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Funny: Rebel Taxi
Let's just say driver Pan-Pizza has a twisted sense of humor that's bound to make you fall over laughing.

  • At the end of part 1 of his Toonami retrospective. Just the casually relaxed way he says it.
    Pan: Some people say Toonami was just a bunch of bumpers. Those people are a bunch of cunts.
  • Pan singing "Video Games".
  • A lot of the latter half of his Minority Report review. ESPECIALLY the part where he mentions a lot of the cheat codes.
    • There is also this particular line from the aforementioned review:
    Pan: Anderson Cooper! Watched the movie Looper! Does not feature Bradley Cooper!
  • The entire Tony Hawk's Pro Skater Review.
  • The start of the "In The Cards" review. Showing various horrified reactions to a parody of Sonic Underground's opening theme.
    Pan: ...That was a weird way to start a review.
  • A couple moments from his 90s Kids Rant:
    90s Kid: You're too old to be watching cartoons. You suck dick.
    Pan: I'm sorry, I'm such a terrible person for watching a TV show. And I will not suck dick unless you pay me. Some of us do have standards. (The DIC logo then plays.)
    90s Kid: What video editing software do you use?
    Pan: Sony Vegas.
    90s Kid: Can you review Ed, Edd n Eddy?
    Pan: Soon.
    90s Kid: Do you have Asperger's?
    Pan: With a side of fries.

    Pan: (in response to a comparison of two photos featuring Cartoon Network characters; a packed one used only once before The Powerpuff Girls Movie, and an emptier one for network bumpers) What the shit does this have to do with Vietnam?

  • From his Top 10 Lovable Jerks video, while describing the Tsundere character, clips of Gaz from Invader Zim are shown. When the first one comes up, the caption reads "That show with Gir".
    • Also when describing the Tsundere, he has this to say:
    Pan: Cold and hard on the outside, warm and soft on the inside. And I want to get cold and hard on Raven's warm soft insides!
    Robin: Eat it! She's gonna eat it!
    Starfire: Mmm! Mmm! She's gonna EAT IT!
    Cyborg: Meat-meat-meat-meat-meat-meatball! Meat-meat-meat-meat-meat-meatball!

  • In his Top 10 Ugliest Cartoons video, Pan describes Mega Babies as "Reasons for Planned Parenthood: Exhibit A".
    Some cartoons are SO UGLY, that everyone died.
    What the hell is this thing? Ćon Flux?
    • And when the next cartoon shown is Ćon Flux:
    • "Holy crap! It's Michael Jackson! I gotta go get my autograph book!"
      • "Bring mine, too!"
    • When Pan says that he likes Peter Chung's work more as an adult than he did as a kid, he says his body wasn't Reggie back then.
    • Pan talks about the time he watched 300 with his parents and the sex scene came up and things got awkward.
    • On 12 oz. Mouse:
    Pan: This could be the funniest show in the history of the universe, but alas, we may never know. Because I don't want to look at it.
  • His phone call with Ringo Starr in his review of The Powerpuff Girls special.
  • A lot in his angry review of Breadwinners.
    • How does Pan open the video?
    Pan: HOLY FUCK.
    • When he tries to explain that the two main characters are ducks that look like frogs, he initially gets the two animals mixed up. And then...
    Buhdeuce: But I don't think I look anything like a frog-
    Pan: (Slightly slurred) Don't you fucking lie to yourself, you look exactly like a frog!
    • The show is about the two main ducks delivering bread to other ducks, and then Pan explains that you shouldn't feed ducks bread since they could choke, so the show is essentially supporting animal abuse.
      • And this inspires Pan to create a new show: "Tyler Perry presents: Madea Feeds the Dog Chocolate See What Fuck'N Happens".
    • In an attempt to make the show more "hip" for the target demographic, the main characters names are Buhdeuce and Sway Sway.
    Pan: Now, you ask, "which is which"? I don't care.
    • How Pan closes the video:
    Pan: Breadwinners is terrible, I want Raven to choke me while I scream.

