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Web Video: The Mysterious Mr. Enter
Keep moving forward.
I review terrible episodes from various cartoons and horrible animated movies. Whether it be SpongeBob, Family Guy, a show that couldn't make it past its pilot, or awful Disney cheapquels. I also review some of the hidden gems that may have gotten lost in the mess providing some of the most tearjerking or heartwarming stories ever told.
-Mr. Enter describing himself on his Patreon

The Mysterious Mr. Enter (aka John Enter, real name Johnathan Rozanski and formerly known as Brovania) is an internet critic active on Youtube and various websites. He is mostly known for reviewing works of animation, both good and bad, as well reviewing episodes of the show My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.

Currently, he has three series:
  • MLP Reviews, where, like the name implies, he reviews My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episodes using a unique point system: each episode starts with five points, with Mr. Enter adding or deducting more as the episode progresses. At the end of the review, he gives out a medal ranking which reflects his personal feelings towards the episode and a star ranking based on what he thinks is its overall quality (i.e. how many points it has earned). He reviews every episode, with each review typically being posted 2-3 days after the episode initially airs.
  • Animated Atrocities, where he reviews bad cartoon episodes, whether they be examples of bad shows, bad episodes of good shows, failed pilots, bad animated films, or episodes of show that have began suffering from Seasonal Rot, such as SpongeBob SquarePants or Family Guy. He organizes his Atrocity reviews into 30-episode "seasons". Every 6th episode is an installment of My Little Pony G3, with the exception of his season finales, which are always SpongeBob ratings traps.
  • Admirable Animation, where he reviews good cartoons, usually ones with well-done, meaningful Tear Jerkersinvoked / Heartwarming Momentsinvoked, ones that Need More Love, others that he finds unique or avantgarde, or ones that showcases how to properly execute certain genres and tropes. Like the Animated Atrocities, the Admirable Animations are organized into seasons. However, this series is updated far less frequently due to various factors (they require much more work, and since they're driven by his passion for the works in question, he only does them when he feels the time is right).

Watch his videos on YouTube He also has a Daily Motion account in case his YouTube videos meet a similar fate. The Recap of things he's reviewed is here. His deviantART can be found here, his Tumblr here, his Twitter here, and his Patreon where fans can fund reviews is here.

His other works include an RPG parody called Epic! The Humorous RPG an online novel called Little Cassie (NSFW), and as a job, works as a freelance writer. He occasionally writes Fan Fiction for fun, such as Two Worlds One Family.

The Mysterious Mr. Enter's videos provide examples of:

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     Tropes A to M 
  • Accentuate the Negative:
  • Acceptable Targetsinvoked:
    • Pretty much all the writers of Modern Spongebob, but especially Casey Alexander and Zeus Cervas.
    • Opening themes that "shout their name at you over and over" (with Kirby: Right Back at Ya! being one of the worst offenders)
    • Modern Nickelodeon and their parent company Viacom, as seen by him devoting the month of April 2014 to showing how the network has fallen and why it needs to die. And this is without even touching his usual whipping boy, SpongeBob. Subverted when ultimately, he ends the month concluding that maybe Nickelodeon doesn't need to die, it just needs a wake-up call.
    • Double Subverted with Family Guy, as he was so insulted by the Life of Brian fiasco (which he concluded was nothing more than a cheap, manipulative, publicity stuntinvoked planned by the writers) that he decided to stop reviewing the show altogether. And then came the episode "Fresh Heir", which he hated so much that he not only reversed his stance on reviewing the series, but announced that it's going to become a regular fixture on Animated Atrocities along with Spongebob and G3 MLP.
    • Averted with Canada, both because of Uh Oh, Canada and because he considers making jokes about the country to be overused in general.
  • Actually Pretty Funny: During the "Life of Brian" review, he calls the chicken joke the only thing that got a laugh out of him.
    • The same goes for a scene in "Patrick's Staycation", where Squidward pushes Patrick off a table and steals his massage (given by SpongeBob).
    • The only funny joke in "Truth or Square" being when a customer unwittingly steals Mr. Krabs' wallet.
  • Adaptation Decay / In Name Only:invoked He hates Wayside because he feels they destroyed everything that was good about the books.
  • Alliterative Title: Animated Atrocities and Admirable Animation.
  • Alternate Character Interpretationinvoked: Played for laughs, G3 Pinkie Pie is a "pink supremacist".
    G3 Pinkie Pie: And I'm Pinkie Pie, and I'm always absolutely, definitely, positively pink, and that makes me special.
    Mr. Enter: Yeah let's see a human being call themselves special based on what color they are.
