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Creator: Josh Scorcher
It's the Rule of Cautious Editing Judgement, they want to talk to you.

Joshua Burner (AKA: Josh Scorcher, The Fiery Joker, and Commander Firebrand) is a Youtube producer and United States Marine specializing in Video Game related Top Ten Countdowns and video reviews of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He also runs the Brony Website FOB Equestria, which bills itself as a Military-centric version of Equestria Daily. He also has a Twitter account and a Tumblr account. He does the occasional Let's Play, but he didn't finish either of them, and stated he was not going to do another one. However, after making his Top 10 Worst Kingdom Hearts Bosses, he started an LP of Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, which he seems intent on finishing.

     Countdown Lists Made By Josh 
  • Top Ten Most Disturbing Boss Battles
  • Top Ten Brawl Music Tracks
  • Top Ten Favorite Video Game Tracks
  • Top Ten Easiest Bosses
  • Top Ten Video Game Composers
  • Top Ten Credits Themes
  • Top Ten Hardest Bosses
  • Top Ten Video Game Soundtracks 2009
  • Top Fifteen Boss Battle Tracks 2009
  • Top Ten Games of E3-2009
  • Top Ten Coolest Ways to Die
  • Top Ten Final Fantasy Music Tracks
  • Top Fifteen Sequels We Want The Most
  • Top Ten Kingdom Hearts Songs
  • Top Five Best and Worst Controllers
  • Top Ten Villains in Gaming
  • Top Ten Mario Songs (with The Autarch of Flame)
  • Top Fifteen Most Disturbing Non-Horror Bosses (with The Autarch of Flame)
  • Top Ten Pokemon Songs
  • Top Ten Final Fantasy Villains
  • Top Ten Minigames
  • Top Ten Most Annoying Bosses
  • Top Fifteen Most Hated Characters in Video Games (with The Autarch of Flame)
  • Top Fifteen Craziest Characters
  • Top Ten Manliest Characters
  • Top Ten Organ Songs
  • Top Ten Legend of Zelda Songs (with The Autarch of Flame)
  • Top Ten Disappointing Final Bosses
  • Top Ten Things I Hate in Video Games
  • Top Ten Things I Like in Video Games
  • Top Ten Saddest Video Game Moments (with The Autarch of Flame)
  • Top Nine Team Fortress 2 Classes
  • Top Ten Fighting Game Finishers
  • Top Ten Co-op Games
  • Top Ten Video Game Endings
  • Top Ten Nostalgic Video Game Songs
  • Top Ten Mario Spinoffs
  • Top Ten Overrated Games
  • Top Ten Sonic Songs
  • Top Ten Scariest Nostalgic Moments
  • Top Fifteen Worst Cliches (with The Autarch of Flame and Chewie)
  • Top Ten Overhated Games
  • Top Ten Favorite Pokemon
  • Top Ten Worst Kingdom Hearts Bosses
  • Top Ten Video Game Bromances (with RabbidLuigi)
  • Top Ten Music Battles
  • Top Ten Dynasty Warriors

     My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Reviews 
  • Pilot
  • Return of Harmony
  • A Canterlot Wedding
  • The Ticket Master note 
  • Applebuck Season note 
  • Griffon the Brush-Off note 
  • Boast Busters note 
  • Dragonshy (w/ Chewie) note 
  • Look before you Sleep note 
  • The Crystal Empire note 
  • Magical Mystery Cure note 
  • Double Rainboom note 
  • Snowdrop note 
  • Feeling Pinkie Keen (w/ Xain Russell) note 
  • Mmmystery on the Friendship Express (w/ The Autarch) note 
  • Princess Twilight Sparkle note 
  • Bridle Gossip note 
  • Over A Barrel (w/ Jerry Peet AKA Bhaalspawn) note 
  • Twilight's Kingdom note 
  • Hearts and Hooves Day (w/ Voice of Reason) note 

