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It's juice and jam time, baby!
  • Being partially responsible for the discovery of Rude Removal, [adult swim] even referencing the #ruderemoval hashtag Pan started.
  • The 90's Kid rant, ALL OF IT.
  • Pan's reasoning why the "believe in yourself" Stock Aesop works in Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann when it proves meaningless elsewhere:
    Pan: People demand consistency. The accept and spread what they've been taught, and scoff at those who oppose what's thought to be impossible. This is were Gurren Lagann go me thinking: is anything really impossible, or do people quit before they make it a reality? You may tell yourself you're not good at drawing or singing or sports, but why? I theorize it's because you've been spoon-fed the wrong encouragement. You've all watched those movies where The Chosen One can do anything if they "believe" in themselves. I love The Matrix, but that message is asinine! When you pop out of the womb, you ain't good at nothing! Not once did that have any meaning to me as a child, until I saw Gurren Lagann as an adult. Simon started at the bottom as a wimp, now he's a jerk and everyone loves him. You think he's a failure, because he goes home to Starla at night? He didn't succeed just because he "believed" in himself, that only gave him the aspiration to try, fail, see what he messed up on, and try again. This is the message Gurren Lagann perfected. If you're the absolute worst at something, the only limit is Rock Bottom! If you practice, there is nowhere else to go but up!
  • Pan's ANGRY review of Breadwinnersnote  He gives the show absolutely no mercy and practically tears Breadwinners a new asshole.
  • ZONE-tan's cameo in Top 10 Worst Redesigns.
  • Pan's animation of character Emily Vasquez from his web comic Loki IRL that pops up right before the reveal of #1 of his top 10 goth girls countdown. Especially impressive in the fact that the last time he exhibited his animating skills, he was using self-depreciation. It really shows how well he's improved.
  • Pan's hilarious dressing-down of John Kricfalusi in his "5 Cartoonists Who HATED Their Work" video:
    Pan: Oh man, who's gonna be number one? There he is! Johnny John-K John Yells-At-You-If-You-Don't-Get-It-Right, John 'creepy-around-women,' John loving-little-girls, John KRICFALUSI!
    Pan: This anal attitude has quite literally fucked John K, (metaphorically speaking.) For repeatedly missing deadlines, John and his whole team were fired from Ren & Stimpy, but the show continued as Games Animation Inc took over.
    Pan: John Kricfalusi really hasn't done much notable work other than some freelance art on the side such as making Simpsons couch gags, and animation for several music artists every so often. His failure to meet deadlines and being notoriously hard to work with prevents him from getting another show.
    Pan: Lots of great cartoons came from artists who could produce great work and make a deadline. John K could only do half that. People like John K's work. People don't like working with John K. In the professional field, everyone has to do their part on time. One person late screws up the entire production.
  • When reviewing Samurai Jack, Pan manages to to piece together an epic Music Video within the review set to Ennio Morricone's "Ecstasy of Gold", referencing the bang-up remix the series did of that soundtrack in the second episode of Season 5.
    • Pan also has a list of favorite episodes of the show, but of special note is the one that is obviously his true favorite: "Jack and the Traveling Creatures" (the one where Jack is thoroughly bested by the Guardian and seems to be the classic run's closest attempt at an implied resolution). He has it listed under "WATCH LAST", thinking it serves as the best episode to go out on before jumping into the final season or choosing to only dabble in the classic run.
  • Amidst all the negativity and troubling news coming from the animation industry, we get this video , showcasing Pan's passion and respect for all the hard work put into the art.