  • Animation Age Ghettoinvoked: He believes that shows like Madballs, My Little Pony G3, and much of what's on Nickelodeon right now are the result of what happens if people don't take children's animation seriously and instead pander to stereotypes.
    • This is also the reason why he hates the argument "it's just for kids" that many of his hatedom love to use. Arguing that a work's target audience does not justify poor quality and that kids who watch crap, will likely become adults who watch crap.
  • Artifact Title: Ever since he's shown his face on camera, he's a lot less mysterious. This is even lampshaded in the title of this video: "Mr. Enter gets a little less mysterious."
  • Awesome McCoolname: Considers Cherry Chevapravatdumrong this.
  • Berserk Button:
  • Bias Steamroller: Averted. As the Guilty Pleasures entry below indicates, he is good at keeping his personal enjoyment of an episode separate from his opinion of the overall quality.
    • Even in the subject of Modern SpongeBob, he gives credit where credit is due, pointing out that there are a few diamonds in the rough and there is a token effort to rerail SpongeBob's character (not that the writers are trying to fix the show's other glaring flaws).
  • Book Ends: In his "Cold War" review, he complaints about the use of these in comedies, as it feels like the characters learnt nothing from the experience.
  • Bread, Eggs, Breaded Eggs: When reviewing My Little Pony Equestria Girls, he has this to say about the re-use of sound effects from when Twilight meets Fluttershy in the pilot when she meets the alternate version of her:
    Mr Enter: I don't know if that's clever, or if that's lazy, or if that's cleverly lazy.
  • Broken Base: In-Universe example, he once had something of a feud with another MLP reviewer named Byter, after posting several videos regarding Byter's belief that MLP was suffering from Seasonal Rot.
    • He later had another feud with a deviantART user over the latter's negative response to his Breadwinners review.
    • Admits that his "Twilight's Kingdom" review will either be his best review or his worst review depending on who you are.
  • Broken Streak: Every sixth episode of Animated Atrocities he's reviewed a G3 episode of MLP due to coincidentally having his first two G3 review being six episodes apart. This was broken when he reviewed "Atlantis SquarePantis" as his 30th episode, only to have it subverted when he switched episodes 35 and 36 just to continue the cycle. He later decided that every 30th Animated Atrocity (or in other words, every season finale) will be a "SpongeBob ratings trap".
  • Broke the Rating Scale:
    • "Putting Your Hoof Down" and "Rainbow Falls" are the only MLP episodes to have negative scores. Most notably, the former episode dropped from the default five points to one point almost instantly due to Angel Bunny's Domestic Abuse of Fluttershy.
      Mr. Enter: You wanna start at the bottom? We'll start at the bottom!
    • On a more positive note, his review of "Hurricane Fluttershy" averts this, the episode had earned the maximum ten points fairly quickly, and despite wanting to add another one, Mr. Enter couldn't add another point beyond that. He later took a snide remark from Spike as an excuse to deduct a point so he could add the point from earlier.
    • In his "Twilight's Kingdom" review, he states right at the beginning that he has found no narrative flaws and thus eschews the point system entirely.
  • Butt Monkey/The Chew Toy: This trope is not a favorite of his, especially if a work is dedicated to it.
    • Basically, he feels that character abuse only works when the character truly deserves it, and more often than not, they don't.
    • He even now refers to a character who exists solely to be abused as a "Megward The Wizard"; which he calls an admission of laziness to create worthwhile characters.
  • Catch Phrase:
    • "What I'm doing is wrong, I know it's wrong, but I'm gonna do it anyway."
    • Mad Libs Catch Phrase: "Because... [X]!" Whenever he can't come up with anything resembling a reason, it's "Because... potatoes!"
    • "Pointing out your flaws does not make them go away!"
    • "This can only end so well."
  • Captain Oblivious: Believes this to be one of the problems with "Rainbow Falls".
  • Catharsis Factorinvoked: He finds doing Animated Atrocities to be this.
  • Caustic Critic: Played straight with Animated Atrocities but averted everywhere else. In fact, one of the reasons he created the Admirable Animations series was to avoid being labelled as one.
  • Cliché Storm: invoked "Power Ponies" plays this trope completely straight according to him, despite trying to be a parody of superhero clichés.
  • Cliffhanger: There's an ominous one at the end of his "Demolition Doofus" review. It's for his Top 25 Modern Spongebob episode list, for his next Admirable Animation.
  • Clueless Aesop:
    • Finds this to be the main problem with "Arthur's Big Hit", where it's trying to teach "it's not okay to hit people", but instead comes across as "it's not okay to hit people....unless they've happen to hit someone else."
