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Franchise: Emily The Strange
Emily The Strange is a media franchise associated with the company Cosmic Debris. The character of Emily initially began as an advertising mascot in 1991, but has since appeared in comic books and young adult novels. There's also a film in development.

Entries in the Emily The Strange Franchise:

  • Four graphic novellas by Chronicle Books:
    • Emily the Strange (2001)
    • Emily's Secret Book of Strange (2003)
    • Emily's Good Nightmares (2004)
    • Emily's Seeing is Deceiving (2006)

  • A comic series produced by Dark Horse Comics:
    • The Boring Issue (2005)
    • The Lost Issue (2005)
    • The Dark Issue (2006)
    • Emily The Strange: Lost, Dark, and Bored (2006) - a collection of the first three issues
    • The Rock Issue (2007)
    • An ongoing, monthly series that's been published since 2008
    • Emily and the Strangers Issue #1 (January 2013)
    • Emily and the Strangers Issue #2 (March 2013)
    • Emily and the Strangers Issue #3 (July 2013)

Tropes found in this Franchise:

  • Kind Hearted Cat Lover: Emily has a natural love for cats and is frequently accompanied by four of them: "Sabbath", "Miles", "Nee Chee", and "Mystery"
  • Memory Gambit: The plot of "The Lost Days" involved Emily waking up in the middle of one. She'd received a posthumous letter from her great-aunt Emma, telling her to come to the town of Blackrock to claim her inheritance. She was warned of danger from a young psychic named Jakey, so she erased all of her memories, preventing him from accessing what was in her mind. She later has to repeat the process when her accomplice in the plan uses a Trigger Phrase to restore her memories before the right time. Finally, she does a variant of this by erasing the memories of the accomplice (with her permission) and causing her to assume the identity of "Earwig" (Emily's amnesiac persona) for a short time because she was about to make a bet that would result in her having to join her enemy's traveling show, but she couldn't actually go herself.
  • Perky Goth: Emily comes off as one. She dresses in black clothing and finds scary things cool, but she also celebrates when good things happen to her and often writes a lot of exclamation points when excited (as seen in her diary entries from "The Lost Days")
  • Psychic Static: Subverted in "The Lost Days": Emily tries to do this when she needs to talk to Jakey without him reading her mind. She builds a machine that amplifies the thoughts of cats and uses it on her cats so that they'll drown out her own thoughts and prevent Jakey from discovering that she's lying to him. He later reveals in a letter that he knew she was lying the whole time and that her plan, while a neat trick, didn't work on him because he can only read human thoughts.
  • The South Paw: According to "The Lost Days".
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