  • In the Top 10 Worst Redesigns video, Pan complains about the failed US Sailor Moon remake, where the titular character isn't hot, before somebody tells him that she's only 14.
    • Then Zone Tan shows up and tells him the age of consent in Japan is 14.
    Robin: Pack your things, we're heading for Tokyo.
    "That means MORE MONEY had to be put in to animate his facial expressions. Why would you do that? You're already teetering on cancellation as it i- aaaaaand it's cancelled." (beat) "But now it's back and for adults so it's all cool."
    • He describes Toonami shifting its demographic to "stupid babies who don't know how to use the internet".
    • When listing off the honorable mentions, he lists the time he had a nose and the time he drew Zone Tan in his style... the latter of which happened mere seconds ago.
    • As he's about to close out the video, the cops show up.
    Pan: The cops found me! I didn't do anything wrong yet! I gotta get to Japan! Where I'll be free. Free to do what I want. Pan Pizza: Trouble In Tokyo! Only in theaters July 3rd! Rated PG.
  • The Unfortunate Implications of Nick or Treat.
    So next Halloween, go out to the scariest, darkest neighborhoods you can find, and you SHOW them you're a Nickelodeon '90s kid by shouting the phrase, "NI—" (cut to colorbar and long bleep)
  • From his video on Guilty Pleasures, he talks about loving the soundtrack from Pokemon The First Movie as a kid and his older cousin hating it. Now...
    Yeah, that soundtrack was terrible, oh my god! Today you're all complaining about Justin Bieber and One Direction, in the 90's we had 98 Degrees and... Aaron Carter... (shudders)
    • Then he decides to listen to it again for the first time in years.
    (M 2 M starts playing)
    Pan: (retches) Yeah, it is terrible.
    • "So was I a stupid child for liking it, and are you stupid, too? No. You're stupid in general, but not for that."
    • Pan mentions his favorite messages he often gets:
    "You like [blank], I lost my respect for you." Basically, this comment means, "PEOPLE LIKE THINGS I DON'T LIKE!"
  • From the "Cartoon Video Games" podcast, Pan and crew (jokingly) acting like Fan Haters towards Family Guy, and later a bunch of other things, and suggest the fans kill themselves. It's so rude and uncalled for, yet it's hilarious.
    • Pan starts crying like a little bitch after his friends make fun of his response to Zone on Twitter thanking him for putting Zone-tan in his Top 10 Worst Redesigns video.
      Zone: It was a pleasure working with you.
      Pan: It was a pleasure JERKING with you.
    • The rather blunt explanation of Astro Boy's plot.
      Member: Basically, a scientist wants to rebuild his son, decides "No, this is too fucked up", and pretty much throws him away.

      Pan: He gets VAPORIZED, and that's it. The kid is dead.
  • His podcast talking about Disney Channel Original Movies, where he's allegedly at the now-infamous Dashcon. The whole thing.
    • The various things he and his friends describe about the ball pit.
    • One of the members reveals he thought Halloweentown was about a town full of Michael Myers', which escalates into a Running Gag of thinking every DCOM involved Michael Myers in some way.
    • Pan gets killed (I forget how) towards the end and his "ghost" fills in for him.
  • In the Top 10 Animated Bands video:
    Pan: (completely deadpan) What a surprise. The Gorillaz, number one.
  • In his Top 10 Worst Opening Themes video, he places the themes from Fanboy and Chum Chum and Breadwinners at number 7, but can't show them because then Viacom will take the video down, even though it's fair use. To make up for it, he shows the intro to a Hulk show from the 60's.
    • On the theme to The Nutshack:
    Pan: You might think this is a Mexican cartoon, but actually, it's Filipino, so I don't have to take the blame for this. (shows a clip from ˇMucha Lucha!) Yes! My people win again! Let's all watch The Book Of Life! Only in theaters October 17! ...rated PG.
  • Nolan blowing up at the others for insulting Nestle Wonder Balls in the Halloween podcast.
    Nolan: I did not agree, to fucking sit here, and listen to one of my favorite childhood candies, get SHAT ON, by you FUCKING degenerates! This is BULLSHIT!
  • Pan's reaction to the Kamehameha attack being referred to in Dragonball Evolution as "air-bending"...
    Pan: from Avatar! This movie is like you got your mom to write the script! No, Mom, that is NOT a Pikachu, it is Agumon and he is from DIGIMON!!!!!
    • Heck, the entire review could be considered this, since he reviews the movie while drunk.
    Pan: If you're not in the know, this film is based on several Japanese cartoons and chronics: Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ba... Dragon Ball Z...

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