    • He also finds this problem with "Feeling Pinkie Keen", "The Mysterious Mare Do Well", and "One Bad Apple". Even writing an essay about how the latter fails at its moral.
  • Complaining about Complaining: A large portion of his "Twilight's Kingdom" review has him ranting about all the negativity that other analysts have shown toward the show of late.
  • Content Warnings: There is a disclaimer at the beginning of some of his videos warning the viewer that they might find the video disturbing whenever the episode he's reviewing contains disturbing content.
    • "Ren Seeks Help" was so heinous that he felt a much stronger warning was warranted. And another content warning in the middle of the review to mark the Point of No Return
    Voice Over: Some viewers may find this disturbing-
    Mr. Enter: Stop. Right. "Some" viewers. I want you all to listen to me very carefully. First of all, if you don't know what a placenta is, you're too young to watch the review of this episode. As for the episode itself, I don't think that I'm old enough to watch the actual episode. But here we are. I've reviewed many terrible episodes from a variety of different cartoons. And I thought that I could take on anything. But this one almost tapped me out. It can change who you are. Beyond just giving you nightmares, or making you think that the writer's a sadistic fuck. It has the ability to kill hope. It has the ability to kill sanity. It has the ability to kill innocence. I may be going down here, but I'm bringing this fucker down with me.
    Mr. Enter: This is your last chance. This is where the episode brings us to hell. It's going to show you some fucking screwed up things, and I'm not going to censor anything. Doing so, would defeat the purpose of this review. Everyone out who wants to go out (except me obviously)? Good.
  • Could Have Avoided This Plot: Lampshaded in his "Stuck in the Wringer" review.
    Mr. Enter: Patrick tries to cheer SpongeBob instead of, I don't know, TAKING HIM TO THE HOSPITAL!
    • He states that "Little Yellow Book" could have worked without the townspeoples' hypocrisy and Squidward showing regret for his actions, saying the writers could have gone with the typical diary plot line.
  • Cross Over: Does one with Thomas Memory Central for the "A Pal For Gary" Animated Atrocity, and one with Voice of Reason for the "Bird of Paradise vs. Friendship is Magic" Admirable Animation.
  • Crowning Moment Of Indifference: His opinion of Uncle Grandpa.
  • Deadpan Snarker: He's a very sarcastic guy, to say the least.
  • Description Cut: Inverted hilariously in the Tentacolino review.
    Mr. Enter: And then Captain Planet comes by driving a golden chariot carried by pink and green sea ponies to take the humans to the magic kingdom of Atlantis.
    Cuts to the movie doing just that.
  • Designated Hero/Designated Villaininvoked: This is one of his biggest problems with modern SpongeBob. Particularly in episodes like "One Course Meal" and "A Breath of Fresh Squidward".
    Mr. Enter: Like I said, it's not so much that this episode has the worst torment given to Squidward, or even the worst put together. It's that the episode expects me to buy the Spongebob that I've dealt with in "Boating Buddies" and "Choir Boys" and "Cephalopod Lodge" and "Good Neighbors" as the good guy, and the Squidward in those very episodes as the bad guy. Let's just say that that's perhaps the most insulting thing that a writer can try and do.
    • This was also the biggest problem with Teen Titans Go!, with Beast Boy and Cyborg devolving into selfish assholes who literally refuse to accept responsibility, while in the original, they were cheerful and fun-loving, but knew when to take life seriously.
    • This is also his issue with 'Regarding Margie', where Marge kicks Homer out of her life for no reason, and is presented as a good person.
  • Despair Event Horizon: After That One Scene in "Putting Your Hoof Down"note , he deducts a point, pushing the episode into negatives, and he becomes a lot more depressed for the rest of the review.
    Mr. Enter: This moment has pushed this episode from abysmal to irredeemable.
  • Determinator: He intends to review all of My Little Pony G3 and every bad episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants and Family Guy for Animated Atrocity.
  • Dethroning Moment of Suck: invoked In his Q&A videos, he says that he peruses the DethroningMoment.Western Animation and Horrible.Western Animation pages for Animated Atrocities ideas.
    "Think about it: It starts off with nothing but sap, tons of animal abuse, disturbing content where it shouldn't be and a character bastardized to make the cruelty worse."
  • Disability as an Excuse for Jerkassery: Averted in his "Mr. Enter gets a little less mysterious" Vlog. He shows disgust at people that do this, including the "crazies" that attack his videos, and accepts responsibility for his actions regardless of his own condition.
  • Driven to Suicide: His Bubsy review ends with him getting hit with a truck when he decides to do an Animated Atrocities review every week.
  • Dude, Not Funny!invoked: His reaction to many of the stuff he reviews on Animated Atrocities and even MLP episodes he dislikes.
