed Off for Real: Rita DeMara, Marilla, Amanda Chaney.
  • Remember the New Guy: In-story example. In Force Works #16 (October, 1995), the team has a new member called Moonraker. Young Rachel Carpenter fails to recognize him, but the others remember him being a team member for about 8 months and dating Spider-Woman for 6 months. Which puzzles Rachel since Spider-Woman is her mother and she should have already met her boyfriend. This is used as an early indication that someone is messing with the team's reception of reality.
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