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Recap: Family Guy S 12 E 15 Secondhand Spoke
After finding out that a deaf coworker named Stella (voiced by Marlee Matlin, who is actually deaf in Real Life) is allowed to take smoke breaks, Peter takes up smoking so he can get out of doing anything, including talking to his family, but his new habit is wreaking havoc on his health. Meanwhile, after seeing Chris unable to stand up for himself against bullies, Stewie decides to help his brother by hiding in his backpack and feeding him comebacks for the bullies' insults, but when Stewie tries to leave Chris with the techniques he needs to help himself after being nominated for Class President, Chris imprisons him in his backpack.


  • Aesop Amnesia / Canon Discontinuity: Peter previously spoke out against smoking in "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington" and learned that smoking is bad for you (especially if you're a child), yet he's just figuring that out in this episode. This is justified, as Family Guy has little to no episode-to-episode continuity. On top of that, "Mr. Griffin Goes to Washington" was a pre-2002 cancellation episode and those episodes are very rarely mentioned in the post-cancellation episodes note 
  • Bully Hunter: With Stewie's help, Chris becomes one of these in a way of being able to make comebacks to their insults, that is until he starts bullying Stewie to gain more popularity.
  • Status Quo Is God: Double-Subverted, Peter believes that after he quits smoking that he'll just go back to normal no problem, until Lois and Brian point out the irreparable damage he's done to himself (not even cutting away to the outside of the house with music playing works). However, going by the previews (and the fact that Family Guy's continuity is looser than The Simpsons in its heyday), he'll be back to normal come the next episode.
  • This Is Your Index on Drugs: Peter does one of these types of commercials as part of his anti-smoking service, by taking what might be a real human heart and smushing it into a full ashtray.
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