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Web Video: Rebel Taxi
I await your tropes...

Rebel Taxi is a web series created by Pan Pizza. The show mainly consists of Pan sitting in said taxi, reviewing various things, mainly having to do with cartoons, Cartoon Network shows and related media, and whatever catches his eye at the time. It takes inspiration from Toonami bumpers and reviews, as well as Classic Game Room, with an art style inspired by Panty And Stocking.

The show itself can be found here. Pan also has a Tumblr for the show, and two other Youtube accounts, one for his video game reviews, and one for miscellaneous footage such as comiccon footage and uncut audio for podcasts.

Tropes found in this show:

Reaction & ReviewVideo Review ShowRed Letter Media
Realms of the HauntingNeeds Wiki Magic LoveThe Reckoners Trilogy
The Rap CriticWebsite/That Guy with the GlassesRenegade Cut
Real Housewives Of South BostonWeb VideoRedearth 88

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