  • Early-Installment Weirdness: His earlier Friendship Is Magic reviews didn't have a hit-point system nor did he give out star rankings in addition to medal rankings.
  • Eight Deadly Wordsinvoked: He stated at the end of his "Little Yellow Book" review that before it, he could root for at least one character (Squidward), now he doesn't care about any of them.
  • Evil Inc.: He sees Viacom, Google, Hasbro and Fox as this (mainly due to them being extremely obsessive about their copyrights).
  • The Faceless: He has repeatedly stated that he will never show his face.
  • Family-Unfriendly Aesopinvoked: A common reason for selecting Animated Atrocities such as "It's A Wishful Life", "Stuck in the Wringer" and "Seahorse Seashell Party", or failing Friendship Is Magic episodes such as "Keep Calm and Flutter On".
  • Fan Dumbinvoked: In his MLP reviews, he frequently deconstructs what he sees as ungrounded fan complaints. For example, in his "Equestria Games" review, he takes on the common complaint that the episode should have focused on the games instead of being a Spike story, thoroughly explaining why doing so would have been a bad idea and detailing why under the circumstances, doing the story that they did was not only the best choice, but probably the only reasonable one. (Basically, the writing choices made in "Rainbow Falls" had already ruined the arc's chances of having any meaningful payoff, so the best chance of salvaging the episode was to focus the plot elsewhere.)
  • Fanon Discontinuityinvoked: Played for laugh in his "Fresh Heir" review in which he believes that Christmas Guy never happened and that Brian Griffin is still dead.
    Mr. Enter: HOLY SHIT A GHOST! La la la, I can't hear you, you're supposed to be dead!
    Maybe I will review "Christmas Guy", maybe I won't. Seth MacFarlane may have brought Brian back, but he's still dead to me.
  • Fantastic Racism: Feels that "Dragon Quest" is guilty of this, portraying dragons as morally corrupted jerks, and the only reason Spike is a good guy is because he was raised by ponies.
  • Fan Nickname: In-Universe example, he refers to Teen Titans Go! as "Toddler Titans".
  • Flanderization: He feels that Pinkie Pie from Friendship is Magic has had her more eccentric personality traits heavily exaggerated in the show's later seasons. So far this is one of his only major complaints regarding the later seasons of the show.
  • Fatal Flaw: His least favorite writer on MLP:FIM is Charlotte Fullerton. Due to her having the recurring flaw of her episodes having one or more moments where all logic is thrown out the window.
  • Foreshadowing: A few lines in his "Top 10 Patrick's a Prick Episodes". Such as "If SpongeBob doesn't understand morality, then you don't fucking care about it." and "I love it when he was crying harder when the toy store was closed.". All hint towards him coming to the conclusion that Patrick is The Sociopath near the end.
  • Fridge Brillianceinvoked: He realizes quite a lot of it in his "Magical Mystery Cure" review.
  • Fridge Horrorinvoked: A single joke in "The Card" was what convinced Mr. Enter that everything Patrick had done was on purpose, and that he is really a sociopath who enjoys tormenting his friends.
  • Gateway Seriesinvoked: Turnabout Storm was how he got into Friendship is Magic.
  • Godzilla Threshold: A more benign example than most. As stated above, he repeatedly said he'd never show his face, and didn't for over a year. However, in August 2014, he decided that nothing short of such would allow him to properly thank his fans, so he went back on those statements.
  • Got Me Doing It: He breaks into rhyming when reviewing The Night B4 Christmas and says that it rubbed off on him.
  • Gratuitous Spanish: Breaks into it in his "Lupe's Revenge" review to insult Peggy Hill whenever she displays her lack of understanding of the language.
    • In his "Shorty Mc Shorts' Shorts" review, as a Running Gag, he replies "Me no habla espanol." everytime a character in the review speaks in a language that isn't English.
  • Growing the Beardinvoked: In his Admirable Animation for A Kind Mamodo, Kolulu, he states that, in his opinion, this episode is where Zatch Bell went from being just a good show, to a great show.
  • Guilty Pleasureinvoked:
    • Just because he fails an episode in his MLP reviews doesn't mean that he hates it. "Feeling Pinkie Keen", "The Mysterious Mare Do Well", "Spike at Your Service", "MMMystery on the Friendship Express", and "Trade Ya" all received failing scores, but he doesn't count them among episodes he dislikes.
