Series: Every Witch Way

I cast a spell, it takes a hold of you!
Every Witch Way is an American teen sitcom that premiered on Nickelodeon on January 1, 2014. It is the American Foreign Remake of the Nickelodeon Latin American teen drama Grachi (although both series were in fact produced and filmed in Miami, and in fact Every Witch Way recycles many of the sets and even actors from Grachi).

Emma is a new student who moves to Miami and starts attending Iridium High School. As she's unpacking boxes, she not only meets her new best friend Andi and Love Interest Daniel, but discovers she suddenly has magic powers when a flock of butterflies appears from nowhere (with Andi witnessing the spontaneous creation and putting it together immediately). At her first day of school, she runs afoul of local Alpha Bitch Maddie and her Girl Posse, the "Panthers" - and Maddie soon discovers she's also a witch. Emma and Maddie are soon set up to be rivals both at school and in the witches' realm as they compete to see who can be "The Chosen One." Unbeknownst to either them or their mentors, there's a third witch running around who's bent on stealing both Emma's and Maddie's powers and becoming the Chosen One herself.

In Season 2, Emma and Maddie are able to mend their relationship - but Maddie has lost her powers, and Emma has promised Daniel never to use hers again so that they can be a couple without violating the Witches' Council's rules on witch/human relationships. The temptation for Emma to use her powers proves to be too great, forcing the Witches' Council-members themselves to confront her. Under the transformation of a new moon, one of these council-members, Desdemona, develops plans on how she can use and exploit Emma for her own gains. Meanwhile, a new student at Iridium High, Jax, reveals himself as a wizard to Emma and promises being able to make her a very powerful witch under his mentorship - but what are his own plans for Emma?

The first season was part of Nickelodeon's "One Month Event", which means that the episodes aired from January 1 to January 30, for a total of 20 episodes. On March 13, 2014, Nickelodeon commissioned a second season of Every Witch Way, which started airing July 7th with the production of a third season announced in August.

Tropes seen in Every Witch Way:

  • Adaptation Distillation: The show simplifies and removes subplots from the original show. For example, Daniel's mother and Ursula were rivals for Grachi's father, something that is never alluded to in the remake. Likewise, Matilda took some time to become the proper Alpha Bitch to Grachi, whereas Maddie starts out as one. This may be due in part to the first season only using half of the footage that was actually filmed.
  • Alpha Bitch: Maddie.
  • Big Bad: Principal Torres in the first season.
    • In season 2, there's a Big Bad Ensemble between Desdemona, and Jax Nova, and Evil!Emma. And of course there's Mr. Nova.
  • Big Bad Wannabe: Maddie was this in the first season, acting as Emma's Archenemy while being overshadowed by the Prinicpal.
    • The show suggested Maddie's own mother Ursula as being this for Season 2 before quickly switching to that season's real Big Bads.
  • The Big Damn Kiss: Diego, with Maddie, of all couples, at the end of the Season 2 finale.
  • Black Best Friend: Katie
  • Brainless Beauty: Sophie
  • Call Back: When Maddie loses all of her powers at the start of Season 2, her friends (which now include Diego) do their best to convince her otherwise including staging all of the various ways her magic tended to make things go awry in Season 1. This includes Katie wearing wigs of various colors, Diego using his powers to make rain and other weather patterns indoors, buying smoothies and leaving them in bathroom stalls so they can "magically" appear when Maddie walks in, and Sophie setting up a flying harness rig in Maddie's bedroom (they were all hoping Maddie wouldn't notice Sophie tied to a giant rope hanging from her own bedroom's ceiling and Diego awkwardly and obviously hiding in her curtains. It didn't work.)
    • Emma accidentally turned herself into a cockatoo, so Andi enlists Maddie to change her back. Unfortunately Andi picked up the wrong cockatoo so the end result is simply a random bird being changed into a human. Unlike Season 1, nobody fell in love with her and she was immediately changed back into a bird.
      • A cockatoo is also what Maddie turned Lily into back in Season 1.
    • However, Andi did fall in love with a zombie brought to life from a video game on accident by Emma, mirroring Sophie's and Beau's relationship from Season 1.
  • The Chosen One: Emma is thought to be one early on in the series, and they're right, of course. The Principal is also a "Chosen One" who was thought to have had most of her powers taken away by the Witches Council, but has started to slowly regain them.
    • In Season 2, there are multiple Chosen Ones as Emma learns to clone herself. Because all the clones are still Emma, they're therefore all Chosen Ones.
  • Cock Fight: It's revealed that the tension between Jax and Daniel over Emma is a major motivation for Jax's Face-Heel Turn and tricking Emma into creating Evil!Emma.
  • Continuity Nod: Katie and Sophie remember that Principal Torres wanted to use a living conduit to regain her powers, so they try to convince Diego to volunteer to be a conduit for Maddie to regain her powers. Diego also remembers that acting as a living conduit reduces said living conduit into a non-living pile of ash. Fortunately they actually manage to figure out how to build an artificial surrogate conduit for Maddie to regain her powers with.
  • Cultural Translation: Of the aforementioned Grachi. Characters are changed, along with some plot points from the original to better suit it for an American audience. Some of the same sets are even used, since they were both filmed in Miami.
  • Cute Witch: The Teen Witches all could be called this.
  • Darker And Ediger: Is more emotional and dramatic than most Nick shows, and the Big Bad of the first season attempted to kill the protagonists (her students mind you) before being killed herself.
  • Dating Catwoman: A gender-flipped version no less: Emma and Jax
  • Decomposite Character: In the original show, after Matilda turned nice, a new witch named Mia Novoa took on her role as Grachi's rival. This remake replaced her with a male character named Jax Novoa, who serves as a love interest for Emma instead of a rival. Mia eventually appeared in the third season as a separate character and the main villain, although her last name is changed to Black.
    • Interestingly, Jax is now becoming closer to Tony in the original show, who turned out to be a warlock and was also in love with Grachi, and who is also a completely separate character in the remake's first season that got Put on a Bus, although it remains to be seen if he will come back.
      • Which technically make Jax a Composite Character of Mia and Tony, who as mentioned before are separate characters here. And he most resembles Axel physically.
      • And now Mia turns out to be a Kanay instead of a witch, making her a Composite Character of the original's Kim Kanay and herself.
  • Devoted to You: Why Jax has a sudden Heel-Face Turn and gives Emma back her powers so she can defeat Evil!Emma
  • The Ditz: Sophie.
    • Many of the other characters, namely Maddie but even Emma and to a lesser extent Andi, can be this very selectively (but not necessarily inconsistently - just prone to it when they have their guard down).
  • The Dragon: Principal Torres's son to herself before he feels guilt-ridden, forcing a Heel-Face Turn.
    • In Season 2, there's a bit of a "You're My Dragon, I'm the real boss!" deception triangle going on between Jax, Desdemona and Evil!Emma. Meanwhile, Desdemona ends up putting a spell on "Miss Information" and adopting her as a sort of Muggle Dragon.
  • Enter Stage Window: Daniel uses Emma's windows because her dad won't let him through the door.
  • Expy: Sophie can be seen as an Beta Bitch version of Cat Valentine.
  • Face-Heel Turn: Early in Season 2, Desdemona undergoes one involuntarily due to the effects of a full moon.
    • Jax always was implied to have sinister ends, but he manages to befriend Emma and become her new mentor until he teaches Emma the cloning spell, then ditching her for Evil!Emma
  • Foreign Remake: see Cultural Translation above. Technically, it subverts being foreign" since both shows were filmed in Florida.
  • Gambit Pile Up:
    Andi: Jax and (Evil!)Emma are double-crossing Desdemona's double-cross! It's a quadruple-cross!
  • Girl Posse: The Panthers.
  • Heel-Face Turn: Maddie and the rest of the Panthers join forces with Emma at the end of Season 1 and have kept their Face status ever since into Season 2.
    • Principal Torres' son in Season 1
    • Jax has an extremely critical Heel-Face Turn at the very last minute in the Season 2 finale, giving Good!Emma her powers back so she can defeat Evil!Emma
    • When she's finally defeated, instead of disappearing or disintegrating, Desdemona simply reverts to her pre-evil form
  • High School Dance: In the episode "The Chosen One".
  • Hot Witch
  • Literal Split Personality: Happens to Emma in Season 2 when she clones herself. Unique in that the original Emma never actually goes away. The clones are:
  • Local Hangout: The Seven.
  • Made of Evil: Desdemona in season 2, due to the results of the Fool Moon.
    • E, Emma's evil clone.
  • The Mentor: Lilly is this to Emma.
    • Maddie's mother to Maddie herself.
    • In Season 2, Jax starts to impose himself as Emma's mentor for his own selfish ends eventually teaching her the cloning spell specifically so she can create Evil!Emma as his partner (and Desdemona tries as well, but to a far less successful degree); meanwhile, with no real mentor of his own, Diego ends up having Maddie as the closest thing.
  • Nice Guy: All the boys but especially Daniel.
  • Never Say "Die": But they do say "vaporized into dust" and "fed to frogs". Make you wonder why they bother.
    • A more straight example happens with the conclusion of the Season 2 finale: instead of vaporizing or being turned to dust, Desdemona simply reverts back to her pre-evil self.
    • The do use the word "die" and "kill" in season 2 when they where working on a Romeo and Juliet play.
  • Nonuniform Uniform: Iridium High's dress code options range from a school-logo polo and khaki shorts to a very fancy blazer.
  • Perverse Sexual Lust: Andi harbors it for a zombie from a video game, even going so far as to consider him her actual boyfriend.
    • In Season 1, Sophie had an identical relationship with Beau, a chameleon who got changed into a boy by Maddie ("Beau" being short for boyfriend)
  • Pragmatic Villainy: Torres turns people into frogs over petty reasons, but is sure to turn their families into frogs so they don't try looking for them.
  • Remake Cameo: Katie Barberi, who plays Ursula in both original and adaption, and Rafael de La Fuente, who played Diego in the original and Julio in the adaption.
  • Running Gag: Anyone who is quickly teleported ends up in the pool.
  • Sadist Teacher: Torres, who sadistically turns people into frogs for whatever reason, does the same to their families and even plans on killing some of her students.
  • Spear Counterpart: Jax was originally developed as a male counterpart to Mia from the original show (he has her last name,) with the change being him in love with Emma instead of her rival. Subverted in that Mia eventually appeared in Season 3 as the main villain. With her back, Jax now seems more like a variation of the original's Tony (who turned out to be a warlock.)
  • Spell Book: The Hexoren.
  • Terrible Trio: The Panthers fit the trope. Not to be confused with the Terrible Three, which is the in-show collective nickname for Daniel's younger siblings.
  • Tomboy and Girly Girl: Andi and Emma.
  • Wicked Witch: Maddie would be considered this for the majority of the first season. And the Principal. And Desdemona in Season 2 (both of them quickly outstripped Maddie as the actual Wicked Witch). And Evil!Emma out-wicked witched them all, being literally Made of Evil and all.
  • Would Hurt a Child: Torres, in addition to turning people into frogs, has actually attempted to kill some of her students. She outright states that once she gets her powers back, the children will be the first to go.