     Let's Plays 

Josh's Work Contains Elements Of

  • Audio Erotica: In Unscripted 4, Joshscorcher temporarily turns British and makes love to his own voice. It Makes Sense in Context ...somewhat.
  • Awesome McCoolname: All of his fire-based aliases, not to mention his real name, Joshua Burner.
  • Badass Adorable: He denies the adorable part
  • Berserk Button
    • Dance, Water! Dance!
      • From the same video: Dissing Dynasty Warriors as a mere Button Masher will tick him off. The guy sure loves that game and considers it really overhated. During his Top 10 Underappreciated Gems list, The Quarter Guy lampshades this trigger.
      Josh: *static interrupt and glares menacingly*
      QG: *raises hands* "I'm not one of those people!"
      Josh: "Good. *unsheathes saber* Keep it that way."
      QG: *loud gulp* "Yes sir..."
    • All three of his Response to *Insert Youtuber Here* videos resulted in a torrent of hate mail and abuse being directed by his fans toward the subject of the videos. Each time, Josh had an unscripted video detailing how angry he was at his fanbase.
    • The shortest, but most memorable, was the unscripted addressing the Response to Bhaalspawn, where Josh starts openly screaming at his own viewers because this is the third time this had happened.
    • Referring to the Marine Corps and the US Army as the same organization, though he recently stated that it was more akin to a Sibling Rivalry.
    • The Time-Limit Boss is a smaller, recurring one.
    • In his review of Mmmystery On The Friendship Express with The Autarch, he becomes increasingly annoyed as The Autarch constantly jokes about a crossover with The Powerpuff Girls, having already reviewed (and hated) Double Rainboom. When Voice of Reason mentions that the Big Mac/Cheerliee romance in "Hearts and Hooves Day" reminds him of the Powerpuff Girls episode "Keen on Keane", he only gets as far as saying "It's a Powerpuff Girls=" when explaining what it is before Josh grabs a rifle.
    • In Snowdrop, he gets very quickly pissed off by the Alpha Bitch filly who, as he says, serves no purpose aside from being a one-dimensional typical bully to harass the main character. Whether he's angry at the filly for being an Alpha Bitch or for just being a one-dimensional character is up in the air. But either way, it ends with him taking a sword and murdering her offscreen in rage.
    • Diamond Tiara's treatment of Scootaloo in "Flight to the Finish" has left him out for blood.
    "No, I didn't actually say that ["Let's waste this bitch"]. You know about me and cursing. What actually said [sic] was something more along the lines of calling her an evil, stuck-up, unpleasant, mean-spirited, elitist, two-dimensional, sadistic, ableist, unredeemable, racist, ignorant, pompous, scum-sucking, arrogant spawn of every unholy demon in the seventh circle of hell."
  • Big Damn Heroes: His entrance at the end of The Autarch's Top 25 Boss Battles certainly qualifies as this.
  • Big "NO!": Has three in succession at the end of his Bridle Gossip review, each one bigger than the last. The reason? His next review will be a collab... with Bhaalspawn.
  • Butt Monkey: He does not have the best luck with collab partners, being generally humiliated, injured, and even outright murdered by them. Summed up best as such:
    Josh: *groans* Touche...
  • Canada, Eh?: He occasionally makes fun of Canadians, but it's all lighthearted humour and he only does it because they can take a joke. Interestingly, most of his collab partners so far have been Canadian - Chewie, The Autarch, and Bhaalspawn - and have attempted to get back at him for it.
    • In the aforementioned collab with Bhaalspawn, this trope is brought into play; when Josh tries to draw a line between the red and white face paint Chief Thunderhooves uses and the Canadian flag, Jerry doesn't go along with it (by singing his country's national anthem, specifically)...until Josh offers to buy him Tim Hortons coffee if he does so. Cue Gilligan Cut.
  • The Cast Showoff: Jerry, AKA Bhaalspawn, gets a lot of opportunities to sing when he collabs with Josh for the "Over a Barrel" review.
    • Oftentimes, when Josh does video game countdowns and videos, the gaming footage will be recorded by him of himself actually playing, often very well.
  • Catch Phrase: "It's Pinkie Pie, don't question it."
    • "Convenient!" is his (sarcastically cheerful) way of lampshading a Hand Wave or Contrived Coincidence.
    • In his "Taking [x] Too Seriously" videos on FOBEquestria, he'll often say "Here - let me explain what I mean" at the beginning of a video shortly after he states an opinion of the episode before getting into the episode's actual plotline.
  • Complaining about Complaining: Top Ten Overhated Games.
  • Cuteness Proximity: Gets this from Victini in Top Ten Favorite Pokemon.
  • Deadpan Snarker
  • Dry Crusader: He's expressed a major hatred for alcohol on his Tumblr blog. Downplayed as he doesn't seem to have made any effort to stop other people from drinking it, but he definitely hates it.
  • Early Installment Weirdness: His earliest MLP videos make it seem like he doesn't like the show very much. He admits it has its strengths, but overall doesn't seem to be a huge fan, even stating directly that he is not a brony.
  • Earth-Shattering Kaboom: Nearly every Top Ten list or review ends with a massive continental explosion as the closer.
  • Expy
  • Gosh Dang It to Heck!: Josh runs one of the few Youtube channels where swearing is almost entirely bleeped out. Turns out he's like that in Real Life too, very rarely swearing.
  • Go Mad from the Revelation: Parodied in one My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic where after learning that Twilight Sparkle grew wings, he went into an utter psychotic meltdown (also comes with Shower of Angst) until he suddenly stops and said calmly "I'm OK with this."
  • Ham-to-Ham Combat: After doing a response to Bhaalspawn's initial Team Fortress review, Valkyr Studios was flooded with a torrent of hate mail and death/rape threats. This prompted a very brief face-off between Scorcher's Nice Guy and Peet's Smug Snake.
  • Hold Up Your Score: Josh does this during his "Bridle Gossip" review in response to Spike making punny names based on what happened to the Mane Six.
  • Hostile Show Takeover: Downplayed. This is sort of how guest stars appear in his My Little Pony reviews, but rather than taking over the show itself, they just force Josh to let them on it.
  • Hypocritical Humor: In the review for Feeling Pinkie Keen, Josh points out how family unfriendly it is for a kid's show to talk about someone exploding...despite the way he ends every episode. This is, of course, lampshaded.
    • The ALS Ice Bucket challenge. He views the challenges issued to him, and considered the whole thing stupid... and right after that, he issues the challenge to three more guys (one of them should be familiar) and showers himself with cold water.
  • I Hate Past Me: Seems to feel this way about his time as a Big Brother Bully. His voice becomes noticeably angry, even compared to some of his more angry moments otherwise and Firebrand's expressions reflect this.
    Josh (through Commander Firebrand): I mean my little brother dealt with so much heartache and sickness in his life, and I wasn't there to help him. He had diabetes, genetic migraines, and even multiple seizures at the age of ten, ten! And I just couldn't find it in myself to cut the kid some slack! He was my brother, and I failed to be there for him.
  • I Have Many Names: Joshua Burner, Josh Scorcher, The Fiery Joker, and Commander Firebrand. Real name, Internet alias, gaming alias, and pony alias (and OC name) respectively.
  • Jerkass Realization: "Sisterhooves Social" made him have one in regards to how he was treating his little brother. He even admits it made him cry and is not happy with himself for his past actions.
  • Kubrick Stare: Sometimes does this (as shown by the picture above).
  • Mean Character, Nice Actor: The way he portrays himself in his episodic reviews and some other videos is as a sarcastic Jerk Ass, though this is just so he can be properly cynical about the actual work. As seen in various other videos and on his Tumblr blog, he's actually a nice guy in real life (though he retains the sarcasm) when you don't press a Berserk Button.
  • Motor Mouth: At times, but not usually.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Admits in his Top Ten Personal Episodes that he used to be a jerk to his little brother...then watched Sisterhooves Social, which caused him to have a Jerkass Realization. He admits the episode made him cry and his demeanor talking about it makes it clear this was his reaction.
  • Nice Guy
  • Oh, Crap: Has this reaction when he reviews Return of Harmony, specifically when he realizes what Fluttershy's Discorded personality will be.
    Josh: *looks between the lists of the Elements and their opposites, gets to Kindness and Cruelty* Oh boy.
  • Old Shame: In Top Ten Overhated Games, he admits to being ashamed of his former stance on Final Fantasy VII.
    Josh: "On the other side, you have people calling it the most overrated game ever made, saying it singlehandedly RUINED Final Fantasy, and anyone who likes it is a close-minded pretentious tool clinging to nostalgia. ...and to my everlasting shame, I was in that camp once."
  • Once an Episode/Signing Off Catchphrase: As the Fiery Joker, he ends nearly all episodes with an explosion. As Commander Firebrand, he tends to end his reviews with some play on the phrase "I'm taking this too seriously".
  • One of Us : Josh mentions in his Top Ten Bromances collab with rabbidluigi that he reads T Vtropes, specifically informing the audience about Red Oni, Blue Oni.
  • Playing with Fire: You've seen his YouTube title, right?
  • Real Men Love Jesus: Has admitted to being Christian.
  • Real Men Wear Pink: Brony tendencies aside, his ringtone is apparently "I'm a Barbie Girl".
  • Red Oni, Blue Oni: Compares himself to a fellow Top Ten List maker RabbidLuigi with himself as the Red Oni and RabbidLuigi as the Blue Oni, even going as far as to name drop the trope and explain it.
  • Running Gag: See Earth Shattering Kaboom.
    • In his My Little Pony episode reviews, he will sometimes have guests appear to join him in commentating. Their appearance always consists of interrupting Josh's intro somehow, threatening and/or humiliating him, and then performing a downplayed Hostile Show Takeover by forcing Josh to let them join for the episode.
    • Also, in each FIM review, the intro is skipped in all sorts of different ways, ranging from simply fast-forwarding the video, to shooting the screen, to the guest reviewers doing the skipping. Lampshaded in the Bhaalspawn colab.
    • For a long time, he was kept from reviewing Bridle Gossip, due to a combination of collab partners wanting other episodes, season 4's premier, and copyright claims from Hasbro. This was, naturally, lampshaded when he finally got around to reviewing the episode.
    • At certain points, when he's noting certain illogical moments, he'll spread his arms and reveal the word "LOGIC" between them using the Big-Lipped Alligator Moment chorus of Nostalgia Chick fame.
    • Also drinking a vial of Brony Tears whenever something the fandom dislikes happens. (usually Princess Twilight)
    • "DARN IT DECKER!" However since Josh recently revealed from a podcast with Dr Wolf and Ink Rose that Decker had left the Marine Corp, it will no longer be a running gag.
  • Sarcastic Clapping: Does this in his Double Rainboom review after The Powerpuff Girls' Flanderization begins.
  • Screams Like a Little Girl: At least when he's happy.
  • Semper Fi: He is a Marine in Real Life.
  • Shout-Out: Many, often in the form of inserted clips or one-liners.
    • His famous "KA-BOOOOM!" is a voice clip from the Demoman from Team Fortress 2.
    • The graphic used for the explosiion is from Dragon Ball Z Budokai 2's Final Explosion move.
    • In the review for Snowdrop, the Mary Sue meter is filled with quite a few characters from other works.
    • In the review of Mmmystery On The Friendship Express, Josh protests the idea that Big Macintosh would have trouble carrying a giant cake. The information he whips out to prove his point is lifted directly from Death Battle Equestria.
    • "Wow, you really don't know how to shut up when you get scared, Krillin- I mean, Spike!"
    • In his epic Squee of Hyrule Warriors, he went into Daffy Duck's crazy laugh spree "WHOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO-HOO!" and M. Bison's "YES! YES!!"
    • He also did a Bum-Style MLP Review. He later did it once more with Rainbow Rocks.
    • His reaction to the new theme song in his review of the MLP Pilot is reminesent of The Nostalgia Critic's reaction to the theme song in the review of Doug's 1st Movie.
  • Shown Their Work: When he states a fact, it's usually true. Such as his pointing out the amount of real-world influenzas (and showing their respective names onscreen) in his review of Three's A Crowd.
    • And in the same episode, he brings up the true mythological origins of the Tatzlwurm, and compares its poisonous breath to the episode's Tatzlwurm's mucus.
  • Shrinking Violet: He reveals in his Bronycon video that he has trouble starting conversations with other people he doesn't know.
  • Sound Effect Bleep: Uses normal beep sounds to avoid saying more colorful curse words. Parodied in his My Little Pony reviews, where he instead opts for Fluttershy's "yaaaay" quote.
  • Squee: Lets out an absolutely epic one of these upon seeing the teaser trailer for Hyrule Warriors, a reverse parody of his Go Mad from the Revelation above. It also comes complete with a calm reverse comment ("It's gonna suck because it's not a real Zelda game.") but the end notes say that his Squeeing was genuine at heart.
  • The Stoic: Dr Wolf in Shenanigans with 2. He speaks very little during the video, chooses not to participate Josh and Hspirit's conga dance, and maintains his usual calm, pleasant demeanour throughout the video.
  • Stutter Stop: Most prevalent in unscripted videos, Josh has admitted to being a terrible on the spot speaker.
  • Suddenly Shouting: Rather prominent in his reviews, if he reaches a point that irritates him. He goes from Motor Mouth to Punctuated! For! Emphasis! yelling and back again pretty frequently to the point of almost being a Running Gag.
  • Take That: Played for Laughs when he does them towards Canadians.
  • The Atoner: He seems to be this in regards to how he used to treat his little brother.
    Josh (through Commander Firebrand): If I have one regret in my life, just one, it's that I wasn't a good brother.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: When an anon on his Tumblr disparaged Zachary Rich for taking down Double Rainboom, Josh went on a huge one of these, directed at anyone who thought Mr. Rich's decision was a bad one.
    • Beata Nomura could be considered one towards Tetsuya Nomura.
  • The Teetotaler: As mentioned under Dry Crusader above, he does not like alcohol. This video, doubling as a Call Back to the SUPER MOHAWK SAIYAN!!! joke in his Top Ten Co-Op Games list, has him try some beer, only to immediately spit it back out and provide this gem:
    Josh: No transformation is worth that! *walks off*
    Josh from offscreen: ...disgusting!
  • Top Ten List: The kind of videos that got him noticed.
  • Troll: Occasionally deals with these on his Tumblr. For example, after answering a question regarding whether or not he'd done house work before (he's done some roofing), this exchange happened:
    Anon: A house killed my Aunt, you insensitive son of a female dog!
    Josh: Obvious troll, so... -ahem- Sorry, but I really wanted her red slippers.
  • Tsundere: A rare male example, a Running Gag on his show his him acting as one to My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. He tries so hard to pretend he hates the show, but to any observant viewer, it's blatantly clear he loves it.
  • Visual Pun: His Pony form's Cutie Mark is a smiling flame. A, 'Fiery Joker', if you will.

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