Recap / Family Guy S 12 E 14 Fresh Heir

Carter breaks his leg at the mall while going up the down escalator, and since Babs is out of town and Lois and Meg can't take care of him, Chris decides to care for him, especially since Peter is always brushing off his requests for some quality time together. Chris and Carter bond while his leg heals and after he recovers, Carter decides to change his will and make Chris the sole heir to his fortune. Seeking an opportunity to get Carter's money, that being one of the reasons he married Lois, Peter tries to get on Chris good side, but his several attempts at dressing and acting like a teenager fail.

After several attempts to butter up to Chris for a better chance at the dough, Joe and Quagmire tell Peter that he'll share the money with the woman he married, or even a guy if he turned out to be homosexual. This gives Peter the idea to propose to Chris and get gay-married in Vermont (he has Lois sign divorce papers by making her think it's a PTA petition to get one of the members to wear less revealing clothes, which Lois, given her past promiscuity and reputation, ironically agrees to). While in Vermont, the two make arrangements for the wedding and they prepare to kiss until Lois and the kids arrive to stop the wedding. Chris tells Lois that he wants to get married to his father, because while he knew all along Peter wanted his money, they finally got a chance to spend quality time together. Realizing that Chris saw more of him in his greedy desires, Peter apologizes to Chris and the two settle on being father and son.


  • Adults Dressed as Children: Peter dresses in Chris' clothes to get on his good side and get a better chance at Carter's money.
  • A Date with Rosie Palms: Chris curbs Carter's sex drive by giving him a handjob.
  • Ephebophile it's heavily implied throughout the episode that Peter wanted to do more than just marry Chris for the money.
  • Eureka Moment: Parodied. When Joe and Quagmire mention to Peter that whoever married Chris, be it a girl or guy, will share his money, this give Peter an idea...a cat playing a tuba. That and marry his son.
  • Knew It All Along: Chris knew that Peter only wanted to marry him for his money, but he went along with it so he can spend quality time with him.
  • Parental Incest: To get a hold of Chris' fortune, Peter tries to marry Chris. It's one of many reasons why most critics ripped this episode apart.
  • Think of the Censors: When Carter slides his finger into Chris's elbow fold (which he says looks like a woman's privates), Carter says, "We're probably not supposed to be doing this," which, given this show, is probably what Seth MacFarlane (or the other writers) have said (and, knowing FOX, they probably allowed it, but asked for it to be shortened or asked them to replace "vagina" with "woman's privates").