      • Currently, there are only three episodes he legitimately hates: "Putting Your Hoof Down" (for its mean-spiritedness), "Dragon Quest" (for unintentionally insulting the show's core message), and "Rainbow Falls" (for poor writing and a contrived plot). "Putting Your Hoof Down" and "Rainbow Falls" are the only FiM episodes he has labelled as Animated Atrocities (with "Dragon Quests" not being an animated atrocity due to mostly telling a cohesive story, and the Unfortunate Implications being incidental).
    • Inverted in that he dislikes the MLP episode "Hearts & Hooves Day" and The Powerpuff Girls episode "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey" despite finding them good episodes.
  • Gushing About Shows You Like: The whole point of Admirable Animation.
  • Heroic BSOD: a literal example occurs during the review of Fresh Heir:
    On-Screen Text: A problem has been detected and Mr. Enter has been shut down to protect his brain. If this is the first time you've seen this error screen, you know that you've come across some truly fucked up shit. Please do not adjust your computer. What you saw was indeed above and beyond disturbing, and can only be brought up by the most perverted of minds. Please stand by.
  • Honorary True Companion: For the MLP Analysis community.
  • Inherently Funny Words:
  • Insult to Rocks: His recap of the SpongeBob episode "The Splinter".
    Mr. Enter: To call this episode a piece of utter shit would be an insult to shit.
  • Lampshade Hanging/Better than a Bare Bulb: Let's just say that he really dislikes this trope, at least if it's used as a cheap way to handle a work's problems without actually doing anything about them:
    Mr. Enter: Pointing out your problems does not make them go away!

    Mr. Enter: What I'm doing is stupid/wrong, I know it's stupid/wrong, but I'm gonna do it anyway.
  • Large Ham: All over in his Positively Pink review.
  • Let's Play: He was a Let's Player before becoming a reviewer, though he still does one from time to time. As he did ones of Sissy's Magical Ponycorn Adventure, (calling it "the best game ever"), Epic! The Humorous RPG, and Game Dev Tycoon.
  • Let's See You Do Better: Discussed here.
  • Moral Event Horizoninvoked: He thinks Mr. Krabs crossed it in "One Coarse Meal" when he tried to make Plankton commit suicide.
    • He also says Patrick crossed it in "Pet Sitter Pat" when he tried to burn Gary alive with a flamethrower, going so far as to call him a literal monster.
      • And he thinks Patrick is a Sociopath after hearing one line in "The Card"
      Patrick: SpongeBob, you can't always expect my usual brand of stupidity. I like to mix it up; to keep you on your toes.
      Mr. Enter: He's doing it on purpose. He's always been doing on purpose. Everything you've seen on this list has been completely intentional. He knows he's stupid, or at least he's pretending to be stupid. Unlike "Breath of Fresh Squidward", this also affects appearances shown afterwards. Even more so than the ones from before.note 
    • He believes Brian Griffin crossed it in "Herpe the Love Sore" for knowingly giving Stewie and Chris herpes and treating it like it was no big deal.

     Tropes N to Z 
  • Nausea Fuelinvoked: In his "Little Yellow Book" review, seeing Patrick say that ketchup will go great with an old diaper made him vomit four times.
    Mr. Enter: I was making jokes about your plot holes in Smooth Jazz in Bikini Bottom, but you came right out and said that Patrick literally eats shit!
  • Never Live It Down: invoked He acknowledges one of his such moments during his review of The Modifyers with an on-screen caption stating "Quick tip: if you make videos on the internet, don't make mistakes or people will keep telling you about them long after you've addressed them" (referring to how he mixed up Sanjay and Craig's names a couple of times in his "Fart Baby" review).
  • "Not Making This Up" Disclaimer: In his Mrs. Gorf review when describing Wendy Nogard, a teacher who read people's minds with her third ear.
  • The One Thing I Don't Hate About You: In his "Spongebob, You're Fired" review, he notes that the one saving grace the episode has is that the worst Squidward goes through is being put in a dress.
  • Orphaned Series: Along with Animated Atrocities, Admirable Animations, and MLP reviews. He also did reviews of MLP fanworks such as "Double Rainboom", "Turnabout Storm", and "Friendship Is Witchcraft". Since then, he's unofficially announced that he will no longer do reviews of MLP fanworks due to the overabundance of people requesting him reviews of their own fanworks and his overall lack of interest for them in general.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: A meta version, in that yes, this IS Serious Business for him as a critic.
  • Pandering to the Base: invokedHe believes that "Rainbow Falls" did this to try to distract people from the episode's problems.
  • Perpetual Frowner: Downplayed since his default expression(pictured) is relatively neutral, but none of his avatars depict him smiling.
  • Pet Peeve Tropeinvoked:
  • Ptero Soarer: In his Land Before Swine review, he incorrectly refers to the Pteranodon shown in the episode as a dinosaur.
  • Punctuated! For! Emphasis!: At the end of his review for Staring at the Future, we get a particularly hilarious example:
  • A Rare Sentence: About half of what he has to say about Tentacolino, prompting him to say not to question this movie's "logic" pretty quickly. See Description Cut above.
    • Also, he makes this realization in his "Magical Mystery Cure" review.
    This show made me proud of a purple unicorn pony becoming a princess. Am I being trolled? M. A. Larson and Daniel Ingram are trolling me!
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: Plenty of them. Click to read more 
  • Relax-o-Vision: In the "Hearts and Hooves Day" review, Mr. Enter gets into an argument with his snarktitles (who he's dubbed The Snark Knight) and as a result we get to watch a short AMV Hell-like MLP Fan Vid while trying to "deal" the snarktitles.
  • Rock Bottom: Done a LOT in the Madballs: Gross Jokes review
    Mr. Enter: Look, I know I should never say this, but I legitimately, can't see how this could get any fucking worse.
    Narrator: Presenting! By Special request,
    Mr. Enter: Oh Great, now it's taunting me.
    Narrator: Mr. Hornhead's BIG MUSICAL NUMBER!
    Mr. Enter: A...A, Are you fucking shitting me?
  • Rooting for the Empireinvoked: In "Waffles" he begins supporting Brother Blood on torturing Beast Boy and Cyborg due to how unlikable they've become.
    Mr. Enter: Please torture them until they stop this nonsense! (cue Beast Boy and Cyborg being tortured) Wow, I'm actually happy that the characters we're supposed to be rooting for are being tortured maliciously. YOU FAIL!
  • The Scrappyinvoked: To him, plenty, including:
    Mr. Enter: To think I once hated characters as tame as Peggy Fucking Hill and Buck Fucking Cluck! Even not watching the original Ren and Stimpy, I know that Ren was never this screwed up. I mean, even Patrick Star, Brian Griffin, whoever the hell isn't this screwed up!
  • Seasonal Rotinvoked: In-Universe example, as to this day he's been wondering why so many people are believing that Friendship Is Magic is suffering from this since its third season. As examined in this video
    • Specifically, he feels the show itself still has many more good episodes than bad onesnote , and that's it's pretty normal for great shows to have their fair share of "weak" or "bad" episodes (he's done Animated Atrocities for episodes he really disliked of some of his favorite shows, like Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends or Powerpuff Girls). Whenever Mr. Enter expresses having a dislike for an FIM episode, that dislike is reserved for that episode itself, and not directed at the entire show or the season which the episode comes from, and even the infamously shorter season 3 of FIM still had more episodes that he liked rather than disliked. In fact, six season 3 episodes — half the season, if you count "The Crystal Empire" as a single episode - made his 20 best episodes list note  while only one note  made his 10 worst list.
    • To further his viewpoint on this, he keeps running tallies of the scores he gives each episode. He's divided each season into 13-episode stretches (the short third season by itself, and the first and second halves of all the other seasons). The first half of season 1 scored the worst with 36/65 and the second half of season 2 scored the second worst with 44/65. Meanwhile the second half of season one, the first half of season two, and season 3 all scored 46/65. season 4 was the highest scoring season yet, with the first half scoring 51/65, and the second half scoring an even higher 52/65. So from his view, not only is FIM not getting worse, it's actually getting better.
    • That being said, he feels that both Sponge Bob Square Pants and Family Guy play this horribly straight, writing an essay examining exactly why the former fell as hard as it did. The latter he refused to do anymore reviews on until "Fresh Heir", when he decided to make reviews of the series more regularly.
  • Shout-Out: To other Internet Video Review Shows, including Hewys Animated Movie Reviews, TV Trash, Rebel Taxi and Cinematic Excrement.
  • So Bad, It's Good invoked: "Dusk's Dawn", a poorly animated, poorly written fanmade MLP episode is referred to as "the funniest thing I've seen in quite some time."
  • The Sociopathinvoked:
    • He concludes in his "Top Ten Worst Patrick's a Prick Episodes" that Patrick is one, saying that he only pretends to be SpongeBob's friend and that he was actually Obfuscating Stupidity through out the entire series of episodes to get away with tormenting him and other people.
    • Declares that Ren Hoek is one in "Ren Seeks Help". The episode tries to maintain that Ren is crazy, but Mr. Enter insists that there is a difference between crazy and evil, and Ren is most definitely the latter.
  • So Okay, It's Average invoked: His reaction to "Winter Wrap-Up", "A Friend In Deed", and almost everything written by Josh Haber.
  • So Proud of You: To him, the MLP episode "Magical Mystery Cure" is the first show to use this as an Audience Reaction.
  • Something Completely Different:
    • The redone "Look Before You Sleep" review shows Mr. Enter going to a brony bar and lamenting about the episode. This was because his original review was copyright killed by Hasbro.
    • Downplayed with the "Truth or Square" atrocity. Enter reviewed the Patchy segments along with the SpongeBob ones, in what will probably be the closest we get to a review of non-animation. He naturally doesn't want to do it since Patchy is live-action, but PIEGUYRULZ convinces him by saying the segments are written and acted like they're animated and the ones in this particular episode have animated bits.
  • Soundtrack Dissonance: He demonstrates how horribly mean spirited Pinkie Pie was in "Filli Vanilli" by playing "Smile Song" over the scene in which she tells Fluttershy that she might get embarrassed in front of a huge, judgmental crowd and makes her cry.
  • Stock Scream: Does a Howie Long twice in the "Face Freeze" review: First upon realizing that it has the same writers as "One Coarse Meal", and second when he sees Sandy's realistic hands.
  • Suspiciously Similar Songinvoked: Finds one to Super Mario RPG in his Princess Promenade review.
  • Take Our Word for It: After bringing up "Ren & Stimpy 'Adult Party Cartoon'" (specifically the episode "Stimpy's Pregnant") in his "Fart Baby" review, he mentions that he can't show any footage from it... and not because of copyright concerns.
    Mr. Enter: Which I can't show you. Not for copyright reasons, but for... other YouTube standards. (shows the "Viewer discretion is advised" card) Yeah, sometimes [that card] doesn't cut it.
  • Take That:
    Mr. Enter: Wikipedia calls it a movie. And this is why we don't use Wikipedia to make our reviews.
    PIEGUYRULZ: Hey! Wikipedia is a wealth of information, and lies. Mostly lies.
  • Take That, Scrappy!invoked: In his Pet Sitter Pat Review:
    Patrick:(on the phone with Spongebob) OK Spongebob! I get it! I get it! *throws the corded phone out the window*
    Mr. Enter: Please, hit him with something!
    (the phone reaches the end of its cord, then snaps back inside and hits Patrick in the back of the head)
    Mr. Enter: Thank you.
  • Tempting Fate: While reviewing the SpongeBob episode "Demolition Doofus" and calls the sponge out for crippling Mrs. Puff by puncturing her inflation sac.
    Mr. Enter: I don't think SpongeBob could possibly do anything worse.
    SpongeBob:Hmm, from now on, I guess we'll have to call you "Mrs. Pop."
    Mr. Enter: I stand corrected!
    • At the end of his Mega Babies review, after managing to get through the whole episode he feels he can take on any terrible episode or show and asks for something extremely horrible to be given to him to tackle next. He's then given "Ren Seeks Help", much to his horror.
    • Also at the end of his "Arnold Betrays Iggy" review, he believes the next review will be much lighter. Cue the intro to Puppy in My Pocket, its respective episode getting a 56 on its notepage.
      • Compounded by the use of 'One Little Slip' to emphasize his mistake.
  • They Just Didn't Careinvoked: Many of the Atrocities featured invoke this trope. On the ranking for 'Lackluster Writing', a 10 means that 'nothing of substance was even attempted' with this.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plotinvoked: In his "SpongeBob, You're Fired" review, he points out that the scene where SpongeBob makes great snail food from scratch does nothing for the plot, when it could led to SpongeBob being a success with homemade snail food, and Mr. Krabs having to re-earn SpongeBob's loyalty.
    • Averted in his review of "Equestria Games", where he felt that the episode could have been much worse by giving fans what they were expecting (mostly thanks to "Rainbow Falls"), and still thinks it's good for how it turned out.
    • During his Shorty Mc Shorts' Shorts review, he finds this to be the problem with the shorts; Flip-Flopped and Too Many Robots, pointing out that with some retooling, the premises of both could have worked very well.
  • Title Drop: In his "Stuck in the Wringer" review.
    Mr. Enter: SpongeBob steps on a rubber duck, which startles him to step on another bar of soap, which gets him "Stuck in the Wringer".
  • Too Spicy for Yog Sothoth: Poop Doggy Dogg winds up being this; after the above mentioned scene, Mr. Enter's so repulsed he almost stops then and there. It takes a pep talk from the same man that appeared in his Breadwinners review to snap him out of it enough to finish. That same old man then tries vainly to convince him that "Ren Seeks Help" is this, but, thanks to the aformentioned pep talk, it doesn't take.
  • Took a Level in Dumbass: His main complaint with "Power Ponies" is that in order to make Spike seem useful, the Mane Six are made to be completely incompetent.
  • Took a Level in Jerkass:
    • PATRICK STAR. He calls this character's stupidity, once charming and funny, now one of the most insufferable things he has ever seen. He even states Patrick is a bigger monster than Puffy Fluffy ever was.
    • One of his biggest complaints about Teen Titans Go! is how Cyborg and Beast Boy were turned into absolute assholes.
  • Tranquil Fury: When Mr. Enter starts talking quietly, that's when you know that shit's going down.
  • Unfortunate Implicationsinvoked:
    • His main problem with the MLP episode "Dragon Quest". Spike is told that he doesn't act like other dragons, "but why would you want to?" Enter points out that this would be horribly racist/sexist if applied to real world races or genders. "You don't act like other boys/girls/others of your race, but why would you want to?"
    • He calls out Family Guy for this in "Seahorse Seashell Party," where the shows gives the impression that you should stay in an abusive relationship to avoid hurting the feelings of the abuser.
    • This is also his biggest problem with the The Fairly OddParents episode "It's a Wishful Life". Such examples include the intro calling Timmy an "average kid" despite the world being much better because he didn't exist, the fact that Timmy's parents have a girl who insanely talented, Francis being much nicer because Timmy wasn't around for him to bully, and the "realm of children who improved the world by wishing they were never born" looking like hell.
  • Vomit Discretion Shot: Has one in his Little Yellow Book review when it's implied that Patrick literally eats shit.
  • Wham Episode: His notebook entry on "Ren Seeks Help." The abnormally high atrocity point countnote  - as well as being the first entry to earn a 10 in Cringe-Inducing Visuals and Disturbing Content - made many of his fans do a Spit Take.
  • What Could Have Been: The crux of the "Admirable Animation" episode "3 Stories of What Could Have Been", the conclusion to Nickelodeon Month, where he discusses three instances:
    • "Pigeon Man": Originally, before Nickelodeon intervened, the episode was supposed to end with Pigeon Man jumping off the roof.note 
    • "The Modifyers": A failed pilot that Nickelodeon rejected.
    • And "I Remember You": After he mentions how Adventure Time's pilot was rejected by Nickelodeon and after doing a review of the episode in question, Mr. Enter hazards a guess and guesses that had Adventure Time been picked up by Nickelodeon, this episode wouldn't have been made.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?invoked: This is a problem he has with new SpongeBob episodes like "A Pal for Gary".
    • His reaction to Professor Z burning Torque to death (albit offscreen) in Cars 2. A movie that's rated G.
      • It's also his reaction for when it is revealed that Leland Turbo has been cubed by Professor Z's henchmen.
    • He rips on "Demolition Doofus" for being this, comparing it to a Robot Chicken sketch and questioning the content the show has put out in recent years.
      Mr. Enter: It's like flanderizing the aspects of the show a million times and escalating the darker stuff. But, this isn't a self-parody. From what I can tell, this was done in earnest. Why am I taking this so seriously? I mean, it's just a kids' show. Maybe, for one, I'm taking this seriously because it's a fucking kids' show! I wouldn't want them to watch something like this or "The Splinter" or "A Pal for Gary" or "One Coarse Meal" or any of the other sick, twisted plots that come out of this show! Would you?!
  • What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?invoked: His overall opinion of the Friendship Is Magic episode "Over a Barrel" and Tentacolino.
    • An issue concerning his review of "Is This Cute?".
      Mr. Enter: Give em' that...uhh... it's not clichéd anymore, but d-do you guys realize w-what just happened? Sheen crash landed on an alien planet with a civilization who is afraid of a giant pink pony with a rainbow mane who sucks people up with his nose hairs. Uhh...what drugs were they on to make this? All the drugs. All the fucking drugs.
  • What Happened to the Mouse?: He complains in his Cars 2 review that the racing subplot which was prominent throughout the film was dropped in the end with no resolution.
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: The "Truth Or Square" review has this.
  • Who Writes This Crap?!: In the "Everyone Knows it's Bendy" review, he notes that the answer has never been more shocking. He reacts with an "everyone makes mistakes" mentality.
  • Writing Around Trademarks: Animated Atrocities was once called Infamous Animation before Mr. Enter found out that someone was using the name. He also changed the name because some of the stuff he reviewed was fairly obscure and "infamous" means that the work is well known for being bad.
  • X Meets Y: He describes Steven Universe as Adventure Time meets Gravity Falls.
  • You Monster!: Patrick's actions in "Pet Sitter Pat" led Mr. Enter to call him a literal monster, and one line in "The Card" (by Fridge Horror) affected his interpretation of Patrick so much that he thinks that Patrick is a sociopath

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