YMMV / The Crossing

For the comic:

  • Dork Age: Oh, boy... This story is infamous for "revealing" that Tony Stark was in the thrall of Kang since the Avengers first fought him and killing people, introducing Teen Tony, Mantis joining with Kang, and Wasp becoming a mutated wasp-like creature. Thankfully, Onslaught and Heroes Reborn mercy-killed it and when Heroes Return happened, adult Tony was resurrected and back on the side of good and Wasp was back to her old self. Avengers Forever also helped to undo the damage by retconning that Tony was being manipulated by Immortus since only Operation: Galactic Storm and the "Mantis" seen in Crossing and many of the people helping "Kang" were Space Phantoms.
    • The sad thing is that the whole point of the saga was to finish a previous Dork Age, the one where the Avengers all used brown jackets and became more agressive; The Crossing retconned Deathcry into a young Shi'Ar whose extreme warrior views were a facade to protect herself, Vision had recently recovered his feelings and tried to rekindle his relationship to Wanda, Kang's "sons" Tobias and Malachi were going to be Vision and Wanda's lost sons, the Wasp's transformation was a way to take her back from retirement, etc. The problem was that the story and following issues left so many stuff Left Hanging and it wasn't solved due to Onslaught turning a new page. Not only did this did little to solve the problems it was supposed to fix, but created new, bigger problems that took four separate story lines and several years to finally fix.
    • The whole thing was especially irritating for Iron Man fans, following a solid run by Len Kaminski that had set Tony up to be an active do-gooder both as Iron Man and as head of Stark Enterprises. Then Terry Kavanagh comes in and scrap all that for an ill-received Face–Heel Turn. And bear in mind, Kavanagh was also the guy who pitched The Clone Saga.

For the film: